Chapter 267 - Late Night Assault (2)

Chapter 267 of 318 chapters


An incomparably ear-piercing whistle sounded out. A bugle arrow shot into the sky, blasting apart a bloody rain pattern in the air.

“Blood Rain Guard’s bugle arrow!”

The sound of the bugle arrow immediately alerted many people. “It’s a bugle arrow.”

“It’s the captain’s house.”

The arrow could be seen from five kilometers away! Furthermore, the ear-piercing sound spread far and wide.

There were five Blood Rain Guards on the street where Xu Jingming lived. Some of them were drinking, and some were drunk asleep, but they ensured that two remained awake. The five were instantly jolted to their senses when they heard the piercing sound.

“It’s the captain’s house. Hurry up!” The five Blood Rain Guards were the first to charge over.

“Help is being requested from Captain Jing’s residence.” A night patrol team rushed over with all their might. Since their superior’s residence had sent out a bugle arrow, they naturally had to rush over with all their might.

“What?” Zhang Ke heard an ear-piercing arrow. He pushed open the window and saw the blood rain pattern in the sky. Then, he immediately leaped out of the brothel and ordered, “Follow me.”

He led five Blood Rain Guards and turned into blurry afterimages as he headed for the captain’s house.

Some of the Blood Rain Guards—who were sleeping soundly at home—were awakened by the night patrol.

The bugle arrow was fired from the captain’s residence! This stirred up all the Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards in the area as they swarmed over.

“It’s a Blood Rain Guard’s bugle arrow. We’ve been discovered.” The elder’s expression changed when he saw the arrow rise. “Let’s move! We have to kill Jingming before the Blood Rain Guards arrive.”

“Jingming will be dead by the time they arrive.”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Instantly, nine figures rushed out of the house. They transformed into blurry figures and charged towards the street outside.

There are nine people. Xu Jingming stood on the street and held his spear as he sensed the nine auras charge over.

It was too fast!

His residence was tiny, and it was less than 30 meters from the house to the street. It didn’t take these experts a second to rush over.

Xu Jingming’s heart was as calm as still water as he waited silently. His goal in coming to Blood Rain World was to accumulate 10,000 gold to obtain the sacrificial opportunity, but the most basic goal was… to hone himself!

Xu Jingming’s fighting spirit rose when facing the nine people’s attacks! Bring it on!

No matter how strong the enemy was, he would kill them all!

It’s time! Xu Jingming’s eyes flashed coldly.

The five Blood Rain Guards on the street rushed over, but Xu Jingming had already moved.

The moment the nine figures charged out from the courtyard wall, what greeted them was a terrifying spear projection!

“What?” The unlucky assassin chosen by Xu Jingming wasn’t good at sensing auras. Caught off-guard, he blocked with his two sabers.


The spear was fast and fierce, akin to a black dragon.

Upon contact, the spinning force of the spear slipped away. It blocked the two sabers and impaled the assassin’s throat! Then, it was instantly pulled out as Xu Jingming retreated.

An assassin fell to the ground, dead.

One member of the nine-man team died the moment they rushed out of the courtyard.

“How bold.” The elder wasn’t alarmed when he saw this. Instead, he was delighted. “He actually didn’t escape. Surround and kill him.”

If Xu Jingming immediately fled after firing the bugle arrow, the Blood Rain Guard would arrive once he stalled for time. Their assassination mission would’ve most likely failed.

He didn’t expect this person to be so crazy as to not cherish his life and take the initiative to fight!

“Die.” Three first-rate experts and five second-rate experts rapidly surrounded him, all of them filled with killing intent.

When Xu Jingming killed a person, he came to a realization. He’s a second-rate expert.

After figuring out the four Spear Daos, he had gained basic mastery over four of the first five Beam Transformation spearmanship volumes. According to Xuan’s records, the combined might of the five spearmanship volumes was naturally immense.

However, the combination of the four spear techniques was already very impressive. He could kill ordinary second-rate experts in one strike.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Xu Jingming spun the spear in his hand like a rolling dragon. The spearhead flashed again and again, appearing ghostly and demonic.

The spear swept down and blocked the incoming concealed weapons.

The three first-rate experts were in charge of attacking! They could sense the immense threat this spear projection posed.


“How is he so strong?”

The three first-rate experts sensed the ferocity and viciousness of the spear! Xu Jingming was using a long weapon against the three of them… None of them was his match in a one-on-one battle.

