Chapter 195 - Breakthrough

Chapter 195 of 318 chapters

Chapter 195: Breakthrough

Xu Jingming was immersed in the wonderful feeling of the qualitative improvement in his vital essence.

Every cell in his body was transforming. Similarly, every cell in his ‘brain’ was also transforming. The cells absorbed external energy to undergo a transformation, and the brainwaves and neural signals in his brain became much stronger.

This feeling is wonderful. Xu Jingming opened his eyes and opened his personal combat strength interface to take a look. With a light tap, he raised his body to its limits. In the virtual world, every cell grows to its limits with a light tap. But in reality, every cell in the body needs to absorb energy slowly. It takes a long time for them to reach their limits.

This feeling.

Xu Jingming looked around. The canyon in the martial arts arena appeared extremely clear.

Xu Jingming could see the patterns on the grass and the dust on the pebbles several kilometers away.

The range of sound heard by his ears was also expanded: high-frequencies and low-frequencies—the natural world’s voice instantly became much richer.

His brain’s functions increased a hundredfold, allowing him to easily grasp all the information he took in.

Is this a cosmic lifeform? With a thought, Xu Jingming’s body emitted a hazy glow as he slowly rose into the air. Flying is that simple.


Xu Jingming suddenly turned into a stream of light and flew around the martial arts arena.

“Expand the martial arts arena to 1oo kilometers.” After Xu Jingming briefly changed the settings, he flew happily and easily tore through the air to produce a sonic boom.

Under the protection of the blurry light on his body, Xu Jingming’s skin wasn’t affected by the wind at all; he could clearly observe his surroundings.

Every cell of a cosmic lifeform transforms and becomes stronger. At the same time, every cell contains cosmic energy, Xu Jingming thought. It’s precisely this cosmic energy that allows cosmic lifeforms to fly easily.

Without cosmic energy, he had to rely on his physical strength.


Xu Jingming extended his hand, and a black spear appeared in it.

It’s too light, too light. Xu Jingming casually shook the spear and found it too light. Then, he immediately adjusted the spear’s weight until it reached 12o tonnes before finding it most adequate.

It’s just a spear, but it weighs 12o tonnes. The density is astonishing. Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. It probably won’t be easy to forge such a weapon in reality.

However, such density was definitely very ordinary in the universe. The matter on white dwarfs and neutron stars was countless times denser than this.

He was only at the beginning stages of a cosmic lifeform.


Xu Jingming began to use his spearmanship, from the sky to the ground and even into the lake in the distance.

He could easily fight in water with the energy protecting him.

He practiced his spearmanship and shield techniques! Xu Jingming only stopped when he was completely satisfied.

This is Heavenly Python Evolution, the strength of an early-stage cosmic lifeform. Xu Jingming looked at his personal combat strength interface—

Genetic Evolutionary Method: Heavenly Python Evolution (8% Cosmic Lifeform)

Physique: 1oo,8oo

Technique: Beam Transformation Spear Technique (Lv. 5 87%), Astral Spear Technique (Lv. 5 82%), Footwork (Lv. 5 75%), Shield Technique (Lv. 5 78%)

Basic Combat Strength: 43.3 million

Energy: 1o.1 million

Combat Bonus: 56o%

Combat Strength: 352 million

Reminder: Please break through in reality as soon as possible to become a cosmic citizen.

My Beam Transformation has been raised to Lv. 5 87%? Xu Jingming smiled; it was a matter of course.

Every cell transformed, and the brain naturally transformed.

With the transformation of the brain, his mind and consciousness naturally improved dramatically! His control over every cell in his body also increased greatly.

From the combat strength interface, the basic combat strength unleashed from the perfect combination of every cell in the body is stronger than using energy. Xu Jingming nodded slightly. However, it’s more convenient to use cosmic energy; it can even be released in a large area.


With a thought, Xu Jingming’s body suddenly emitted a hazy glow that instantly spread in all directions. With him as the center, an area of more than half a kilometer was completely covered by the hazy glow, and everything within was obliterated!

Countless rocks were riddled with holes, and countless trees and plants were pulverized.

