Chapter 293 - Operation Ends (2)

Chapter 293 of 318 chapters

The blind elder, the woman in white, and the lascivious man stood side by side in the middle of the street, looking at Xu Jingming and the others.

“The opportunity lies with them.” The blind elder smiled and pointed at Xu Jingming and the others.

What’s going on? He was a little stunned.

The lascivious man glanced at Xu Jingming and the others.


A terrifying psychic force spread out, causing spacetime to distort for a moment. It also swept through Xu Jingming and the others, causing the three Lv. 8 experts’ expressions to change.

They were on average only Lv. 8 cosmic lifeforms, but their minds were inferior to the lascivious man.

“He’s Demon Lord Ying Wuxie, one of the Black Lotus Sect’s three monarchs.” Xu Jingming recognized him and said in a low voice, “The other two are the previous Palace Mistress of Courtesan Belle Palace—Fengyu Yan—and Elder Heavenly Secrets of Beggar Sect.”

The three people in front of him were extremely terrifying. In the capital, the power the three of them could mobilize… was much greater than Sword Dharmaraja. For example, Fengyu Yan was both the previous Palace Mistress of Courtesan Belle Palace and a senior member of the Fengyu family.

There was no need to go into detail about the Black Lotus Sect. As the oldest sect in existence, the Black Lotus Sect had a lineage across several dynasties! The Red Lotus Sect was only a splintered faction of the Black Lotus Sect, which showed how deep the Black Lotus Sect’s foundation was.

The Black Lotus Sect was governed by the sect master and the three monarchs. Demon Lord Ying Wuxie’s strength was the most terrifying of the three.

The blind old man came from the Beggar Sect. The number one sect in Blood Rain World… was the Beggar Sect! An empire might decline, and the people might be struggling to survive, but it only served to make the Beggar Sect grow stronger. No faction dared to underestimate the Beggar Sect.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards had already caught up.

“Halt!” These Blood Rain Guards were furious.

A voice suddenly sounded in his mind—“Jingming, that piece of beast hide is the seventh treasure map to the previous dynasty’s treasures. It’s worth about 50,000 gold! Quickly find a place to hide it. Carrying it with you will cause Blood Rain World to target you!”

Only then did Xu Jingming understand.

The seventh treasure map! He completely understood.

The more gold and silver one carried around in Blood Rain World, the more they were targeted.

10,000 gold—Xu Jingming believed that he and the three Lv. 8 experts could handle a targeting of this level!

But with the treasure map… Blood Rain World’s targeting soared!

The Blood Rain Guard’s investigations, Elder Heavenly Secrets’s clairvoyance… made them encounter Xu Jingming.

“I know you want the treasure map.” Xu Jingming looked at the many Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards chasing after him, then at the three terrifying experts in front of him. He immediately took out the treasure map and threw it at the Blood Rain Guards.

“I’ll give you the treasure map of the previous dynasty’s treasures,” Xu Jingming said before quickly fleeing with the three Lv. 8 experts.

“Treasure map!”

“The seventh treasure map!”

The woman in white and the lascivious man glared at the beast hide treasure map that flew out. With the help of the moonlight, they could clearly see the appearance of the beast hide. With their experience, they naturally determined that it was the seventh treasure map.

The rough appearance of the nine treasure maps was recorded by top factions.

“That’s the opportunity.” The blind elder could sense the attraction of the beast hide.

“Treasure map of the former dynasty?” The Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards were shocked when they heard that. One of the Blood Rain Guards couldn’t help but reach out to grab the treasure map.

“Put it down.” The three terrifying experts rushed over.

“Release the bugle arrows!” The Blood Rain Guards and auxiliary guards were furious. There were so many of them. How could they be afraid of three people?

Suddenly, a terrifying psychic force that seemed to distort the world spread out. For a moment, these Blood Rain Guards swayed as if they were drunk. Only a small number of Blood Rain Guards could keep their minds steady, while most of the auxiliary guards collapsed!

“Hmph.” Demon Lord Ying Wuxie snorted coldly.

The white-robed woman extended her hand that carried a fatal temptation, causing the Blood Rain Guards who remained conscious to be mesmerized.

Her fair right hand flashed like a phantom and obtained the treasure map.

“I got it.” The woman in white nodded.

The three of them were of noble status, so they wouldn’t break their previous oath pertaining to the distribution of the treasure map. At the very least, a treasure map wasn’t worth them falling out with each other.

“Those people from before have already fled far away, and they weren’t affected by my mind,” the lascivious man said. “Those people are at least first-rate experts.”

“They don’t have any opportunities left,” the blind elder commented.

The woman in white and the lascivious man trusted the blind old man very much, so the three of them left quietly.

Xu Jingming and the others finally arrived at the nearest residence. Liu Hai, Pang Ze, and Tu Ling had secretly rented many ordinary residences in the capital before taking action.

“The three of you can log off first. If there’s any danger tonight, I’ll request your presence again,” Xu Jingming said.

“Sure thing.” The three Lv. 8 experts nodded and went offline.

Xu Jingming immediately split up and hid the gold and other items.

That gave me a fright. Xu Jingming heaved a sigh of relief. Usually, 1,000 to 2,000 gold attracts very weak targeting from the Blood Rain World. The targeting intensifies at about 10,000 gold. For 20,000 gold, 30,000 gold… the targeting continues intensifying until it becomes terrifying.

I didn’t expect that piece of beast hide to be so terrifying. Just a treasure map is worth so much. How much treasure did the previous dynasty have? Xu Jingming thought about it and didn’t dare have any desires for it. Blood Rain World is a virtual game world after all. With the game officials secretly monitoring everything, how can they let players earn that much?