Chapter 284 - Online Transaction (3)

Chapter 284 of 318 chapters

Xu Jingming took a look from afar and realized that the Blood Rain Guard was conducting a carpet search and were searching every residential building!

The search is that strict? Xu Jingming frowned slightly. Master and Tu Ling might be in danger.

His residence was south of the city, and he was a Blood Rain Guard of the South Wing Procuratorate! Therefore, the Blood Rain Guards cut him some slack and did a simple investigation. But what about Liu Hai and Tu Ling?


Xu Jingming closed the courtyard door and returned to the house to lie down. He then glanced at the cabinet.

Under the cabinet and under the bricks on the ground were small wooden boxes containing gold and banknotes. If others wanted to find it, they would first have to move the heavy cabinet away and dig three feet into the ground! They wouldn’t do this unless they were certain.

It’s only tens of thousands of taels of silver. Is there a need to target me like this? Xu Jingming thought.

Xu Jingming didn’t sleep the entire night, and his place wasn’t searched again. After all, the Blood Rain Guard was limited in manpower.


The entire capital became lively. Countless people came out and began a busy day.

“Jingming.” Pang Ze arrived at Xu Jingming’s residence. “I’ll bring a customer over in the morning. You’ll hand him the gold and banknotes!”

“It’s sold?” Xu Jingming was pleasantly surprised.

“Many cosmic citizens are purchasing Blood Rain World’s gold and silver. The supply of gold and silver here has always been in short supply!” Pang Ze explained. “As long as they purchase 10,000 gold, they can directly sacrifice it. The difficulty of earning it slowly on their own is just too high.”

“Yes, the trivial things we did attracted so much trouble,” Xu Jingming said.

“It’s not too much trouble this time,” Pang Ze said with a smile. “This is because it’s the first time we’re plundering. The amount wasn’t huge, so the targeting is considered light! If you suffer a ‘high-intensity’ targeting, it will be a nightmare. When that happens, you won’t be able to stay in this world.”

Xu Jingming nodded slightly.

“It was alright this time. Thanks to your identity, you managed to keep your bundle. Coach Liu Hai is an experienced old fox. Although the Blood Rain Guard carefully investigated his area, he still managed to keep it. Tu Ling didn’t manage to keep her bundle,” Pang Ze said. He was quite satisfied with the outcome.

The Purple Cloud Treasure Jade was shattered, and one bundle was lost. However, the other two bundles were secured!

It was already not bad.

“It’s almost time. I’ll get the customer.” Pang Ze estimated and walked out.

Moments later.

Pang Ze walked over with the two people.

Of the two, one was an amiable elder who would make one instinctively forget about him after seeing him. His presence was very weak. The other was a young man who looked around curiously.

“With the Myriad Worlds Group’s supervision, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the transaction,” the elder said with a smile.

Xu Jingming had already changed his clothes and wore a human skin mask. He nodded with a stiff expression and said, “Follow me.”

He entered the house with the two.

Xu Jingming used both hands to move the wooden cabinet. After moving it away, he carefully picked up bricks with both hands, revealing the soil below. Then, he inserted his hands into the soil and grabbed a box.

He opened the box, and inside were gold and banknotes.

The elder placed the gold in the box on the ground; then, he took off his coat and removed a thick belt from his waist. There were 30 pieces of gold on the belt, and every piece was heavy. “There’s a total of 60 kilograms of gold here, which is 6,000 gold! Coupled with the 3,960 gold here and some gold leaves I have, I have exactly 10,000 gold!”

The elder looked at the young man. “Lord Foona, you can do the sacrifice now.”

“I’ve long heard that Blood Rain World’s sacrifice is very special, but my parents forced me to become a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform before allowing me to attempt it.” The young man sighed with emotion and began the sacrifice.

The young man’s entire body emitted light, and the light enveloped the gold.

Xu Jingming watched this scene curiously. This is the sacrifice?


The young man and the gold disappeared into thin air.

He headed for the mysterious place after sacrificing 10,000? Xu Jingming understood that the young man had probably arrived at the mysterious place. That was also his goal for coming to Blood Rain World, but he was still far from that goal.