Chapter 210 - Seven Kills Building

Chapter 210 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

It was evening in Blood Rain World when Xu Jingming entered. The sun hadn’t set completely, and half the sky was red.

Xu Jingming stood by the window and looked at the sky before returning to his bed and sitting cross-legged, visualizing and tempering his mind.

Day passed, and night fell.

In the study, the candlelight flickered as Young Master Chang Yi read alone.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps outside. Then, there were knocks on the door.

“Young Master,” Qingyu said from outside.

“Come in.” Chang Yi put down the book.

Only then did Qingyu push open the door and enter.

The moment she entered, she immediately closed the door. At this moment, her expression was a little nasty as she said, “Young Master, I just went to Master Wang’s residence with a broker to deliver the stamped

transfer agreement, but Master Wang is too greedy.”

“Greedy?” Chang Yi glanced at her.

“Master Wang said that he heard how the Flower Moon Gang had hundreds of people intercepting us on the street. He’s afraid of offending them, so he isn’t willing to make the purchase,” Qing Yu explained angrily. “If

we really want to force a sale, he would only be willing to pay 1,000 taels of silver. This greedy old man promised 2,000 taels of silver at noon and verbally closed the deal. Yet, he changed his mind and offered 1,000

taels of silver at night.”

Chang Yi smiled and looked at Qingyu. “Don’t be mad; there’s no need. This is how businessmen do things. How can they not bargain when they have the opportunity?”

“It’s impossible for us to sell it at such a low price,” Qing Yu replied. “Moreover, we were intercepted by the Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall due to our meeting with Master Wang at noon.”

“It has nothing to do with Master Wang.” Chang Yi put down the book and said, “We’ve been targeted by the Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall. As long as we step out, we might be intercepted regardless of who

we meet. This exchange… was also within my expectations. This battle also made all the factions know that I’m not to be trifled with!”

“Taking the Blood Rain Guard’s commander as an adoptive father makes people feel fear. As long as he dares to deal with me, with Commander Wu’s greed, he will definitely seize the opportunity to extort them,”

Chang Yi said. “The status of the Blood Rain Guard commander’s adopted son is enough to save me a lot of trouble.”

“But status alone isn’t enough, and one has to be strong enough to survive out on the streets like today,” Chang Yi said. “This way, very few people in Lanyue City will dare to target me. I also have enough time to slowly

sell my assets!”

Qingyu nodded. “With my temper, I would’ve long killed that Master Wang.”

“Qingyu,” Chang Yi comforted. “I’ve been in Blood Rain World for years, so I know the rules here. You should hold back your temper. After all, I’m going all out this time!”

“Alright, you’re the one paying, and I’m at your beck and call.” Qingyu smiled.

Qingyu and Chang Yi came from the same cosmic civilization. Although they inhabited different planets, they had built a rather deep relationship in the virtual world. Chang Yi had requested Qingyu’s help.

“All three brokerages are helping me find a buyer,” Chang Yi said with a smile. “The price I’m offering is relatively low, and there are quite a number of family clans and factions with backgrounds in Lanyue City. They

will definitely be able to sell them in three months, but there’s no rush! Rushing will only lead to problems.”

“That’s all we are doing now? Wait?” Qingyu asked.

“We can’t wait.” Chang Yi shook his head. “With the temper of the gang, they will be even more ruthless the next time they attack due to their defeat. We can’t just take a beating. Here, bring this token and go to Laifu

Inn on Beifeng Street.”

Qingyu saw the token in front of her. The token had three strange blood-colored patterns.

“Beifeng Street’s Laifu Inn?” Qing Yu was puzzled.

“Go incognito to Laifu Inn. When you see the manager, take out the token and show it to him. He will lead you inside,” Chang Yi explained. “This inn is actually where the assassin organization, ‘Seven Kills Building,’ is

stationed in Lanyue City. I remember a mission for the head of Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall’s deputy hall master, Dong Xiao. Use my token to accept this mission. Seven Kills Building will only recognize the

token and not the person wielding it.”

“Phoenix Lake Hall’s deputy hall master, Dong Xiao?” Qingyu nodded slightly. “What if the mission is no longer available?”

