Chapter 237 - Final Elimination (3)

Chapter 237 of 318 chapters

Chapter 237 Final Elimination (3)

If it weren’t for the dagger, the outcome would probably be unpredictable. Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief after killing his opponent.

Not long after killing his opponent, the dark-red pillar of light descended!

128 survived.

“Congratulations on reaching the 7th level of Dark Abyss. You are getting closer and closer to escaping Dark Abyss. The rules for every ensuing round will be different. The rules for this round: kill one person, and you can enter a higher level,” a voice echoed in the sky.

Xu Jingming held a spear, and just as he finished hearing the voice, he saw a woman holding two sabers charge over.

It’s her? Xu Jingming’s heart trembled. This woman was one of the super experts that had attacked Tata.

The dual saber-wielding woman’s eyes were cold. She knew who were super experts, so avoiding these people allowed her to easily enter the next round. She just chose a participant closer to her.

In two flashes, she arrived in front of Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming used his spearmanship in a bid to force open a distance.


Xu Jingming immediately retracted his spear in a bid to defend after his strike was parried with a single strike!

As for the woman, she had already closed in. Her dual sabers whistled, and Xu Jingming barely blocked one strike with his spear before the other strike swept past his body.

Xu Jingming’s body turned ethereal.

I’m done after three strikes? Xu Jingming was a little stunned. The gap between the two was too great.

Xu Jingming was eliminated! He found himself reaching the seventh level of Dark Abyss!


“Very impressive.”

“He escaped to the seventh level of Dark Abyss.”

“One out of 128.”

Director Zhou and the other Earth executives heaved a sigh of relief. They had been quite nervous watching the battle previously, and all of them praised Xu Jingming for his excellent results.

Xu Jingming hasn’t cultivated for long after all. There are many people stronger than him in the vast universe. It’s already very rare for him to reach the seventh level of Dark Abyss, and this is the result of the game officials’ favoritism. The upper echelons of Earth knew this very well. A rookie’s luck was relatively good when playing for the first time. Of course, one needed strength to reach the seventh level other than luck.

At the same time, the upper echelons of Earth felt a sense of helplessness.

Xu Jingming’s combat strength was already at the highest level on Earth! The most evolved beings on Earth were Lv. 6 cosmic lifeforms. As Earth’s highest-level combat strength, it appeared very mediocre in the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss! From this, it was obvious how weak Earth’s overall strength on the evolutionary path was!

“The protection period for us as an emerging civilization will end in half a year. We will truly face the storms in the universe.” The upper echelons of Earth felt even more pressured.


Xu Jingming appeared in a dark void.

“Xu Jingming, you escaped to the 7th level from the 20th level of Dark Abyss. Although you ultimately failed in your escape, you will still receive a considerable sum of prize money for your outstanding performance.” “Based on the current prize money pool accumulated, you will receive prize money of 25.39 million cosmic dollars! As ‘Escaping the Dark Abyss’ is still ongoing, the total amount of prize money in the prize money pool will continue rising. You can first withdraw 25.39 million cosmic dollars, and the game officials will credit the remaining amount subsequently. You can also choose to collect the total amount at one go after Escaping Dark Abyss ends.”

Xu Jingming tapped gently. “Withdraw.”

Instantly, 25.39 million cosmic dollars were credited.

“Reminder: Please spend cautiously. According to the Cosmic Human Alliance’s rules, cosmic citizens have to pay the corresponding taxes at the end of every cosmic year.”

Xu Jingming sighed inwardly when he saw this.

The Cosmic Human Alliance taxed every cosmic citizen. According to your spending and income in a cosmic year, they would calculate the corresponding tax! One could forget about tax evasion-even the lofty members of the Cosmic Human Alliance didn’t attempt tax evasion.

After the Cosmic Human Alliance collects the taxes, they will also distribute some to the Star Alliance, Xu Jingming thought. I heard that homeworld civilizations also have the right to collect taxes.

For example, Earth’s civilization had the right to tax its cosmic citizens.

But Earth temporarily tax-exempts cosmic citizens. Xu Jingming sighed inwardly, knowing the reason very well. This was very common in the universe-many weak civilizations exempted cosmic citizens from taxes! They didn’t dare to tax them because… they were afraid of their cosmic citizens migrating

It was very simple for cosmic citizens to migrate. Many powerful civilizations welcomed migrants. Across the entire Cosmic Human Alliance, only advanced civilizations had many restrictions on their immigrants.

Other civilizations, including intermediate cosmic civilizations, welcomed cosmic citizens.

Weak civilizations mostly exempted cosmic citizens from taxes, but they would encourage cosmic citizens to donate to their homeworld’s civilizations.

I received more than 20 million cosmic dollars. Xu Jingming was very excited. I really made a killing! However, I’m quite lucky. I won every team battle in those three rounds! I didn’t encounter any experts in the early stages either.

Clearly, when the game officials released the participants onto each level, Xu Jingming didn’t have any powerful experts around him in the early stages. They took care of this ‘rookie’ who was participating for the first time in every aspect, giving him a very good gaming experience!

I can only play Escaping Dark Abyss five times a day? Xu Jingming opened the interface and took a look. Calm down, calm down. It’s just beginner’s luck; I can’t get addicted.

However, how could he not give it another try after earning a huge sum of money?

In the next half a month, Xu Jingming played a total of ten times! Every time, he participated in the intermediate Escaping Dark Abyss.

During these ten times, the game officials no longer favored him and made it fair and square. Xu Jingming was placed amongst the crowd of participants. In the end, he failed to clear three rounds four times! He often encountered first-rate experts around him and occasionally encountered super experts.

He only cleared three rounds twice, earning back his registration fee.

There were four more times… but he only reached the seventh round at best!

I didn’t clear nine rounds in ten attempts. In total, I didn’t make a loss and even made a little. Xu Jingming checked his records. This is only a cosmic game after all. I heard that Dark Abyss’s main storyline truly makes one struggle in despair and hones one’s mind. However, the focus of my early-stage cultivation is in Blood Rain World.

Time passed, and it was finally time for his appointment with the Fei family.

Blood Rain World. Standing in the spaceship, Xu Jingming tapped gently and landed in the vast world-Blood Rain World.