Chapter 203 - Young Master Chang Yi of Lanyue City

Chapter 203 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

“Please confirm your looks and clothes…”


“Please confirm the location of your first descent…”

“1,000 meters outside the eastern city gates of Lanyue City.”

“You are not to reveal your identity as a player.

“You are not to violate the ten taboos of Blood Rain World.”

Amisty world unfolded in front of Xu Jingming. At the same time, he felt the drizzle hitting his face.

It was cool and comfortable, and the temperature was just right.

Ata glance, he saw a towering city in the distance.

What a huge city. I can’t even see the end of the city wall, Xu Jingming marveled inwardly. He was currently in a patch of grass, and his body was enveloped by a hazy glow.

In just three seconds, the halo dissipated.

Xu Jingming looked at himself. He wore cloth clothes that were considered to be tight-fitting, and his long hair was tied up simply.

As Blood Rain world was a mortal and barbaric world, there was almost zero technology. Therefore, it was quite difficult to have their hair ‘styled.’ Almost everyone had long hair.

Lanyue City has a population of more than five million. It’s considered a large city. Xu Jingming walked out of the grass and admired the world.

Ina world that is nearly 100% virtualized, even the natives are played by real humans who have their memories blocked. They possess true intelligence and emotions. This is basically the construction of an almost completely realistic ancient world. Xu Jingming sighed wistfully.

Only when it was genuine could one invest more emotion into it, and it also benefited one’s mental cultivation more.

Xu Jingming observed as he walked leisurely. As there was still some time before 10:09, he wasn’t in a hurry at all.

This body is indeed ordinary. Xu Jingming sensed his body. If I didn’t use any techniques and only used brute force, I probably would only be able to lift 50 kilograms.

Thankfully, my consciousness in reality is strong enough to control this body perfectly. Xu Jingming secretly rejoiced.

His consciousness that entered the virtual world was the consciousness of a cosmic lifeform after all! With a sufficiently high level of consciousness, one could easily sense every cell in the body and reach cellular control! Even an ordinary body like this could unleash terrifying strength.

This was also the strength of the so-called ‘qualified experts’ in Blood Rain World. For qualified experts to deal with ordinary people was akin to killing chickens.

Xu Jingming felt this new body as he walked to the agreed location.

“Whoa~!” A horseback team began to slow down. After all, it was getting crowded on the main road near the city gates.

Everyone had to line up to enter the city.

“We’ve arrived at Lanyue City.”

“Wow, this is Lanyue City!”

“It’s really an endless city! It’s just like what Second Uncle said!”

“When I reach Lanyue City, I want to find a master. I want to practice martial arts!”

‘There were young people and children in the caravan. They looked at the towering city excitedly, their eyes filled with hope for the future.

“Sit tight. Nobody is allowed to act on their own after arriving in Lanyue City,” a white-haired elder berated the youngsters.

Xu Jingming walked as he watched, and he quickly noticed a cyan-shirted woman standing 100 meters away from the eastern city gates. The woman also noticed Xu Jingming, and their eyes met as they nodded slightly.

Both parties had seen the other party’s projection and recognized each other at a glance.

Xu Jingming walked over and said, “Jing.”

“My name is Qingyu. You arrived a little earlier than scheduled, Mr. Jing,” the cyan-shirted woman said with a smile with a sword at her waist.

“This is my first time in Lanyue City. I came early to take a look,” Xu Jingming said with a smile.

“Since it’s your first time here, you probably don’t have a weapon, right?” the cyan-shirted woman said. “T’ll lend you a dagger for self-defense. I’ll prepare a suitable weapon for you when you meet my young master later.”

Xu Jingming reached out and took the dagger. “Thank you, Miss Qingyu.”

For experts like them, a dagger in hand naturally raised their threat level significantly.

“Let’s enter the city,” the cyan-shirted woman said.

Xu Jingming followed beside her, and spinning the dagger in his hand once, it disappeared.

‘There were three groups at the eastern city gates. The entrance fee was ten saber coins per head, and the entry price for goods was calculated separately.

Lanyue City is quite bustling. Xu Jingming and the cyan-shirted woman walked through the ancient city, passing through the paths and bridges. He looked at the boats under the bridge and admired the scenery of the world that was completely different from the real world.

After entering the city, he walked more than five kilometers and arrived in front of a large mansion.

‘There were gatekeepers at the door, but they didn’t stop Xu Jingming and the cyan-shirted woman from entering.