A large-scale release consumed about one-third of the energy in my body. Xu Jingming was a little surprised when he saw this scene. The destructive force of a cosmic lifeform is mind-blowing. A single strike destroyed an area with a diameter of about three kilometers.

In close combat, his physical strength and speed were clearly more terrifying. But when it concerned large-scale destruction, cosmic energy had the advantage.

Earth’s civilization should have some restrictions on cosmic lifeforms. Otherwise, a slight release would pose a huge threat to ordinary people, Xu Jingming thought.

I’ll try Scarlet Python Evolution next.

Xu Jingming wasn’t in a hurry to break through in reality. Instead, he reduced himself back to a Perfected planetary lifeform in the virtual world and continued attempting another evolutionary method.

With the experience from the Heavenly Python Evolution breakthrough, he successfully broke through with Scarlet Python Evolution after only three tries!


After cultivating Scarlet Python Evolution and transforming into a cosmic lifeform, Xu Jingming’s body became more muscular and more ferocious. The cosmic energy appeared light-red, and he also tried practicing his spearmanship and shield techniques.

After comparing the two evolutionary methods, Scarlet Python Evolution results in stronger physique, raising my strength and defense above the other. Xu Jingming nodded slightly. Its tenacity, speed, and agility have decreased slightly, but the decrease isn’t that great.

A slight decrease in tenacity, speed, and agility in exchange for a partial increase in strength and defense? Is it worth it?

In terms of spearmanship and shield techniques, Heavenly Python Evolution suits me better, Xu Jingming thought. Moreover, in terms of compatibility, Heavenly Python Evolution has a higher compatibility score.

He had a 99% compatibility with Heavenly Python Evolution’s cosmic lifeform volume after verifying it through cultivation.

Scarlet Python Evolution’s cosmic lifeform volume only had a compatibility score of 98%.

Xu Jingming practiced in the virtual world for another day and became more proficient in the evolutionary method. The next morning, he came to the courtyard to prepare for his breakthrough after breakfast.

In the courtyard, Xu Jingming stood calmly beside a tree. The morning sun in June was hotter, and it scattered its rays across the courtyard.

Jingming is about to break through? Li Miaomiao stood in the living room and watched through the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Xu Jingming began practicing Heavenly Python Evolution’s cosmic lifeform volume.

His entire body was like a slowly-rising Heavenly Python. Countless cells in his body were mobilized, and strength was transmitted between the cells as they conformed to a profound law. At this moment, countless cells in his body seemed to be awoken from their slumber. They instinctively began to howl as they greedily absorbed the external energy.

The morning sun shone on his skin and hair, and it was naturally absorbed. Energy then flowed through countless cells.

His body began a slow transformation.

To absorb enough energy in reality, I have to sunbathe often. Moreover, the absorption speed is really slow. Xu Jingming felt that the bit of sunlight his skin absorbed was a drop in the bucket for the countless cells in his body. He couldn’t help but take off his short-sleeved shirt, leaving the rest of his body bare. He wore only a pair of shorts and sat cross-legged in the courtyard, allowing the sun to shine on him.

The area he was in was dark and blurry because most of the light that reached him was absorbed. It didn’t undergo reflection or refraction! The few refractions that occurred made him appear dark and blurry.

He succeeded? Li Miaomiao watched.

In the past, Xu Jingming’s evolutionary method caused a lot of commotion. But this time, there were no heat waves; instead, it was dark and reserved.

Earth’s planetary security system constantly had the entire planet enveloped. The moment Xu Jingming broke through and started absorbing the sunlight, the planetary security system detected it.

“A new cosmic lifeform has been born in China’s Mingyue City. Identification: China’s Xu Jingming.” The planetary security system confirmed the information. “Information will be sent to Earth’s Life Evolution headquarters and China’s Life Evolution Bureau simultaneously.”

After the information synchronized—

China, Life Evolution Bureau.

Director Zhou was reading a dossier when a message appeared on the projection in front of him.

Director Zhou looked up and couldn’t help but reveal a look of delight. Xu Jingming has broken through! China now has another cosmic citizen!