Chapter 27

Chapter 27 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming felt an incomparably powerful force pass through the spear shaft, and his hands couldn’t help but turn numb. The spear was sent jerking upward from the impact, and he took three consecutive steps back, every step causing the ground to crack.

“Oh?” Gao Chong also felt the terrifying impact from the strike; it threw his spear to the ground. Even with his armor and weapon weighing more than 500 kilograms, he was forced to take two steps back from the recoil, causing an upheaval in his breathing.

Both parties stared at each other.

Xu Jingming took three steps back, while Gao Chong took two steps back, but this didn’t mean that Gao Chong had the advantage! Sometimes, taking a few more steps back would reduce the impact and lighten their injuries more.

Not taking a step back from a violent impact meant that the body was taking the full brunt of the force! To force the proud Gao Chong to take two steps back was also due to the might of this strike.

Before I learned the evolutionary method, my full-power strike exceeded 1,000 kilograms of force. Xu Jingming looked at his opponent. Now that I’ve cultivated Heavenly Python Evolution, my physique is much stronger. Moreover, my body is very resilient. My spine is like a huge dragon, making it more suitable for me to utilize all my strength. The force of my strike is at least 10,000 kilograms, yet Gao Chong actually withstood it!

Gao Chong also stared at Xu Jingming. I cultivate Giant Bear Evolution, which suits me best. I used the weight of the heavy armor to transfer the momentum from my charge into my spear, but I didn’t gain the upper hand.

He chose heavy armor firstly for defense and secondly to increase his weight.

With his immense weight, the impact he delivered from running was even more terrifying. He had balanced multiple aspects before deciding on heavy armor weighing 300 kilograms. Any heavier, and it would affect his spearmanship.

“Awesome!” Gao Chong laughed loudly. “Fight me head-on if you have the guts!”

“Bring it on!” Xu Jingming shouted and charged forward like an ancient general.

Xu Jingming was very confident in himself. While nursing his injury all these years, he had constantly perfected his spearmanship. Now that he had a chance to fight Hercules Gao Chong, wasn’t he the best opponent to verify the might of his spearmanship?

“Alright.” Gao Chong stepped forward as well.

The two Divine experts simultaneously gave up on dodging and chose to engage in a direct clash!


This time, Gao Chong cleaved his spear. Xu Jingming charged forward and raised his spear.

The two were forced back several steps, but without any hesitation, the two of them charged forward again.



Crush! Cleave! Sweep! Thrust! Block! Grab! Slash!

Every move was executed with full force, and the two clashed with each other nine times!

When attacking, neither person dared to disregard the other party’s spear and attack the body directly because Gao Chong’s spear could pierce through Xu Jingming’s armor, and Xu Jingming’s Shadowless Thrust could pierce through Gao Chong’s head as long as it had the slightest chance.

Therefore, the two of them had to parry the other party’s spear momentum! Only by destroying the other party’s spear momentum and causing the spear to have zero threat could they seize the opportunity to kill the other party.

How could they crack the other party’s domineering stance?

The proud duo chose to clash head-on nine times!

“What kind of spear technique is this?”

“The gods are fighting.”

“Oh my god! Are they demolishing the place?”

China’s official livestream had exceeded 700 million viewers. At this moment, the audience was boiling over.

In this Divine match, if the sharpshooter’s arrow was considered sharp and cool or if Grandpa Liu Jianfeng’s assassination was considered astonishing like the phenomenon of a sun ring, then Xu Jingming and Gao Chong’s battle was like a battle between two legendary generals.

“Boom! Boom!” The walls along the street collapsed—everything collapsed wherever the spears swept!

The stone ground had long turned into ruins.

Every time Xu Jingming and Gao Chong kicked the ground, mud and gravel flew everywhere. Every strike of theirs caused a violent wind to whistle!

This is the strength of the world champion level. Panda Zhang Qian exited the combat space and came to the stands of China’s official livestream channel, watching this scene. The two of them are much stronger than me.

In the stands, Liu Hai was also watching as he nodded. Jingming didn’t slack off in the three years since his retirement. His spearmanship has become even more proficient. Gao Chong’s strength utilization has also become more natural. The two of them have met their match!

The ordinary audience was dumbfounded and pumped.

The three people on the commentary platform were equally shocked.

“Th-this is too amazing. I’ve never seen two people fight each other to this extent!” Liu Xin was completely stunned.

“This is the art of combat—the art of spearmanship!” Coach Huang Yong said. “Hercules Gao Chong has been fighting head-on for so many years as if he relied on brute force, but that was only an illusion! Brute force won’t allow him to become world champion. Gao Chong’s control of his body’s strength and even his use of the armor’s weight are superb.”

