Chapter 280 - Huge Wealth (1)

Chapter 280 of 318 chapters

As one of the top three places in the capital for pleasure, Emerald Pavilion took the high-end route. There weren’t many customers, but most of them had extremely high spending power.

Tu Ling and the other 50 people body-searched more than a hundred customers.

“Everyone, take out your gold, silver, jewelry, banknotes, and other items.” Xu Jingming stood there and kept the situation under control. Thanks to the human skin mask, his expression was stiff and cold. “Kill anyone who is found hiding a treasure!”

A din immediately sounded!

The customers were so horrified that they immediately took out their brocade pouches and valuable treasures they carried with them and held them in their hands.

“Beauties of Emerald Pavilion, you have to take off your jewelry as well! Kill anyone who dares to hide treasures.” Xu Jingming swept his gaze across the famous courtesans and beauties. There were about 300 women in Emerald Pavilion.

Some of the top earners also wore precious jewelry.

Under Xu Jingming’s threat, the courtesans of Emerald Pavilion took off their jewelry without any resistance.

“This bandit leader keeps talking about killing without mercy! He doesn’t have the slightest pity for the beauties of Emerald Pavilion.” The Shengong family’s second master was rather dissatisfied. What kind of person was he? He was ranked in the top three in the Shengong family, but now, all he could do was obediently take out everything valuable on him.

“The Shengong family is really rich.” Xu Jingming couldn’t help but praise when he saw the money and other items the Shengong family’s second master took out. “Master Shengong, don’t worry. Hand over the money obediently, and I won’t hurt you at all.”

The Shen family’s second master remained silent.

By the side, Sect Master Yu took out a stack of golden leaves and a few banknotes that were unencrypted. They were worth about 3,000 taels of silver.

In places like brothels, banknotes had to be unencrypted! The brothels couldn’t tell whether those with ciphers were legal tender or if the ciphers were genuine. Therefore, they only accepted cash and unencrypted banknotes.

“Sect Master Yu, please bear with me for a moment,” Xu Jingming said politely.

“You’re welcome.” Sect Master Yu nodded with a friendly attitude.

Xu Jingming naturally knew about the top figures in the capital and knew that they were sect masters.

The big shots in the capital naturally had extraordinary wealth. They didn’t need to bring much cash with them when visiting brothels! Bringing 2,000 to 3,000 taels was already a lot.

Most of the guests at Emerald Pavilion only carried a few hundred taels of silver! There were also very few who were short on money and only had 20 to 30 taels of silver.

“Here, here, and here!” The two Lv. 8 experts were leading a group of second-rate experts to search for treasures like gold and silver in Emerald Pavilion. Under the envelopment of their consciousness, they quickly found the treasures.

The gold and silver that Emerald Pavilion earned every day were carefully stored in secret locations! Not many in Emerald Pavilion knew the various locations, but Xu Jingming and the others were too efficient at searching.

Outside Emerald Pavilion, everyone was alarmed and nervous!

The guards and many guests’ servants looked at Emerald Pavilion nervously. Further away, many passersby watched.

“Something big has happened!”

“A group of terrorists charged into Emerald Pavilion. Many guards have died, and the remaining guards don’t dare to enter.” The passersby watched from afar and chatted excitedly. It was rare for Emerald Pavilion to be plundered in the capital.

“The customers of Emerald Pavilion are all big shots! This matter has blown up. Look, the Blood Rain Guards are rushing over.”

The passersby discussed.

As for the Blood Rain Guard experts, they quickly rushed over from all directions and arrived outside Emerald Pavilion.

“How’s the situation inside?” a Blood Rain Guard captain shouted.

“Captain Wan.” A guard leader from Emerald Pavilion came out and hurriedly said, “A group of terrorists has occupied the Emerald Pavilion. Nearly 200 of our guards have died, but none of the terrorists are dead. There are about 100 of them in total, and from the way they fought, all of them are first-rate experts.”

The Blood Rain Guards who rushed over found it unbelievable.

Captain Wan asked, “Are you sure? Are all of them first-rate experts?”

“Yes.” The leader of the Emerald Pavilion guards nodded in confirmation. “I can confirm that they are all first-rate experts. So many of us died, but not a single one of them died.”

The first batch of Blood Rain Guards to arrive was alarmed.

“Heavens, more than 100 first-rate experts?”

“Not to mention a team like ours, even if 1,000 Blood Rain Guards from all Principales Offices were to come, there’s no guarantee of victory. We might win only by sending thousands of auxiliary guards, but it would be a Pyrrhic victory.”

“Experts from the East Wing are needed. Our Principales Office isn’t suitable to spearhead the charge.”

The Blood Rain Guards didn’t dare to enter.

The enemy was too terrifying, and entry would be tempting fate! Emerald Pavilion wasn’t worth their lives.

“Release 12 bugle arrows,” Captain Wan immediately ordered.

Immediately, the Blood Rain Guards took out their bugle arrows.



“Screech!” Bugle arrows rose one after another! Instantly, there were 12, producing blood rain patterns in the night sky. The 12 blood rain patterns were extremely eye-catching, representing the seriousness of the matter.

When a large number of Blood Rain Guards saw this from afar, their expressions changed.

“The enemy is terrifying. We need the support of the East Wing HQ’s experts.”

“We need experts from headquarters.”

Blood Rain Guards rushed over from all directions. At the same time, the East Wing HQ mobilized experts when they saw the bugle arrows.

The Blood Rain Guard’s bugle arrows followed strict rules—12 arrows meant that the danger level exceeded that of the Principales Office and required the support of experts from Wing HQ.