Chapter 97 - Xuan at the End of his Life

Chapter 97 of 318 chapters

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming’s consciousness saw a verdant world, as if it were a forested world.

One of the mountain peaks was a smooth and flat mesa. A man sat on it and silently took in the world.

This man’s dark-red hair was disheveled, and his ears were pointed. His eyes were calm like the boundless cosmos as he sat there as if he were the center of the world.

From his appearance, he looked very similar to Earthlings—only his hair color and ears were slightly different.


Xu Jingming’s consciousness quickly plummeted and fused into the man’s body.

What a powerful body. Xu Jingming couldn’t help but be stunned the moment he possessed it. He strongly felt that the strength this body possessed could crush a mountain with a tap.

Even the natural senses of this body enveloped the entire planet. He could clearly determine…

This planet is almost spherical, with the difference between the maximum and minimum diameters being 36 kilometers. Its mean diameter is 32,627 kilometers. Numbers appeared in Xu Jingming’s mind. The planetary rotation cycle is 92 hours, 37 minutes, 12 seconds.

I can sense the distance in space and the flow of time so sharply? Xu Jingming found it unbelievable.

This planet’s rotation speed has reached 35.612 kilometers per second.

23% of the planet’s surface is covered in oceans, and the rest is land. Almost all the land is covered in forests. There are many animals on this planet that’s suitable for life, but there’s only one human—the existence I’m possessing. Xu Jingming sensed it clearly.

According to the introduction, the possession is to experience a legendary expert in history, Xu Jingming thought. I can clearly sense it during the process, but I can’t control the body.

Huh? Xu Jingming suddenly sensed a disturbance outside the planet, and a spaceship appeared.

The dark-red-haired man, Xuan, suddenly looked up.

A spaceship traversed the void and arrived in the sky above the planet. It was a spaceship that was only slightly more than 30 meters long, and the spaceship was silver-grey in color.

The door to the spaceship opened, and a wizened elder appeared. From his hair and ears, one could tell that he was from the same race as Xuan.

The elder flew out of the cabin and onto the mountaintop platform. He greeted respectfully, “Teacher.”

The elder’s lips moved as he spoke. He spoke in an alien language, but Xu Jingming completely understood what he meant.

“Why are you here?” The dark-red-haired man smiled and looked at the elder. “I said that I don’t want to be disturbed in the final days of my life.”

“Our civilization back home has plunged into terror, and everyone is feeling uneasy,” the elder said. “I knew that I would incur your displeasure, but I still came.”

The dark-red-haired man looked at the elder with a complicated expression. “I still remember that you were only three when you first became my disciple. In the blink of an eye, you’ve aged.”

“I’ve let you down, Teacher,” the elder said respectfully. “What our civilization is most worried about now is losing our council status in the Cosmic Human Alliance after losing you. Our civilization will then lose its say.”

“If it can’t be held onto, give it up,” the dark-red-haired man said. “If you want to hold onto power you can’t handle, you will only crush yourself.”

“Give up…” The elder nodded slightly. “If we give up, our homeworld’s civilization will be a shadow of its former self. Our people won’t be willing to give it up, but I’ll pass on your words.”

The dark-red-haired man also felt exhausted. He had already said what he needed to say, yet his people still wished to obtain more from him.

However, his life was coming to an end.

“I’ll say one last thing to our homeworld’s people: Don’t be obsessed with power,” the dark-red-haired man said eventually. “Only when a civilization is strong can they establish themselves in the Universe’s forest. Alright, you may leave.”

“Teacher, are there any other arrangements?” the elder asked.

“Go back.” The dark-red-haired man waved his hand.

Xu Jingming—who was possessing the body—could clearly sense the omnipresent power; it was the vast power that existed in the universe. Be it the planet under his feet or space, it originated from this power.

With a wave of his hand, the dark-red-haired man stirred this force, sending the elder and the spaceship billions of kilometers away.

Spatial teleportation? Xu Jingming was alarmed from sensing it through his possession. A spaceship can teleport thanks to his strength?

Although he knew that the person he was possessing was a legend, this was too incredible.

