Chapter 285 - Timing (1)

Chapter 285 of 318 chapters

The elder placed the banknotes in the wooden box into his pocket and smiled at Xu Jingming and Pang Ze. “That’s the end of our transaction. In the future, if you need to exchange gold and silver for cosmic dollars or cosmic dollars for gold and silver, the two of you can come to me. My credibility can be checked through the Myriad Worlds Group.”

“Of course.”

Pang Ze suddenly received a notification from outside Blood Rain World. He smiled and nodded. “The transaction on the other side has also succeeded.”

Liu Hai’s bundle was also sold to another party! There was some silver and jewelry in the package. It would be very troublesome for Xu Jingming and the others to deal with it, but it was much simpler leaving it to the professionals.

Of course, those jewelry were all sold at a discount.

“It was pleasant trading with you.” The elder nodded and said, “Oh right, there’s something I have to say in advance. Lord Foona sacrificed 10,000 gold coins to head to the mysterious land. The length of time he stays in the mysterious land is uncertain, and he will appear in this room when he comes out! I hope the two of you can be patient.”

“It’s a small matter.” Xu Jingming nodded.

The elder smiled and said, “With my understanding of Lord Foona… Once he leaves the mysterious land and is protected by the light of Blood Rain World, he will probably log off very quickly and leave Blood Rain World. He won’t stay.”

“Lord Foona is the Foona from the Black Feather Civilization?” Pang Ze asked.

“Yes, that Foona.” The elder nodded. “In the Hunter Cosmic Sector, there’s only one famous Foona family…”

Pang Ze nodded in understanding. “No wonder it was so easy for him to sacrifice 10,000 gold.”

“This is nothing.” The elder shook his head. “Lord Foona focuses on the academic route! He even bought an inhabited planet as his territory and used his research to modify and build it up. I heard that the cost of building the planet exceeded 800 billion cosmic dollars.”

“That much?” Xu Jingming’s heart trembled when he heard that.

An ordinary inhabited planet cost about 100 billion cosmic dollars. He spent so much to build a planet?

“An inhabited planet with nothing usually requires large-scale migration. It also requires the construction of cities and planetary defense systems. The price is very high,” Pang Ze said, “but spending 800 billion… is indeed extravagant.”

“Oh right, this Lord Foona is the legendary Barron Foona?” Pang Ze suddenly thought.

The elder smiled and nodded. “You’re quite well-informed. I’ll take my leave first.”

With that said, he walked out of the residence.

“Barron Foona?” Xu Jingming glanced at Pang Ze in confusion. “Who’s that?”

“He’s a genius scholar from the Hunter Cosmic Sector’s North Sparrow Star Alliance,” Pang Ze explained. “He’s only in his early 100s this year. He’s very young, but his educational background has exceeded Lv. 85. He’s a celebrity-like figure in the Foona family.”

His educational background is at least Lv. 85? Xu Jingming was dumbfounded.

“He’s a scientist after all.” Pang Ze sighed with emotion. “The Cosmic Human Alliance attaches great importance to evolvers, but they also place great importance on scientists. As long as one’s educational level reaches Lv. 100… No matter how weak one’s body is, the Cosmic Human Alliance will use external forces to promote such scholars to Origin lifeforms, allowing them to have better brains and a longer lifespan.”

“It’s very easy for the Foona family to use an inhabited planet as a testing ground for this genius,” Pang Ze said, “but it’s obvious that this genius scholar had spent some effort on his evolutionary path. From the sound of it, he is already a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform and has just entered the mysterious place to search for opportunities.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“In some of the ancient cosmic families, if a particular ancestor can reach Lv. 10, they will have a lifespan of 100,000 years!” Pang Ze said. “Their long lifespans will give them plenty of time to make the family extremely prosperous. With excellent genetic inheritance and the best nurturing, they will nurture batches of talents. With a united family, they will become stronger and stronger.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

Compared to those ancient civilizations, Earth was just too weak. After all, it had just integrated into the cosmic civilizations.

“For example, I only found out about the opportunity in Blood Rain World’s mysterious place by chance,” Pang Ze said with a sigh. “But some large factions in the universe have long known about it. They even require that one be at Lv. 7 before being allowed to sacrifice and go to the mysterious place. Jingming, it’s best if you enter after becoming a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform.”

Xu Jingming was stunned.

“There must be a reason why the Foona family requested for Barron Foona to become a Lv. 7 cosmic lifeform before entering,” Pang Ze continued. “We just have to follow what they do! Barron Foona has a good reputation, and his words are trustworthy. Moreover, there’s no need for someone like him to lie to us about such matters.”

Xu Jingming nodded.

“How far are you from Lv. 7?” Pang Ze asked.

“I’m at about Lv. 6 70% now,” Xu Jingming said. “I’ll definitely be able to break through in a few years! If I’m fast, it’ll happen in a year!”

Pang Ze’s eyes lit up. As expected of Earth’s number one genius!

Pang Ze was stuck at Lv. 6 without any hope of breaking through. Xu Jingming had only cultivated the evolutionary method for over a year, but he was already at Lv. 6 70%.

“You’re much better than the others on Earth in terms of talent on the evolutionary path.” Pang Ze was very happy. He could sense the rapid growth of the expert, and he had other companions to support Earth’s future.

“Oh right, we received a total of 936 million cosmic dollars from the online transaction for our raid on Emerald Pavilion,” Pang Ze said. “I’ll send you the contract regarding the Myriad Worlds Group transaction later. We’ll distribute these gains after the operation is over.”