Chapter 198 - Cosmic Citizen Xu Jingming

Chapter 198 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

“Be Xu Jingming’s manager?” Pang Ze fell into thought and said, “Director, with this Redmond Medal, no faction below Lv. 9 dares to touch Xu Jingming and his immediate family.”

The medal protected the medal’s recipient and his family.

“As for existences at Lv. 9 or even higher, they are all important figures in the universe. How can they be interested in Earth?” Pang Ze grinned at Director Zhou. “Xu Jingming can take the safest path to grow slowly.”

“China trusts you the most, Pang Ze,” Director Zhou replied. “If you aid him as his manager, he will definitely go further down the evolutionary path.”

Pang Ze thought for a moment before nodding solemnly. “Since the country has placed its trust in me, I’ll definitely do my best to help Xu Jingming.”

“Iknow your time is precious. Please accept my deepest gratitude,” Director Zhou said.

“Xu Jingming, after all, is Earth’s brightest chance on the evolutionary path. I wonder how long it will take for Earth to produce the next Transcendent genius,” Pang Ze said. “It’s worth spending more for him.”

Director Zhou nodded slightly. “He will move over in three days. When that happens, you will be neighbors. You can have a good chat.”

Pang Ze nodded slightly.

In the martial arts arena in his personal space.

After becoming a cosmic lifeform, Xu Jingming also began reading the cosmic lifeform cultivation content in the first volume of Beam Transformation.

He practiced his spearmanship and shield techniques daily, but it became increasingly difficult for him to find an opponent on Earth. As for the virtual opponents’ combat styles, they were all fixed. After getting used to their methods, their value as sparring partners dropped drastically.

“Jingming, the Life Evolution Bureau’s aircraft is here to help us move.” Li Miaomiao sent a message.

They’re here? Xu Jingming immediately stopped practicing his spearmanship and went offline.

In the villa courtyard, two uniformed men stood ramrod straight.

When they saw Xu Jingming walk into the courtyard, one of the uniformed men said, “We are under orders to help Mr. Xu move.”

“Thank you, everyone.” Xu Jingming smiled and immediately moved his luggage out. Five, the butler robot, also helped in the moving.

The pregnant Li Miaomiao stood to the side—Xu Jingming forbade her from helping even if she wanted to.

Soon, the luggage bags were carried into the aircraft cabin. After the butler robot, Five, passed over the last piece of luggage, it walked to a comer and stood there silently.

Xu Jingming and his wife were bringing along the butler robot in their relocation.

“Let’s go.” Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao ascended the stairs.

“We’re leaving.” Li Miaomiao looked at her residence, still feeling reluctant.

This was where the two of them entered the virtual world together and practiced the evolutionary method. This was also where they got married and conceived a child.

“You can come back anytime in the future. Let’s go,” Xu Jingming comforted his wife.

“Yeah.” Li Miaomiao nodded.

Only the couple moved. As for their parents and grandfather? There was still about a year before the civilization protection period expired. They didn’t need to rush their parents into moving.

The aircraft rose and left Mingyue City. Soon, it arrived in Binhai City.

“This will be your residence from now on, Mr. Xu. It’s Block 6 in the estate.”

He walked down the stairs and looked at the large residence.

The residence was beautiful, with the main building and three auxiliary buildings covering more than 70,000 square feet! There were also many fruit trees and flowers.

After Li Miaomiao walked down the stairs, she sighed with emotion. “I can just stroll in the courtyard in the future.”

The uniformed men quickly saluted.


A shadow flashed and arrived nearby—it was a silver-white robot. The robot smiled and said, “Hello, Sir. Hello, Madam. My name is White, and I’m your butler robot.”

“Tm the butler robot.” The female robot quickly leaped down the stairs. She also came equipped with intelligence as she stared at the silver-white robot.

“Tm a Bi robot. My cost of manufacturing is more than 100 times higher than yours,” the silver-white robot looked up slightly and said proudly.


“Alright, the two of you will be butler robots in the future,” Xu Jingming immediately said. “White, give me a simple introduction of this residence.”