Xu Jingming’s spearmanship was dynamic and adaptable, allowing him to control the situation at all times. He changed his movement techniques and borrowed forces to be dynamic, causing not more than five people to attack him at the same time.

“Captain.” The five Blood Rain Guards charged over. They were still more than 100 feet away when they released their concealed weapons.

The sneak attack of the concealed weapons threw the eight assassins into chaos.

“Pfft.” Xu Jingming seized the moment of chaos and stabbed another assassin in the chest.

“Retreat!” When the leading elder saw this, he unwillingly gave the order. The seven of them began fleeing in different directions!

He had to admit that the mission had failed!

The target this time was stronger than expected. Furthermore, the Blood Rain Guards were rushing over. The longer they delayed, the worse it would be for them.

“You want to leave?” Xu Jingming took the initiative to charge forward. Having primarily cultivated Beam Transformation, he was rather good at speed. At the very least, most of the assassins in front of him were inferior to him in speed.


The second-rate expert closest to Xu Jingming was stabbed to death! Then, Xu Jingming immediately chased after one of the first-rate swordsmen.

“Brother Wen, save me!” the first-rate swordsman expert shouted anxiously. At this moment, they were fleeing in different directions. He didn’t have the confidence to deal with Xu Jingming in a one-on-one battle.

“Retreat!” the elder ordered sternly without even turning his head.

He knew very well that ordinary Blood Rain Guards were usually second-rate experts, and their traveling speed was extremely fast! If he didn’t leave now and wasted some time, he might be intercepted by a group of Blood Rain Guards and another group of auxiliary guards.

The auxiliary guards were also qualified experts. With Xu Jingming and Zhang Ke—two first-rate experts—surrounding them, they probably couldn’t escape.

“Damn it.” The first-rate swordsman was furious and indignant. He turned around and struck out several times with all his might.

The sword beam was like a peacock spreading its tail—it was extremely gorgeous but also dangerous.

Xu Jingming wasn’t in a hurry and relied on his spear’s advantage in length to steamroll his opponent head-on! He didn’t advance rashly!

As the Blood Rain Guards surrounded him, the first-rate swordsman—who was even more anxious—revealed a flaw.

Pfft. Xu Jingming delivered his spear and stabbed into the swordsman’s abdomen, producing a bloody hole.

In a normal one-on-one battle, I probably need 20 moves to kill him. But in his anxiety, I severely injured him in just a few moves. Xu Jingming shook his spear and sent the swordsman’s sword flying.

“Take him down,” Xu Jingming instructed the five Blood Rain Guards—who had rushed over—and looked into the distance. Due to the numerous strikes, the other assassins had scattered and fled into the darkness.

“A young man from a remote city is actually so strong.” The swordsman stared at Xu Jingming. “I’m afraid you will become a super expert in the future. I have nothing to say about being defeated by you.”

“Who sent you?” Xu Jingming looked at him.

“Hmph, you offended someone you can’t afford to offend.” The swordsman sneered. “You survived this time, but you won’t be so lucky next time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, blood flowed from the corner of the swordsman’s mouth, and his eyes dimmed.

The Blood Rain Guards—who were binding him with chains—were slightly stunned.

“Captain, he committed suicide.” The Blood Rain Guards panicked when they saw this.

A first-rate expert chose to commit suicide just because he was captured alive? This was a zealot!

What kind of terrifying faction would be able to nurture a first-rate zealot?

“Zealot?” Xu Jingming was also surprised.

Even though Fei Qing had a high status, the experts under him were all officials. He probably didn’t have many first-rate expert zealots. Those who could nurture first-rate zealots were terrifying factions in Blood Rain World.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Zhang Ke arrived with five Blood Rain Guards.

“Captain.” Zhang Ke walked over, “What happened?”

Xu Jingming examined the corpses. “It’s a group of assassins.”

Of the 32 Blood Rain Guards under him, Zhang Ke—as the deputy captain—was also a first-rate expert. In the capital, almost all the Blood Rain Guard captains were first-rate experts. As for the deputy captains, a small number of them were also first-rate experts.

They’re all paupers. After checking the four corpses, Xu Jingming found less than 100 taels of silver worth from the golden leaves and silver pieces.

Who sent the assassins? Xu Jingming was a little puzzled. The Shengong family? The faction behind the people I assassinated? That shouldn’t be the case. I did a very clean job.