Chapter 277 - Attacking Emerald Pavilion (1)

Chapter 277 of 318 chapters

The next afternoon, figures appeared in a forest south of the capital. This was the agreed location for everyone to come online.

“Alright, everyone is here.” Liu Hai looked at the dense crowd in front of him and nodded. “Here are the cold weapons everyone has reserved! The weapons are ranked from No. 1 to No. 163. As for the body armor, make the selection after entering the city!”

The 163 cosmic citizen experts stepped forward and took their weapons according to their serial numbers, quickly arming themselves.

Sabers, swords, spears, spears, axes, concealed weapons, throwing weapons, shields, and so on—there were less than 300 weapons in total. In an era where bandit gangs were rampant, rich merchants with some wealth would hire guards. These few weapons weren’t worth mentioning; it was too easy to buy them.

“Not bad.” These cosmic citizens checked their weapons.

They now had ordinary bodies, and their strength and speed weren’t much different from qualified experts. These weapons could also hold up in combat with qualified experts.

“Don’t worry. Every weapon has been tested,” Liu Hai said.

These weapons were specially chosen by Xu Jingming. After being a Blood Rain Guard in the capital for so long, he knew his way around. He knew very well where to buy some excellent weapons.

“Let’s set off now.” Liu Hai immediately led everyone out of the forest after they had equipped their weapons. He first walked from the forest to the main road and followed it for more than ten kilometers before arriving at the capital’s southern city gates.

There was a huge number of people entering and exiting the capital every day, and almost everyone who entered carried weapons.

Liu Hai and the others wore ordinary cloth clothes that were issued upon entry, and they had to walk! They were inconspicuous in the crowd. After paying the entrance fee, Liu Hai led them forward.

“The capital is huge.”

“We’ve been walking for an hour.” After these people entered the city, they also felt how big the capital was.

Liu Hai and Tu Ling led the team and finally arrived at an orderly and chaotic area. The surrounding buildings were dilapidated, and gang members could be seen everywhere. They ran amok on the streets in groups of three to five, but these gang members didn’t dare to rashly provoke a team of more than 100 armed personnel.

After making a few turns, they finally arrived at a dilapidated mansion.

“We’re here.” Liu Hai pushed open the door.

Xu Jingming and Pang Ze were chatting in the corridor. When they saw the door open, they got up to welcome everyone.

More than a hundred people entered the mansion, and the door closed.

“I’ve prepared some good food and fine wine for everyone.” Xu Jingming wore a human skin mask and looked no different from the average person other than a slightly stiff expression. He got up and said, “Everyone, eat, drink, and rest first. We’ll take action at night.”

Fine wine, food, and inner armor had all been prepared. The preparations for the operation were very thorough.

Night fell.

Pang Ze, who was dressed in white, waved his fan and arrived at Emerald Pavilion with a grin.

“Boss, you’re here again!” A manservant immediately welcomed him warmly. As one of the top three brothels in the capital, Emerald Pavilion’s prices were very high—even a cup of tea cost five taels of silver!

It had to be known that the income of second-rate experts usually didn’t exceed 20 taels of silver a month! It was obvious how terrifying the expenditure here was! Therefore, those who could come to a place like Emerald Pavilion were either rich or noble!

Emerald Pavilion also attached great importance to repeat customers. Now, Pang Ze had become a ‘loyal customer.’

“That’s Emerald Pavilion, and all the famous courtesans inside are top beauties. If I can spend a night of ecstasy in there, I’ll die without any regrets.” On the distant street, a young man from a gang watched from afar with covetous eyes.

“A cup of tea inside costs five taels of silver. A night of ecstasy? That’s gonna cost at least 100 taels of silver! It’s enough for me to hire prostitutes for the rest of my life. Only a fool will enter.”

“How can prostitutes compare to Emerald Pavilion? Do you think those big shots who enter are fools?”

The young men argued, but they also enviously watched as the rich entered.

This was truly an extravagant den for splurging money! Even the hall masters of gangs felt the pinch when entering!

Human reproductive instincts have codified a desire for the opposite sex in their genes. Once this desire is stimulated, many people are willing to pay for it. They are even willing to give up everything for it. Pang Ze drank and watched the performance on the distant water platform.

These beauties emitted an alluring beauty. They even had invisible psyche fluctuations that affected people’s desires.

The famous courtesans in Emerald Pavilion aren’t ordinary either. Some of them are good at psychic seduction. Pang Ze marveled as he watched. Even if their looks are 90 points, once a guest is affected by the psychic seduction, they will be a dream lover with more than 100 points in the eyes of the customer.

Even the officials and nobles are obsessed with them. Most of the money they embezzled and earned from business will be thrown into this money-squandering den. Pang Ze looked at the scions in the distance taking out an unencrypted banknote to get a famous courtesan to perform.

And today… All the spending here, all the liquid gold, silver, and jewelry— Pang Ze smiled. —will be mine and Brother Jingming’s for the taking!


“See that?”

The group of people—who had eaten their fill and gotten enough rest—was led by Xu Jingming, Liu Hai, and Tu Ling to a riverbank. They looked into the distance, and Xu Jingming pointed at the dazzling and towering Emerald Pavilion. “That’s our target.”