Chapter 261 - Birth of Daughter (1)

Chapter 261 of 318 chapters

The night watchmen only discovered the corpses of Shen Gongfu and the guards an hour later. They then calmly reported it to the Blood Rain Guard. To the night watchmen… they had seen too many corpses at night—they had their fair share of experience in such major matters.

“It’s Shengong Fu.”

“A Shengong family scion was actually killed.”

“I wonder who Shengong Fu crossed.” The Blood Rain Guards protected the scene. Soon, the experts from South Wing HQ’s Procuratorate arrived.

The experts investigated the scene carefully.

“Centurion Song, how’s the investigation going?” Judge Niu—who had rushed over after being woken up in the middle of the night—yawned and asked.

The one who died had a noble title after all, so a judge needed to be present. The judge was the from the Procuratorate in charge of South Wing, and his rank was equivalent to that of a Blood Rain Guard Principales.

“Lord Niu.” Centurion Song pointed at the scene. “There’s only one murderer, and he’s good at concealed weapons. Although there are only the corpses of Shengong Fu and four guards, from the bloodstains, Shengong Fu should have two stronger guards!”

Judge Niu nodded. He trusted his subordinates’ judgment.

“I’ve carefully investigated the traces, and I’m certain.” Centurion Song pointed to a corner. “The murderer first charged out from the shadows and instantly shot out flying daggers at close range, killing four guards in a row. Two stronger guards fought the murderer, but their corpses can’t be found. Shengong Fu probably heard the commotion and left the carriage before being killed by a flying dagger! Furthermore, he was robbed clean.”

“Do you have any suspects?” Judge Niu asked.

“If it’s just an act of robbery, there’s no need for the murderer to target Shengong Fu. A simple investigation will reveal that Shengong Fu isn’t thought highly of in the Shengong family and doesn’t have much money,” said Centurion Song. “There are many people in the capital who are richer than him. If it’s for money, it’s better to rob some rich merchants. Therefore… it’s more likely a premeditated assassination!”

“Investigate who Shenggong Fu offended, especially recently!” Centurion Song said. “I believe there’s a high chance that he offended someone, which invited a fatal calamity. The key to this case is the two missing guards. If we can find the two missing guards, be it dead or alive… we will be able to find more clues.”

“Alright.” Judge Niu yawned. “Write a dossier as soon as possible; I have to inform the Shengong family about this. It looks like sleep is out of the question this late at night. I have to prepare to report to Lord Wang and His Majesty!”

After all, he had to report the death of a noble to the emperor.

“Yes, sir,” Centurion Song replied.

Early in the morning.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Someone knocked on Xu Jingming’s door.

Xu Jingming simply put on his clothes and walked out of the house. At the same time, his consciousness officially came online—when he was free, he often cultivated in his personal space.


Xu Jingming opened the door and looked at Zhang Ke.

“Captain, something big happened last night,” Zhang Ke said excitedly. “Do you still remember Shengong Fu? It’s that arrogant Shengong Fu from Nine Flavors Restaurant! He was killed last night! A flying dagger had smacked him straight between his brows!”

Zhang Ke spoke excitedly.

“Who’s the murderer?” Xu Jingming looked excited—it was only normal for him to gloat.

“Who knows!” Zhang Ke smiled. “All I know is that the murderer is good at throwing daggers. I don’t know anything else! I heard that the Shengong family has gone crazy and is searching everywhere. However, there are many experts in the capital. With Shengong Fu’s personality, he has offended countless people. Perhaps he was finished off by some badass.”

“There are many badasses in the capital.” Xu Jingming nodded in agreement.

After becoming a Blood Rain Guard and checking the wanted fugitives in the dossiers, Xu Jingming realized that there were too many badasses in the capital.

Assassination and murder via interception were one thing, but the most badass ones in the capital were the ‘snitches.’ These snitches dared to go anywhere!

A king’s residence?

Shengong family? Xiahou family?

Imperial palace?

The imperial capital’s snitches were unimaginably strong. There was nowhere they didn’t dare to go! They risked their lives to steal treasures.

There were also assassination missions that were extremely difficult. Only badasses dared to take them.

Many of these badasses in the capital don’t care about their lives, and they even dare to enter the imperial palace… Most of them are probably cosmic citizen players, Xu Jingming thought to himself.

Cosmic citizen players came in for the money. Therefore, murderers, assassins, bandits, snitches… These were the most common roles players had.

If there were benefits, they would do it even if it meant risking their lives. A life was only worth 100,000 cosmic dollars!

Of course, people like Xu Jingming—who had an important identity—cherished their lives more.

“That’s why it’s best to keep a low profile in the capital.” Zhang Ke shook his head and sighed. “Regardless of whether you’re a scion of a large family clan or a relative of the royal family… If you’re too arrogant and have too many enemies, you might end up offending a badass and lose your life.”

“There are too many experts in the various factions in the capital; it’s best to keep a low profile,” Xu Jingming said. “By the way, Old Zhang, there’s no need to look for me if there’s nothing important in the next three days. Help me handle it if you can.”

“Alright.” Zhang Ke nodded. “If I really can’t handle it, I’ll report it to you.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

He had important matters to attend to. His wife, Li Miaomiao, was about to give birth.


Li Miaomiao was admitted to the hospital ahead of time.

In fact, giving birth was much simpler after humans fully evolved. After all, every evolver’s physique was much stronger than in the past. Many women on the Internet gave birth at home without going to the hospital.