Chapter 287 - : Timing (3)

Chapter 287 of 318 chapters

36 people came online at the same time in remote areas of Emerald Pavilion.

The 100 second-rate experts that Xu Jingming and the others had mobilized last time were the last to retreat. When they retreated, some fled to the roof while others fled to the underground tunnel. Although most of them left Emerald Pavilion, 36 people followed Pang Ze’s orders and went offline in remote areas inside Emerald Pavilion.

According to Blood Rain World’s rules, one could log off if no natives saw them.

Three days later!

It was also tonight that these 36 people came online. The moment they came online, they appeared in Emerald Pavilion, which was where they had gone offline.

“Move out!” These 36 people had long received orders. They came online to target the guests of Emerald Pavilion!

They would kill every guest they saw until they died in battle!

“Babe—” A customer walked along the corridor with a renowned courtesan in his arms. Suddenly, two burly men rushed over. One held a shield and ax, while the other held dual sabers.

The customer and renowned courtesan were so frightened that their expressions changed drastically.

“Help!” The customer was terrified. An ax swung over, and blood splattered.

The two burly men killed the customer and quickly chased after the other guests. They didn’t waste any time on the woman.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The security outside Emerald Pavilion was very tight, but there were only a small number of cyan-shirted guards and secret guards in the building! Facing the 36 crazy assassins that suddenly appeared in the building, Emerald Pavilion was clearly caught off-guard.

Xu Jingming and Pang Ze looked out the window at Emerald Pavilion from afar. Suddenly, a spot in Emerald Pavilion caught fire, but the fire was extinguished in just a few seconds.

The two waited silently.

Pang Ze’s consciousness temporarily left Blood Rain World and waited for the outcome of the operation.

“It took a full 2 minutes and 51 seconds for the 36 experts we sent to be killed.” Pang Ze’s eyes suddenly lit up as his consciousness returned to Blood Rain World. “According to the information these experts sent, they killed at least 20 customers!”

“These customers sure were bold. It’s only been three days since Emerald Pavilion was attacked, but they still continued patronizing,” Pang Ze said with a smile. “They can be considered to have died because they were thinking with two heads.”

Xu Jingming nodded. “With the King of Yan’s greatest source of income in the capital affected, he will definitely be very anxious.”

“With so many customers dead, Emerald Pavilion won’t be able to do business in the short term. The more noble a person is, the more they cherish their lives,” Pang Ze commented. “But the King of Yan definitely won’t tolerate this.”


In Emerald Pavilion, Yu Feng’s eyes turned red as he looked at the corpses of the assassins in front of him. They didn’t seek wealth and only wanted to kill customers? They don’t even care about their lives because of this! These are suicidal zealots! Which family sent suicidal zealots to ruin Emerald Pavilion’s business?

25 customers died—this is troublesome. Yu Feng knew that things weren’t good. He had managed to restore Emerald Pavilion’s business previously, but with so many customers dead, the gravity of the situation was different.

There are hidden forces targeting Emerald Pavilion. Yu Feng’s eyes were cold and crazy.

“Your Highness, I need 20 first-rate experts.” Yu Feng arrived at the King of Yan’s Estate and looked at Cheng Yanran.

“Another 20 first-rate experts?” Cheng Yanran burned with rage. “How many first-rate experts do you think my King of Yan’s residence has? You took ten previously, and you still want to take another twenty?”

“Emerald Pavilion is ruined,” Yu Feng said, “but if we don’t find the culprit, His Highness’s other businesses in the capital will be in danger.”

Emerald Pavilion was the King of Yan’s biggest source of income in the capital, but not all of it.

Yu Feng was the King of Yan’s representative in the capital. He truly held great authority.

“To track down the mastermind, we have to have enough manpower, and they have to be top experts,” Yu Feng said. “Twenty first-rate experts won’t affect your residence. I know… that you have a group of experts beside you.”

Cheng Yanran’s pupils constricted.

“Are you going to dictate the 20 people, or shall I choose?” Yu Feng stared at Cheng Yanran.

“I’ll choose!” Cheng Yanran gritted his teeth. “I’ll write a letter to inform Father about everything in the capital!”

“Be my guest.” Yu Feng turned around and left.