Chapter 38

Chapter 38 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming looked up at the huge list that reached thousands of meters into the sky and the only line of text on it.

At this moment, countless people around the world were looking up to this name!

World number one! Xu Jingming looked up. This isn’t the World Martial Arts Tournament of the past, nor is it a competition between any other martial arts school. Every human on Earth is competing… Master actually became world number one!

Master, I know you’re very strong, but you’ve really flabbergasted countless people. Xu Jingming smiled. “World Number One: Liu Hai, China!”

Xu Jingming’s eyes were filled with admiration and yearning.

There was also someone in the US who was looking up at the huge Cosmos Ranking and the only name on it.

It’s only been 38 minutes since Cosmos Tower opened up, and Liu has already cleared the third level? This person was tall and muscular, standing at 1.96 meters; he gave off a terrifying pressure just standing there. He was Kai Saint Mills, one of the three kings of the martial arts world. He had a monster-like body among humans.

My evolutionary method has reached Advanced, but it was only relatively easy to kill that large tiger one-on-one! Kai Saint Mills looked at the ranking in silence and thought to himself. I barely managed to kill four of the six encircling tigers before being bitten to death by the others! There are dozens of tigers on the third floor, and there is also the most powerful tiger king.

I’m still far from success, but Liu succeeded. This old man from China… is really impressive. Kai Saint Mills thought highly of himself, but Liu Hai had cleared the third floor 38 minutes after the Cosmos Tower’s launch. He was amazed by Liu Hai’s abilities.

When the difference was so great, all that was left was admiration.

My evolutionary method has reached Advanced 32%; I won’t be able to upgrade it anytime soon. If I want to clear it, I have to hone my weapon techniques, thought Kai Saint Mills before entering Cosmos Tower again, hoping to hone his ax technique using it.

So Liu from China cleared the third level of Cosmos Tower so quickly? The bald man from Russia, Alan Emelianenko, was hailed as having the most perfect weaponry techniques humans possessed. He was silent as he looked at the only name on the Cosmos Ranking. He defeated the tigers’ encirclement? How? I was killing the 12th when the tiger king joined in on the attack. I couldn’t defend at all; I was instantly torn apart!

I always believed that by making up for my body’s weakness, I would completely surpass Kai Saint Mills and Lei Yunfang to become number one on the Cosmos Ranking. And here comes this old man out of nowhere. There are too many experts in this era. Alan Emelianenko’s eyes were filled with fighting spirit. However, this is also the most exciting era. Liu Hai, I will soon surpass you.

Liu Hai’s name on the Cosmos Ranking caused the entire world to boil over.

All the top experts in the world looked up at the single name on the Cosmos Ranking, hoping to surpass him one day.

As for the ordinary public, they began their revelry. In particular, the Chinese were very proud. The official media and self-media covered the news about Liu Hai.

Xu Jingming immersed himself in training for five hours before returning to his personal space to get some rest. He tapped open the spectator platform and randomly opened a livestream.

“Everyone in the world has attempted the Cosmos Tower, but only one person has cleared the third level. That person is China’s Liu Hai!” In the livestream, the host was bubbling with excitement. “The world number one is from China!”

There were only nine viewers in this livestream, so Xu Jingming opened a second livestream. It was hosted by a beautiful female streamer.

“Some members of the audience might not know who Liu Hai is.” The beautiful female streamer smiled and said, “Let me introduce you to him. Liu Hai was once a national wrestling champion when he was young. He was very talented in wrestling, but he loved weapon combat the most. Back then, weapon combat was very niche. Liu Hai formed a team using his own money to compete globally.”

As the female streamer explained, there were also pictures of Liu Hai wrestling when he was young and him paying to compete.

“When Liu Hai became older, he spent his time managing his martial arts center. The World Martial Arts Tournament was officially held when he was 45. Liu Hai’s body was no longer as strong as it was when he was young, but he was thrilled. He immediately participated in the tournament and had a string of wins in the preliminaries, earning him enough points to enter the World Martial Arts Tournament finals. He kept this up for five consecutive World Martial Arts Tournaments. In all five tournaments, he was one of the world’s top three! After he obtained first place in the fifth tournament, he retired and later became the head coach of the national team…”

Xu Jingming smiled and opened a third livestream. After all, he knew more about his master than this female streamer.

“Liu Hai is f*cking impressive—the number one human! I previously made a bet that as long as a Chinese gets first on the Cosmos Ranking, I will give out 10,000 red packets, each worth 10,000 yuan! I’ll keep my word! I’ve already raised the money; this is the balance—8 zeros, right? I’ve prepared 100 million in cash. From now on, I will keep releasing red packets! I’ve done the math—I’ll do it once every five minutes, giving out 100 red packets a time. It will take me 8 hours!” A rich streamer started the draw. His livestream’s popularity rapidly increased, and he quickly became one of the top three popular streams on the platform.

How generous. Xu Jingming sighed in amazement and watched the next livestream.

“With a Chinese person getting first place, I’ll finish doing these 100 mock papers for the college entrance examination! I’ll keep my word! This is the second set of examination papers that I’ve completed. I’ll continue doing the third set!” a high school student said. “It will be streamed live for all to see!”

Xu Jingming was dumbfounded. Do 100 mock exams? How could he be so ruthless to himself? Holy sh*t. You’ll definitely do well in the college entrance examination.

Xu Jingming watched one livestream after another—ninety percent of the streams were talking about Liu Hai!

Liu Hai was China’s hero. After all, every country in the world was vying for the world’s number one spot. They naturally felt proud and pumped that a Chinese snatched the spot!

“Jingming, are you watching livestreams?” Li Miaomiao came over and sat on the sofa. “I saw your gaming status just now. You were challenging the Cosmos Tower.”

“I kept failing, so I’m taking a break,” Xu Jingming said.

“Your master is amazing. The entire Internet has gone crazy,” Li Miaomiao said.

“After all, the entire world is participating in Life Evolution. Which sport has ever had so many people trying so hard?” Xu Jingming said. “Master is world number one, so it’s only natural that he makes people go crazy. I guess the citizens of the US, EU, Russia, and other countries must be holding their breaths and feeling unhappy.”

“Haha, I just went offline and have already seen the discussions of the foreign netizens. Although they are very impressed with Liu Hai, they aren’t that happy,” Li Miaomiao said with a smile. “After all, there are some legendary gladiators from all over the world.”

“It’s been five hours, but nobody else in the world has cleared Cosmos Tower’s third floor.” Xu Jingming sighed with emotion. “Master is so far ahead of the pack.”

“Jingming, your master is very strong,” Li Miaomiao encouraged, “but I believe that you will definitely be stronger in the future! After all, your master has practiced for nearly 50 more years than you.”

“I’ll definitely work hard to achieve my dear wife’s claim.” Xu Jingming clenched his fists.

Li Miaomiao narrowed her eyes happily when she heard that.

The couple chatted as they watched the livestreams.

Suddenly, Li Miaomiao saw a livestream change its title. She immediately said, “Jingming, it looks like world number two has appeared.”

“Has it finally appeared?” Xu Jingming’s heart trembled. “Who got it?”

The two of them immediately headed for the mission space and arrived in front of Cosmos Tower.

Xu Jingming stood in front of the Cosmos Tower and looked up at the huge list.

There were two lines of text on the huge list.

World Number One: Liu Hai (China)

World Number Two: Tiger Fussen (USA)