Huang Yong said excitedly, “Everyone who has studied physics knows that kinetic energy is affected by mass. Gao Chong is wearing heavy armor that weighs 300 kilograms, and his body weight is notable. The impact of every charge is terrifying. He perfectly mobilizes his momentum, allowing him to deliver every strike with unstoppable force.”

“But Xu Jingming blocked it,” Qin Yiwen said. “And he’s also attacking!”

“Yes.” Huang Yong nodded. “Xu Jingming’s explosive speed is even greater, and he’s even faster! Xu Jingming uses the foundation of Eight Extremities Poking Foot, and every step he takes seems to cause the ground to tremble. His technique for force exertion is even more perfect. Choosing ‘Heavenly Python Evolution’ also allowed him to exert force more effectively.”

Qin Yiwen sighed in amazement. “When he sent Sun Yuting flying with his dual shields, I remember that his speed increased to 30.8 meters per second after taking two steps. It’s comparable to the speed of a Shadow Leopard Evolution expert.”

“This is a brilliant technique for force exertion,” Huang Yong said. “The two of them have now chosen to fight it out head-on! They want to defeat the other party!”

In the streets of the town.

Xu Jingming and Gao Chong collided again, and the two staggered to the side, staring at each other.

I’m a little tired. Xu Jingming felt his organs aching after nine collisions. He could taste blood, and his muscles and bones felt limp.

The recoil every time was too intense, and his body was somewhat injured.

Gao Chong practices Giant Bear Evolution, so his physique and strength are strong to begin with. I mostly rely on my force delivery technique to not be instantaneously disadvantaged, Xu Jingming thought to himself. However, it’s too taxing on my body. I definitely won’t be able to hold out until the end.

The other party’s physique was innately good at resisting attacks head-on.

I won’t be disadvantaged for short periods, but if I fight him head-on for a prolonged period… I’m inferior to Gao Chong. Xu Jingming knew this very well. I guess I’ve had enough fun fighting. I should switch to the combat method that suits me best.

Having chosen light body armor, Xu Jingming’s spearmanship was never about fighting head-on.

My world-famous ultimate move is Shadowless Thrust! It’s all about speed! Xu Jingming’s figure flashed, and he appeared beside Gao Chong in a flash. At the same time, he stabbed out at lightning speed.

“What’s wrong? Are you scared? Starting your game of hide and seek?” Gao Chong deliberately taunted but became even more careful. His spear was powerful and heavy, but he was still a little slow compared to Xu Jingming.

“I was using strength moves; now, it’s speed!” Xu Jingming said. He struck out repeatedly, and every strike sought speed—extreme speed.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The tip of the spear danced as it struck Gao Chong repeatedly.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Xu Jingming’s spear stabbed Gao Chong’s heavy armor more than once, producing small holes, but they were still far from piercing through the armor.

“If you have the ability, just focus on piercing through this heavy armor,” Gao Chong teased with a smile. As long as he protected his head with the spear in his hand, it was relatively easy.

Gao Chong paid some attention to his head and ignored many of Xu Jingming’s strikes! He only blocked a few when they threatened his head and attacked most of the time.


Gao Chong charged forward with large strides and attacked maniacally, his spear strikes damaging the surrounding buildings.

He was used to such combat methods after using them for so many years.

Attack, attack, and keep attacking—he wanted the enemy to collapse under the barrage of attacks! One mistake from his enemy allowed him to crush the enemy! He relied on this method to become the world champion! He believed that he could use the same strategy to crush Xu Jingming.

Even though Xu Jingming’s spear stabbed into the heavy armor, it only produced a small opening. It was still far from being able to pierce through the thick, heavy armor.

I’ll find a chance—there will only be one chance. Just one tiny mistake will put Gao Chong on his guard, and it’ll be difficult to win. As Xu Jingming attacked, he also searched for an opportunity.

“Die!” The armored Gao Chong—who was like a giant bear—charged forward like an angry beast as he cleaved his huge spear at Xu Jingming.

Xu Jingming didn’t retreat but took a step forward!

With just one step, his body’s speed increased explosively. He thrust out his spear, and like a unicorn’s horn, it stabbed straight at Gao Chong’s chest.

The fierce glint in Gao Chong’s eyes swept over. Stabbing at my chest? As long as it doesn’t threaten my head, it can be ignored—


Before Gao Chong’s spear could cleave down, it was stopped by the spear. He looked down at his chest—the spearhead had penetrated through his thick heavy armor and into his heart!

At this moment, Gao Chong felt all his strength recede, and he found the armor on him very heavy.

He looked up at Xu Jingming, who was standing there. The latter’s feet had sunk into the ground from the clash, and his hands holding the spear shaft were covered in blood.

Xu Jingming looked at him and grinned. “How was this strike?”

Gao Chong’s mouth quivered, but just as he was about to speak, his body turned ethereal and dissipated from the town.