Chapter 100: Join in Your Doings

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

Chapter 100: Join in Your Doings

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Having found the real culprit with the help of the lie detector, Zhao Yu was shocked yet relieved. Since Liu Pengfei and Lin Meifeng had not had an affair, Lin Meifeng probably had nothing to do with Yu Zhigen’s death! Before, Zhao Yu had struggled with this case because of that idea! Although his instinct told him that Lin Meifeng might be linked to the Slaughter Case, he did not want Lin Meifeng to be the murderer! This pitiful woman had been through so much trauma, and had finally found happiness. How could he cruelly destroy her life?

To be one-hundred percent sure, Zhao Yu asked Liu Pengfei one more question, "Were you hired or pressured by Lin Meifeng to kill Yu Zhigen?"

"No! I…" Liu Pengfei had wanted to say something but Zhao Yu quickly covered his mouth, afraid that the lie detector would be inaccurate if Liu Pengfei’s answer was too lengthy. The green light lit up and Zhao Yu felt a sense of relief. It seemed that Lin Meifeng had nothing to do with Yu Zhigen’s death after all!

"But…" all of a sudden, a sense of doubt snuck into Zhao Yu’s mind. He still felt that something was off. If Lin Meifeng had nothing to do with Liu Pengfei killing Yu Zhigen, then why did Liu Pengfei have a picture of Lin Meifeng in his wallet? Could it be that Li Beini’s guess was correct? Did Liu Pengfei really secretly admire Lin Meifeng?

Zhao Yu wanted to ask more, but five minutes passed and the lie detector stopped working. The tool column in his mind showed that the number of lie detectors had reduced by one; there were only four left! These five lie detectors had been obtained when Zhao Yu solved the Lost Hand Case. His adventure completion rate had surpassed ninety percent! Zhao Yu had not thought much of the tool then, but now it seemed that the lie detector was really powerful! With this tool, even a stubborn criminal who refused to confess would not be able to hide the truth!

Liu Pengfei was sweating profusely and was totally drained. His chest moved up and down as though he was under enormous mental stress.

Miao Ying was very smart. Although she did not have a lie detector, she had already figured out something just from watching the interrogation! " wonder Zhao Yu was so persistent in interrogating Liu Pengfei! Liu Pengfei is linked to another case! And it’s a major murder case!" With this thought, Miao Ying’s dislike towards Zhao Yu suddenly softened a bit. She quickly got her subordinates to inquire about the Uptown Slaughter Case, and at the same time had someone to check on Zhao Yu’s background!

What surprised Miao Ying was that Zhao Yu had initially interrogated Liu Pengfei very actively, but he had suddenly become very quiet and started looking at the files, completely oblivious of Liu Pengfei’s and Miao Ying’s existence.

Zhao Yu’s silence made Liu Pengfei even more scared. Liu Pengfei scratched his head and craned his neck as he broke out in cold sweat. He looked nervous and stiff, fidgeting non-stop on the interrogation chair as though he were on a bed of needles. He wanted to explain to Zhao Yu that he had nothing to do with Yu Zhigen’s death, but the words were stuck in his throat. He was afraid that his explanation would cause more problems; however, the silence had gone on for a few minutes and Zhao Yu still had not uttered a single word, drawing on the paper.

Miao Ying glanced over a few times out of curiosity, but Zhao Yu purposely covered the paper with his hands and refused to let her see. Actually...Zhao Yu had drawn many small tortoises on the paper! The reason why Zhao Yu stopped talking was not because of any psychological tactic, but because the invisible lie detector had stopped and he did not know how to continue the interrogation!

Although Zhao Yu had confirmed that Liu Pengfei was the murderer, he did not have any evidence! No fingerprints, footprints, bloodstains, DNA etc. Without any evidence, he would not be able to get Liu Pengfei to plead guilty!

The current circumstances were also to Zhao Yu’s disadvantage. Miao Ying was watching right beside him, so he could not do anything to Liu Pengfei! But it had not been easy to get the chance to interrogate Liu Pengfei, so he was unwilling to give up.

What should he do? Besides using force, was there any other way to make Liu Pengfei plead guilty? There was no real evidence. Even if he interrogated him for another three days, he would still not admit his guilt! There really was no evidence!

Feeling helpless, Zhao Yu could only start drawing tortoises on the files and think about his next move. A knocking sound came from outside the interrogation room, and an agent walked in and passed Miao Ying some files. Miao Ying had wanted to leave the interrogation room, but she was worried that Zhao Yu might do something extreme, so she just took the files and started looking through them in a corner far away from Zhao Yu.

As the metal door closed, the air in the interrogation room became thicker. Zhao Yu continued drawing tortoises on his file while Miao Ying looked seriously at her files. The two demons totally ignored Liu Pengfei who was in the interrogation chair, which made Liu Pengfei feel even worse. He was restless and extremely terrified. Liu Pengfei knew about the calm before the storm! A dog that bites does not bark loudly! Would misfortune would befall him later?

Fifteen minutes later, Miao Ying finished reading the files. "Oh…" she finally knew all about Zhao Yu. "Interesting, this fella solved two major cases in a row, even caught the culprit himself, and got a city-level reward. He got transferred to the Cold Case Department. It seems like this fella is stubborn and has a bad temper, but based off of the scene he caused earlier, it seems like he’s really persistent! If it had been another person, he would have never put himself in such a dangerous situation just to investigate a case! This fella…" Miao Ying’s contempt for Zhao Yu had softened yet again.

After reading through the information on the Uptown Slaughter Case, her eyes lit up as if she had realized something important. At the same time, Zhao Yu seemed to have thought of something as well and stopped his drawing. He pouted his lips at Miao Ying, signalling for her to go outside with him so they could talk. Miao Ying nodded and the two walked out of the interrogation room. Zhao Yu said to Miao Ying, "Captain Miao, can we discuss something? Can I...ask something?"

"Keke…" Miao Ying smiled with slyness in her eyes, as if she had guessed what Zhao Yu was thinking. "Why? Are you asking me to cooperate with you, and join in on your investigation?"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked! "This is bad! This demoness is so smart! That’s it! After thinking for so long, she guessed what I came up with! This is the end!" he thought.

Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu was feeling despondent, Miao Ying smiled again and pouted her sexy lips as she said, "But...I agree!!!"