The dark-red-haired man thought to himself, I did make arrangements. They will only be activated when my homeworld’s civilization falls into a desperate situation. I’ll be disappointed if you really end up in that state.

I hope to evolve and reach the apex of what’s capable for humanity in the final battle before my life ends. The dark-red-haired man’s eyes burned.

He got up and stretched out his hand, producing a spear.

The spear was 3.2 meters in length and was completely black. Only the tip of the spear suffused a red glow.

Standing on the mesa, the dark-red-haired man began practicing his spearmanship.

He’s started practicing his spearmanship. Xu Jingming immediately took it in carefully and memorized it, unwilling to miss a single detail.

In his possession state, his memory was very good, and he could sense every minute detail of every move.

The dark-red-haired man didn’t move quickly while practicing his spear, and his every move and stance appeared simple. However, Xu Jingming sensed that every strike utilized all the strength this terrifying body possessed. Moreover, it mobilized the vast powers that existed in the universe—the powers that spanned hundreds of millions of kilometers around the planet were utilized.

If his body was 1 on a power scale, the external world’s power would be 10,000.

He used his body to control the external powers and perfectly fused them together. When he used his spearmanship, his might was gathered on the spear.

His surroundings appeared very calm, and the wind continued blowing gently as though the spear didn’t stir much.

However, Xu Jingming could clearly sense it. Once the might of this spearmanship erupted slightly, it could penetrate the entire planet. With just a slight eruption, the entire planet would be pulverized like a toy.

That terrifying? Xu Jingming was terrified. Is this something that can be achieved through human strength alone?

Moreover, from the earlier conversation, he’s some councilor of a Cosmic Human Alliance? Xu Jingming carefully memorized this set of spearmanship.

The spear technique appeared calm, but it was as if it were burning with flames of nirvana. It had been accumulating strength constantly for the moment of eruption.

Xuan practiced his spearmanship three times.

The dark-red-haired man then put away his spear and sat on the ground. His mind was ethereal and thoughtless as his spiritual fluctuations constantly spread out, expanding to wider and wider regions.

Xu Jingming could sense these expanding thoughts sweep past the surrounding planets and even the massive star in the distance. Gradually, it reached the limits of the entire solar system where the star was.

A person didn’t have any fluctuations of thought. His entire body was as silent as the celestial bodies in the sky, and he only naturally emitted mental fluctuations.

This state shocked Xu Jingming; he firmly remembered this state.

He sat on the ground for an unknown period of time, but this legendary figure named Xuan didn’t make a move. Finally, he opened his eyes at a certain moment.

The pouring rain suddenly stopped and dissipated.

“You’re here.” Xuan smiled.

“Yes, I’m here.” A muscular man in metal armor crossed the void and appeared in midair beside the mesa, looking at Xuan.

“Thank you for helping me in my final battle,” Xuan said with a smile. “A battle in reality and a battle that pursues the final step at that which might result in death—now that I’m at the end of my life, I don’t care about that. I’m very grateful that you’re willing to be here.”

The stocky man was about five meters tall, and he had brown skin and a bald head. He stood there like a celestial being that caused space to warp.

“Therefore, I’m wearing armor. I’m afraid of being beaten to death by you,” the stocky man said with a smile.

“Let’s go and fight at the edge of this solar system. This is my favorite planet, and I don’t want it to be destroyed,” Xuan said.

The two of them left the planet together. With every step, they relied on the vast powers that existed everywhere in the universe to traverse a great distance, leaving the planets behind them.

The vacuum poses no threat to them. They can even absorb all kinds of radiation naturally. Xu Jingming could sense it—it was like an ordinary person walking on the street with the sun shining on them. This was how it felt to be walking in outer space.

As for taking one step after another with the help of the vast powers, it was as simple as an ordinary person walking against the wind.

After walking for a while as if they were taking a stroll, the two of them arrived at the edge of the solar system. At this moment, the star looked very small and dim.

The two looked at each other.

Xuan extended his hand, and a black spear appeared in it.

The armored man extended his hands, producing a huge shield and a sledgehammer.

The two of them had made preparations for this battle. This might be the greatest opportunity for them to break through that level in their lives.


The two didn’t say anything and just clashed, delivering fatal strikes..