Chapter 281 - Huge Wealth (2)

Chapter 281 of 318 chapters

“Let’s wait. Entering is simply tempting fate,” the Blood Rain Guards who arrived one after another said righteously. They watched from the outside and knew that there were more than 100 first-rate experts inside. Nobody was willing to enter.

The Blood Rain Guard’s bugle arrows also attracted the attention of many factions in the capital! They all knew that something big had happened in Emerald Pavilion.

“The heavens are guiding me. I should go there!” A thin old monk wearing tattered clothes walked barefoot in the dilapidated alley, his feet dirty.

The thin old monk looked up and could see the dazzling and towering Emerald Pavilion in the distance. At this moment, his figure was like an illusion as he walked step by step, getting closer and closer to Emerald Pavilion. At the same time, an invisible psychic force had already spread over.

His psychic force spread out like a dark tide that spanned two to three kilometers, completely enveloping Emerald Pavilion.

There were also three terrifying psychic forces in Emerald Pavilion. They were the three Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms Xu Jingming and the others had hired.

Their psychic forces collided!

The three psychic forces resisted together and only lasted for an instant before they were completely defeated by the dark tide-like power.

“These three have extraordinary minds. They should be inducted into my Red Lotus lineage and strengthen it.” The thin old monk smiled and walked over step by step. He was less than half a kilometer away from Emerald Pavilion.


In Emerald Pavilion.

The two Lv. 8 lifeforms in charge of searching Emerald Pavilion returned to Xu Jingming’s side.

“An expert is approaching.” The three Lv. 8s had solemn expressions.

“This psychic force…” Xu Jingming could also sense the terrifying mental strength that surged over like a black wave which easily drowned him! He couldn’t block it at all—everything was enveloped by the psychic force.

“His psychic force is stronger than the three of us,” one of them said.

“However, there’s no need to worry. Just because one’s mind is strong doesn’t mean that they are stronger than us in actual combat. With the three of us joining forces, we can even fight existences at the apex of our level.”

“He’s ultimately still at the same level as us and hasn’t truly broken through.”

The three Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms spoke.

Xu Jingming felt the confidence of the three Lv. 8 lifeforms beside him. He could quickly determine from the clash of mental strength that his opponent wasn’t a Lv. 9 Origin lifeform! In that case, the three Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms had what it took to fight him.

“Stick to the plan. Ignore him,” Xu Jingming said.

This was also within Pang Ze’s expectations.

Pang Ze had once told Xu Jingming: “The core of Blood Rain World is gold and silver! Be it becoming a high official or a rich businessman, the more gold and silver we have, the more the world will target us. Blood Rain World will definitely not let us plunder too much gold and silver easily.”

Pang Ze knew this and had countermeasures.

Xu Jingming could sense the terrifying mental strength that resembled a dark tide. We probably plundered too much gold and silver in Emerald Pavilion, attracting a terrifying existence in Blood Rain World.

If I want to snatch some of the large treasures in the capital, I might be able to attract Dean Ming’s interference. There are still many monsters among the local experts in Blood Rain World.

Dean Ming—who was suspected to be an Origin lifeform—could only claim to be the number one person in the capital, not the entire world!

The long-established Black Lotus Sect and the Red Lotus Sect that had splintered from the Black Lotus Sect were all terrifying figures.

“We’re almost done searching Emerald Pavilion,” Liu Hai informed Xu Jingming. “Let’s end this quickly. We have to retreat immediately. The Blood Rain Guard outside has released 12 bugle arrows!”

“Don’t worry; it will take time for the Blood Rain Guard to arrive. Everything will go according to plan.” Xu Jingming was very calm.

He knew the Blood Rain Guard’s distribution very well.

How long would it take for the Blood Rain Guard and auxiliary guards to arrive? They were prepared for that.

“You’re still hiding treasures?” Tu Ling pointed at a lanky youth.

The second-rate experts beside her drew their weapons. As long as Xu Jingming gave the order, they would attack.

The tall and thin youth clasped a jade pendant on his chest and shouted angrily, “I’ve given you all my gold and silver. I can’t give you this treasure jade.”

Xu Jingming looked over.

“Treasure jade?” Xu Jingming glanced over and saw the jade on the lanky youth’s chest glowing with a soul-stirring purple glow.

“Third Young Master.” Xu Jingming stepped forward and stared at the piece of jade. “Is this piece of jade in front of you the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade of the Duke’s Estate?”

The Purple Cloud Treasure Jade was a famous treasure in the capital.

The lanky youth stared at Xu Jingming and said proudly, “Leader, since you know about the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade, you should know that… this is an heirloom of the Duke’s Estate. It was given to me by my grandfather. I have a few thousand taels of silver on me, and it’s yours for the keeping. But if you dare snatch this Purple Cloud Treasure Jade, the Duke’s Estate won’t let you off!”

“Purple Cloud Treasure Jade is a rare treasure. It’s said that the first duke spent 30,000 taels of silver on buying it and passed it down from generation to generation,” Xu Jingming said with a smile. “Third Young Master, hand it over obediently. Otherwise, I won’t show mercy with my saber.”

Xu Jingming picked up a saber and placed it against the thin youth’s neck.

At this moment, Tu Ling and the others continued to check every customer for treasures. As for the treasures they had gathered, they immediately wrapped them in cloth.

“Threatening me?” The lanky youth looked at the saber around his neck and stared at Xu Jingming with a cold smile. “I’m the third son of the Duke’s Estate, and I have a noble title! This is also the heirloom of the Duke’s Estate! Leader, let me give you a word of advice: Being too greedy will only get you killed.”


Xu Jingming slashed with the saber held at the thin youth’s neck, causing blood to splatter!

The lanky youth immediately clasped his neck and stared at Xu Jingming in disbelief. How dare you? How dare you attack me?

Xu Jingming grabbed the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade and pulled it off the lanky youth’s neck.

A piece of jade worth tens of thousands of taels!

He would even attack a prince, not to mention the third son of the Duke’s Estate!

“He really attacked?”

“This bunch of terrorists killed the third young master of the Duke’s Estate. They killed him just like that and even snatched his heirloom jade? They really don’t care about the Duke’s revenge?” Many guests at Emerald Pavilion were stunned.

How silly. Sect Master Yu shook his head inwardly when he saw this scene. You’re a fish on a chopping block; your life is in the hands of others. You should bow your head when necessary.

Xu Jingming held the Purple Cloud Treasure Jade and looked at the soul-stirring halo, feeling delighted.

It cost at least tens of thousands of taels of silver, which was worth hundreds of millions of cosmic dollars.

Just this piece of jade alone was enough—he had made a killing!

Xu Jingming glanced at the corpse of the Duke’s Estate’s third son. The third son was still holding his neck in death, his eyes filled with disbelief! He was used to doing whatever he wanted in the capital, and all the factions had to bow before the Duke’s Estate.

But this time… He had been killed after exchanging a few words.

Threatening a player? Xu Jingming muttered to himself.

“Sir, we’ve checked all the guests. Nobody is hiding any treasure, and all the treasures have been packed,” Tu Ling reported.

Xu Jingming immediately saw the three large bundles on the floor.

The Purple Cloud Treasure Jade and these three large bundles were all the gains from looting Emerald Pavilion.