There are quite a number of subordinates. Xu Jingming entered the residence and saw many guards on patrol. He then walked into the depths of the residence and couldn’t help but sigh at its size.

After walking for a few minutes, he arrived at a back garden.

Ina pavilion in the back garden, a handsome youth was feeding the fish in a pond.

“Young Master.” The cyan-shirted woman walked to the pavilion and said, “Mr. Jing is here.”

“Oh?” The handsome youth turned to look at Xu Jingming and smiled. “Mr. Jing, have a seat.”

“This mission will last for three months. You just need to heed my young master’s instructions the entire time,” the cyan-shirted woman said.

“Alright.” Xu Jingming nodded and walked into the pavilion to sit.

Having been paid, he needed to work for it. Moreover, this was the virtual world, so Xu Jingming naturally wouldn’t show mercy in killing.

“My name is Chang Yi,” the handsome youth said with a smile. “Tl be counting on you for the next three months, Mr. Jing.”

“No problem,” Xu Jingming replied.

“From today onward, Mr. Jing will work 12 hours a day,” the handsome youth said. “Qingyu will inform you a day in advance of each day’s working hours. You can move freely in Lanyue City other than working hours, but you can’t exceed two hours. Qingyu has to accompany you the entire time. You should

understand that this is to ensure that you don’t violate the mission requirements.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

Qingyu accompanied him because she was in charge of supervising and preventing those who took on the mission to secretly wreak havoc.


The handsome youth casually threw out a bag of money. “There’s 500 cash in there.”

“Thank you, Young Master.” Xu Jingming received it.

The value of money in this world was very high. After all, 10,000 gold coins could be used as a sacrifice to enter the mysterious land. These 500 gold coins… were probably equivalent to 5,000 cosmic dollars.


“What weapons do you need, Mr. Jing?” the handsome youth asked. “Of course, heavy crossbows and armor can’t be used due to the government’s restrictions. At most, I’ll prepare a vest and soft armor for you.”

Ordinary light bows only required more than 50 kilograms of strength to draw. It was meaningless to experts like Xu Jingming.

“A three-meter-long spear; it’s best if the spear can be split into two and can be assembled at any time. I’ll also need six flying daggers and a vest,” Xu Jingming said. “Sorry to trouble you, Young Master.”

The handsome youth, Chang Yi, nodded. “I’l prepare it for you tonight.”

Spears and flying daggers were common weapons.

“Qingyu, take Mr. Jing to his residence,” Chang Yi instructed before watching Qingyu and Xu Jingming leave.

Xu Jingming and Qingyu walked in the mansion.

“Mtr. Jing must be very curious as to why my young master can become the master of this family clan,” Miss Qingyu said.

Xu Jingming nodded slightly. “All of us have low statuses and are targeted by Blood Rain World. It’s impossible for any of us to be from large families.”

“Yes.” Qingyu smiled and nodded. “I won’t hide it from you, Mr. Jing. My young master paid a huge price. He first disguised himself as an illegitimate son of the Chang family. After the Chang family’s old master died of illness, my young master became the only heir of the family and became the master of

the Chang family. We’ve already paid a huge price to be able to control the Chang family. What we need to do next is to sell the businesses that the Chang family has been operating for centuries… This is the moment when we are cashing out. We can’t afford any mistakes.”

Xu Jingming was surprised.

Cosmic citizens were targeted by Blood Rain World when they entered. The higher their status, the more power they wielded, and the greater their wealth… The world’s targeting became stronger, and all kinds of dangers befell them.

Therefore, almost all the middle and upper echelons of Blood Rain World were natives.

“Impressive,” Xu Jingming praised. “Earning money in Blood Rain World is difficult, and if you succeed in cashing out, it will be the wealth of a large multi-century-old family in Lanyue City.”

“We paid a hefty sum at the end of the day,” Qingyu said. “In short, I hope you can do your best and work with us for the next three months. You should know the punishment for violating the mission.”

“Don’t worry.” Xu Jingming nodded.

The hiring fee was 600,000. If he violated it, the Myriad Worlds Group would audit the videos recorded in the virtual world. According to the severity of the consequences, the punishment would be at least three times higher than the commission!

Xu Jingming didn’t have that much money, so he naturally didn’t have the intention of betraying them.

“This courtyard’s left wing will be your residence. My young master is at the center. Mr. Lu is at the right wing, and Miss Ziteng is in the front yard. Mr. Lu and Miss Ziteng are also in charge of protecting the young master.” Qingyu led Xu Jingming into the courtyard.