Chapter 241 - I Can’t Help It! (1)

Chapter 241 of 318 chapters

Chapter 241 I Can’t Help It! (1)

In an evening more than ten days later, the travel-worn Fei family convoy saw a large city looming in the distance.

“Fengye City.” Fei Xinlan looked out the carriage window with anticipation in her eyes. “We can finally get some rest.”

Traveling daily had its toll. Although the carriage was luxurious, expensive, and had excellent suspension capabilities, traveling hundreds of kilometers a day… Wasn’t something Fei Xinlan was accustomed to. In the beginning, she found the barbaric world outside the city refreshing. But after seeing the poverty, desolation, and death outside the city, she found that the bustling cities were better.

“Xinlan, you’re lucky to be able to spend the night in Fengye City,” Old Master Fei said with a smile. “Let’s enter the city early. You can get something good to eat and have a good rest.”

Fei Xinlan nodded excitedly. “I want to eat the best local delicacies! I want to stay in the best room!”

During the long journey, they often rested in inns that had wanting conditions out in the wilderness. It was very rare to spend the night in a large city, so Xu Jingming and the other guards were in a good mood. They could finally have a good rest.

Fengye City was a large city not inferior to Lanyue City.

Night fell.

“I’m so full.” Fei Xinlan walked happily on the street. She had taken a bath and changed into a set of clean clothes before enjoying the best local delicacies.

Fei Xinlan brought her subordinates to experience the bustling city at night.

“Miss, the prosperity of Fengye City is in no way inferior to our Lanyue City. The most famous area in the city is Hundred Hollows Bridge,” Uncle Zhang said as he followed. Uncle Zhang was naturally familiar with the entire journey. “Hundred Hollows Bridge? Is it very lively?” Xinlan asked.

Uncle Zhang nodded. “Hundred Hollows Bridge is a large stone bridge with 108 underpasses. There are many flower boats coming and going under the bridges, and some super-large flower boats are ashore all year round. They are a few stories high and do all kinds of business. There are also many merchants around Hundred Hollows Bridge and all kinds of novel and acrobatic performances. People only leave after midnight.”

“Let’s go!” Fei Xinlan said immediately.

Xu Jingming, Qiu Tong, Luo Baichuan, and the three Blood Rain Guard guards followed. The group headed for Hundred Hollows Bridge.


The area around Hundred Hollows Bridge was filled with people, and it was bustling. Even the poor occasionally came to take a look at the bustling scenery. “See this? There are plenty of people, right? You won’t be able to see such a lively scene in the village for the rest of your life.” A muscular laborer showed off the bustling city with his wife and daughter, who had just entered the city.


His wife and daughter widened their eyes at the colorful lights in front of them.

Wow! They had never seen such a beautiful place in their lives, nor had they seen so many lanterns. The beauty far exceeded anything they could dream of.

At this moment, there was a young couple in the crowd.

“Darling, are you really planning on entering the academy to teach?” the woman asked.

“Yeah, the family business is too tiring, so I don’t want to compete with Brother. It’s better to teach at the academy,” the man replied with a smile. “Moreover, our children can study and practice martial arts better at the academy.”

The woman nodded slightly, and she suddenly heard chaos in the distance.

“Get lost!”


The young couple looked over and saw a group of people approaching from afar. They were domineering, and wherever they passed, they would lash out with their whips, scaring the surrounding citizens into giving way. These whips hit some pedestrians—they were of all ages. Some of them had their skin rupture immediately, and they spewed blood. Some children cried loudly from the lashings, and their parents immediately fled with their children.

“It’s Overlord Fang.” The man frowned when

he saw it.

“He’s really the overlord of Fengye City,” the woman murmured softly. The couple naturally avoided together with the crowd.


The surrounding crowd avoided the group of people! The people being whipped cried out, and some even died from the lashings. This group of people surrounded a youth who exuded hostility. The youth looked around with a ferocious gaze, and when he saw the surrounding citizens’ terrified looks and how none of them dared to look at him, the youth felt delighted.

He was Fang Chong, the hegemon of the entire city! He was used to being domineering

—to him, being domineering was how things worked.

Fang Chong swept his gaze around and was satisfied when he saw the citizens who were slow to dodge, bleeding, or even on the ground.

Huh? Fang Chong swept his gaze around and suddenly stared at a person in the distant crowd. It was a woman, and his eyes couldn’t help but light up.

Although this woman was considered average in terms of appearance, Fang Chong was used to seeing all kinds of women. What truly attracted him was the woman’s bearing-a unique bearing that was untainted.

“Hey.” Fang Chong pointed into the distance. “Bring that beauty over.”

“Yes.” The lackeys beside him looked in the direction he pointed and immediately saw the woman!

The young couple in the distance naturally dodged, but when Fang Chong pointed his finger over, the young couple noticed this scene and felt a bolt out of the blue.

“Let’s go!” the man said anxiously as he clasped the woman’s hand. However, the woman was petite and weak, so she was clearly slower.

The thugs—with some experts among them, quickly surrounded the couple.

The young couple’s hearts trembled. It’s over.

Tragedy has fallen on us. The man felt that a calamity had befallen him, and he didn’t know how to escape it.

Fang Chong arrived in front of the young couple surrounded by his subordinates.

“I’m Wang Qian, and I’m about to become New Moon Academy’s lecturer.” The man immediately cupped his hands and said, “Please forgive me, for I’m unaware of how I offended you, Young Master Fang.”

The woman beside him also apologized.