Chapter 209 - Lv. 6

Chapter 209 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

In reality, in Binhai City.

Xu Jingming walked to his yard and sat on a bench alone.

It was late afternoon in Blood Rain World, but it was late at night in reality. The stars were twinkling, and the air had chilled.



Xu Jingming still remembered the scene of him killing the gang members in Blood Rain World.

Some of the gang members were extremely crazy with bloodshot eyes before their deaths, but there were also some who were in despair and fear. Xu Jingming could sense their strong and infectious emotions while they faced death. This was different from the battles in Life Evolution; death was nothing

worth mentioning in a game battle.

But Blood Rain World natives really believed that everything was real, including death.

“It’s too realistic,” Xu Jingming murmured.

“Jingming.” Li Miaomiao received an AI notification and knew that her husband had exited the virtual chamber. Thus, she immediately logged off and came over.

“Why are you sitting in the courtyard in the middle of the night?” Li Miaomiao was puzzled. Her husband was very hardworking in his cultivation, and he rarely sat in the courtyard at night in a daze.

Xu Jingming looked at his wife beside him, held her hand, and smiled. “I was a little worked up.”

“Worked up?” Li Miaomiao was curious.

“Didn’t I tell you that I recently took on a mission in Blood Rain World recently?” Xu Jingming said. “This is the first time I went on a killing spree, and I killed people in there. I finally understand why killing in Blood Rain World… can hone one’s mind and will.”

“Oh?” Li Miaomiao glanced at her husband.

“Normally, battles in virtual games are only ordinary battles,” Xu Jingming said. “Even for some of the top competitions, one will only invest more emotion because of the attention they receive from countless people, allowing them to stimulate the mind at a deeper level. As for Blood Rain world… it’s truly

close to ‘reality.”

“All the natives are real people,” Xu Jingming said. “They blocked out their real memories and believe that everything in Blood Rain World is real, so those natives invest their true feelings into everything.”

“They have emotions, desires, greed, excitement, hesitation, and fear…” Xu Jingming continued. “And the price for cosmic citizens to enter is very high—it costs 100,000 cosmic dollars to enter. Moreover, the longer one stays, the more they save up, and the more they are unwilling to die. We will also

cherish our lives.”

“When I was surrounded by those gang members today, my body was very weak. I could die from a single hit, so I had to be extremely careful,” Xu Jingming said. “I’ve never been this careful in the past competitions.”

“Tm very careful and cautious. As for those gang members, they were really risking their lives. The emotions in the face of death can infect others.” Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. “The jolt I received from this battle is comparable to a handful of battles in the World Tournament.”

Li Miaomiao said, “You make me eager to enter.”

“The despair and yelling in the face of death…” Xu Jingming said, “The heart and soul will tremble when facing it head-on. If one is timid, they would probably tremble in fear.”

Although Li Miaomiao hadn’t experienced it, she could imagine it.

“Lalso made a breakthrough in today’s battle.” Xu Jingming looked at the night sky. “I broke through to Lv. 6.”

“Lv. 6?” Li Miaomiao was delighted.

“Lv. 6 is relatively simple,” Xu Jingming said with a chuckle. “If you rely on external forces to become a cosmic lifeform and advance the levels from Lv. 1, then Lv. 5 to Lv. 6 is extremely difficult. But if you rely on yourself to evolve into a cosmic lifeform, it will be very easy to reach Lv. 6.”

“One can learn cosmic lifeform evolutionary methods after Lv. 5 50%.”

“After becoming a cosmic lifeform, one can quickly reach Lv. 5 90%.”

“After cultivating for a few days… I naturally reached Lv. 6,” Xu Jingming said.

For cosmic lifeforms like Tejano who relied on external forces, it was very difficult to go from Lv. 5 to Lv. 6! Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, Tiger Fussen, and the others who relied on themselves had it very easy.

“But after that, every improvement will be extremely difficult,” Xu Jingming explained. “According to the statistics derived from countless citizens in the universe, the ratio of Lv. 6 to Lv. 7 breakthroughs is lower than 1%. The ratio of Lv. 7 to Lv. 8 breakthroughs is also lower than 1%.”