A projection shot out of the silver robot’s chest and condensed in midair—it was a three-dimensional model of the residence. “The entire residence has one main building and three auxiliary buildings. The main building covers an area of 2,100 square meters, and the three auxiliary buildings range from

500 square meters to 600 square meters.”

“There’s a large cultivation chamber on the third floor of the main building. The cultivation chamber is 400 square meters, and the roof is a large convex lens made of glass! The convex mirror changes according to the angle of the sun for the gathering of sunlight, allowing for more efficient cultivation,”

the silver robot introduced. “The roof can be sealed at other times.”

“A large convex lens?” Xu Jingming’s eyes lit up.

After becoming a cosmic lifeform, he despised the fact that his cells grew too slowly. With the large convex lens, his growth speed would increase by more than a hundred times.

“The Life Evolution Bureau had advised you to fly above the clouds and close to outer space to absorb light. Even so, the efficiency is inferior to this dedicated cultivation chamber,” the silver-white robot explained. “There’s a VR chamber on the second floor of the main building that allows you to log into

the virtual world through the VR chamber.”

Xu Jingming eagerly said, “Let’s go take a look.”

He went to the cultivation chamber with his wife.


Xu Jingming gently flicked the wall switch on, and the roof immediately parted to the side silently, revealing a huge convex lens.

The convex lens automatically adjusted its angle and gathered sunlight on a circular metal platform on the cultivation chamber’s ground.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Sunlight gathered on the metal platform that was about a meter in diameter through the huge convex lens. The metal platform became scorching hot and blinding as its temperature rapidly increased.

“Sir, it’s suggested that you wear specially made clothes and pants during your cultivation.” The silver robot opened a door, and behind it was a lounge. There were sets of clothes and a small bathroom inside.

Xu Jingming smiled and walked in. He changed and wore a pair of shorts.


“Ordinary clothes will probably burn.”

Xu Jingming wore only the specially made shorts and walked barefoot to the metal platform before sitting cross-legged.2

Sunlight completely gathered on his body, shining on his hair and skin. The metal platform was clearly hot and blinding previously, but Xu Jingming naturally absorbed the light the moment he stood there! His entire body tuned dark and blurry, and even the temperature in the cultivation room


This feeling is wonderful. Xu Jingming felt every cell in his body devouring energy frantically. Ever since he became a cosmic lifeform, all the cells in his body had been in a starved state.

Li Miaomiao watched from the door of the cultivation chamber for a while before leaving with a smile. She then went to look elsewhere in her new residence.

‘When the sun set, Xu Jingming felt the received sunlight rapidly decline before opening his eyes.

Every cell in his body became much stronger, his brain and mind became faster, and his senses became sharper. Xu Jingming enjoyed the feeling of such a complete transformation.

This cultivation chamber suits me too well. The country is really considerate. Xu Jingming got up happily, walked to the wall, and flicked a switch on.

Immediately, the roof began to close.

After dinner.

Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao arrived at the VR chamber.

“Sir is the only one who can enter the VR chamber,” the silver robot introduced. “Nobody else can enter.”

“Is there anything that needs to be done in advance for my first login to the virtual world?” Xu Jingming asked.

“You’ll know after you log in, Sir. There’s no need to make any preparations,” the silver robot said.

Xu Jingming nodded and walked to the VR chamber.

The metal door in the VR chamber room automatically opened when it sensed Xu Jingming approaching! After Xu Jingming walked in, it automatically closed.

Inside the room was a huge floating sphere that had stairs extending down.

AVR chamber room that solely belongs to me. Xu Jingming walked down the stairs and entered the huge sphere. The sphere then entered a completely sealed state.

Standing in the center of the sphere, Xu Jingming saw a glow light up on the wall inside the sphere, and it enveloped him.

“Sir, do you want to connect to the virtual world?” A gentle voice sounded in his mind.

“Connect,” Xu Jingming said.

His consciousness quickly sank, and just like when he wore a VR headset, he entered the virtual world—

“Welcome, cosmic citizen Xu Jingming..”