“Get another mission. The other second-rate experts from Phoenix Lake Hall will do, as long as it’s not a hall master,” Chang Yi said. “Killing hall masters will be very troublesome.”

“Alright.” Qingyu nodded.

About an hour later, there was almost nobody on Beifeng Street at night.

Laifu Inn was a relatively small inn, and there were only a few wooden tables on the first floor. The waiter sat at a table, dozing off. The shopkeeper stood behind the counter and did the accounts.

Suddenly, a gray-robed person wearing a bamboo hat that concealed most of their face walked in. The person went straight to the counter and showed the token.

The shopkeeper looked up at the token, his expression unchanged.

“Please follow me.” The shopkeeper walked straight into the inn, and the gray-robed person followed.

They passed through a mechanically operated passageway and arrived at an underground hall. There were three elders working inside.

An elder greeted the gray-robed person. “As a Three-Kills, are you here to issue a mission or accept a mission?”

“Accept a mission,” the gray-robed person said.

“These are all the available missions in Lanyue City, and these are missions in the surrounding area.” The elder immediately brought over two thick books.

Chang Yi was very cautious. He had been in Blood Rain world for many years, so his strength was naturally extraordinary. However, he had invested too much into this matter and didn’t dare to take risks. Whenever he

headed out, he would definitely be surrounded by a large group of guards.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Someone finally knocked on the door.

Soon, Qingyu entered.

“How was it?” Chang Yi looked at her.

“I’ve accepted a mission.” Qingyu nodded. “The deputy hall master of Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall, Dong Xiao!”

Chang Yi nodded in satisfaction.

“The people from the Seven Kills Building said that it has to be resolved in three days, or it will be considered a mission failure.” Qingyu smiled at Chang Yi. “I just never expected you to become a Three-Kills assassin at

the Seven Kills Building.”

“I’ve been in Blood Rain world for so many years, so I naturally have something to speak of,” Chang Yi replied. “Invite Mr. Lu and the others over.”

Qingyu nodded.

Moments later—

Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Miss Ziteng arrived at the study. The three of them were a little puzzled. It was almost the end of working hours, but Young Master Chang had still summoned them.

Chang Yi sat there and smiled at the three of them. “I have an assassination mission here. Even if the assassination fails, each of you will receive an additional 150,000 cosmic dollars. If the assassination succeeds,

everyone will be rewarded with 300,000 cosmic dollars.”

Xu Jingming, Mr. Lu, and Miss Ziteng exchanged looks and smiled.

Even a failure earned them 150,000?

Even if they died once, they could spend 100,000 to enter again. They would even profit from it.

“Anyone might die if the assassination fails, but you still have to carry out the mission to protect me,” Chang Yi said.


“No problem.”

Xu Jingming and the others nodded.

This mission was a sure-win with no losses!

“Mission target: deputy hall master of Flower Moon Gang’s Phoenix Lake Hall, Dong Xiao,” Chang Yi said. “Dong Xiao is a second-rate expert. His residence is also heavily guarded. Everyone, you have to be careful.”

Xu Jingming and the other two nodded.

If they were native second-rate experts, they might be worried about the danger of death! However, Xu Jingming and the other two hadn’t been in Blood Rain World for long. Even if they died, they just needed to spend

100,000 cosmic dollars to enter.

“This is detailed information about Dong Xiao.” Chang Yi took out a book and handed it to them. “I hope that the three of you will finish off Dong Xiao later tonight.”


Miss Ziteng reached out and took it. “If there’s nothing else, we’ll get going. We have to prepare for the assassination.”

“Go ahead and make your preparations,” Chang Yi replied with a smile.

Then, Miss Ziteng left with Xu Jingming and Mr. Lu.

“With the three of them joining forces, there’s a high chance of success,” Chang Yi said.

“Impressive.” Qingyu praised, “The bounty for the mission to kill Dong Xiao is 200 taels of silver. That’s nearly 2 million cosmic dollars! Hiring the three of them to carry out the assassination once will only cost you an

additional 900,000 cosmic dollars if you succeed. It’s a profitable deal.”

“I’m a businessman.” Chang Yi smiled brilliantly..