“The ratio is that low?” Li Miaomiao was surprised. “According to this ratio, even if Earth’s civilization relied on evolutionary methods to produce 1,000 Lv. 6s, only a handful can reach Lv. 7?”

“Yes.” Xu Jingming nodded. “The further one goes on the path of evolution, the harder it will be. The ratio of breakthroughs will decrease. It’s unknown whether the entire Earth can produce Lv. 8 experts, much less the distant Lv. 9. To be honest, I’m under a lot of pressure. The more I know, the greater

the pressure.”

“ve found many weak civilizations in the virtual world, and they’re heading for ruin. Looking at their tragic state after being destroyed… I’m under greater pressure,” Xu Jingming said softly.

Some weak emerging civilizations would eventually collapse and be devoured by powerful civilizations after being ‘sucked dry’ by them. When that happened, most of the citizens of weak civilizations would suffer terrible fates because planetary lifeforms weren’t considered cosmic citizens! They could be

squeezed dry at greater levels.

If that happened, the lives of the commoners on Earth would be countless times worse than now.

The upper echelons of Earth’s civilization were under a lot of pressure, and they were trying every means possible.

As the number one genius of Earth’s civilization, Xu Jingming felt even more pressure! He didn’t have anyone to rely on.

Pang Ze was very strong, but he was a talent in academia! He was good at humanities and didn’t show much potential in science, so it was extremely unlikely for him to reach Lv. 100 with his educational background. It could be said to be as good as zero.

As a Transcendent genius, Xu Jingming was the only person on Earth who was considered tall! He was the only person who looked like he had a chance of becoming a super expert in evolution.

“Yes, the evolutionary path becomes harder the further one goes.” Li Miaomiao held her husband’s hand. “But no matter how difficult the path is or how long it is, we have to take it step by step. There’s no rush—let’s take it slow.”

“Yeah.” Xu Jingming nodded and looked at his wife and the child in womb.

Even if there were countless experts and geniuses in the vast universe, he had to give it his all!

After chatting with his wife for a while and having supper, Xu Jingming entered the virtual world again.

He only needed to spend 12 hours a day in Blood Rain World. Xu Jingming mostly spent the rest of the time studying the first volume of Beam Transformation.

“Railguns, begin!”

Xu Jingming stood in the martial arts arena. Countless metal blocks tore through the air at a hundred times the speed of sound, enveloping him with countless ear-piercing screeches.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Xu Jingming moved the spear in his hand, and spear projections swept around. When the terrifying metal blocks touched the spear projections, they changed directions and crashed into various spots.

The first volume of Beam Transformation records everything from Lv. 1 to Lv. 8. Cultivation at the planetary lifeform stage is relatively simple, but the cosmic lifeform stage is much more difficult! Xu Jingming thought to himself. There’s mental tempering, cosmic energy manipulation, and so on… The

most important thing is the five volumes of spearmanship. The five ultimate moves from before were only a catalyst. These five volumes of spearmanship are the foundation for reaching Lv. 9 spearmanship.

Five volumes of spearmanship—they were Flowing Water, Spark, Mountain Immobilization, Spacetime, and Beam Transformation. They were much more profound than the five ultimate moves from before.

Xu Jingming focused on cultivating all five volumes, and he had the most success with Flowing Water.

My fluidity of water Spear Dao is quite compatible with Flowing Water. At the very least, I’ve reached basic mastery. Xu Jingming was still very happy because according to Xuan’s description, any one of the five spearmanship volumes required one to figure out the corresponding Spear Dao philosophy.

Of course, these were only the basics! The evolutionary path of cosmic lifeforms was indeed much harder than that of planetary lifeforms.

Xuan used to focus on Flowing Water. This volume also has the most content, Xu Jingming thought.

The content recorded in the five volumes varied. Flowing Water had the most, Mountain Immobilization was slightly inferior, while Spacetime and Spark were fewer. Beam Transformation had the least information.

After practicing for some time—

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The countless plummeting meteors in the martial arts arena stopped suddenly.

It’s time to enter Blood Rain World. Xu Jingming received a system notification. It was time for work, so he immediately tapped open Blood Rain World and entered it with a light tap..