Chapter 13: Where’s the Brake?

Chapter 13 of 100 chapters

Chapter 13: Where’s the Brake?

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Life would be much less painful if there were no relationships.

In his old life, Zhao Yu had a passionate love encounter.

The 18-year-old him fell in love with a similarly 18-year-old girl!

Her name was Yao Jia!

Yao Jia was beautiful and one-of-a-kind. She could be compared to a goddess. Her flowing black hair had Zhao Yu head over heels in love with her.

The two of them were madly in love. During the days of their youth, they had created the most beautiful memories, but just like all tragic K-dramas, the result was inevitable.

At the time, Zhao Yu was youthful and rash, and fighting was a daily occurrence. One particularly violent scuffle caused Yao Jia’s leg to be injured, leaving the girl permanently crippled.

Yao Jia’s parents were enraged, and beat Zhao Yu horribly before taking their daughter with them to a different city. The two lovebirds never met again. Even when Zhao Yu was on the executioner’s chair, watching the injection slowly enter his bloodstream, he muttered Yao Jia’s name.

People always love things that they are familiar with. Even her name, Yao Jia, Zhao Yu could not forget in death.

Who knew, who would have known, who could have known?

Zhao Yu’s lost love suddenly appeared in front of him again. She was the owner of the stolen bag!

Seeing his lover again, Zhao Yu felt as if he were alive again (even though he was alive)!

The Yao Jia in front of him was wearing a long pink dress with her hair in a ponytail. Even though she looked more mature now, she was still gorgeous and elegant. Despite her bag having been stolen, her movements were still very ladylike, drawing everyone’s admiration to her.

"Thief! Thief! My bag!" Yao Jia had an agitated expression as she glanced at Zhao Yu from the side of her eyes but did not look directly at him. It was as if deep in her mind, she did not expect the man to help her catch the thief.


Zhao Yu came back to reality, startled. "No way? If it was Yao Jia’s bag that was stolen, then this is a whole different matter! Why am I still standing here?"

Zhao Yu quickly started running after the thief, but saw that the thief had already ran far away. If he just relied on his speed, it would be too difficult to catch up.


But the street was jam packed with cars, even bicycles would not be able to move. There was simply no suitable mode of transportation anymore.

What should he do?

Zhao Yu turned and suddenly saw the large animal--the camel!!

"Huh? There!"

Zhao Yu did not even think twice as he snatched the leash from the owner and hopped onto the camel in one swift motion.


He had rode horses before. He squeezed the camel’s side with his legs, he slapped the camel expecting the animal to move. Yet no matter how he much he struggled, the camel was like a mountain, absolutely immovable.

"Bro, what are you doing?" The owner became nervous, "Get down! You can’t do this!"

"Shut up, I’m the f*cking police!" Zhao Yu roared, "I’m doing my job, can’t you see? Right now, I’m using your camel for public business, tell me how to get it to run! Hurry!"

The loud yell intimidated the camel owner quite a bit. Using some weird method, the owner pinched the camel’s butt. The camel instantly responded, and began dashing forward at top speed.

The sudden acceleration almost caused Zhao Yu to fall off. He quickly held tight to one of its humps, trying not to fall off.

The camel was truly impressive. The wind whooshed by as it ran. It was more exciting than riding a motorcycle.

"Zhao Yu…you…" Li Beini was stunned as she stood on the sideline. She stared for a long while before yelling out, "You…careful…"

Li Beini’s voice did not reach Zhao Yu at all. The camel’s speed allowed them to pass Yao Jia within the blink of an eye.

Yao Jia was also stunned. She raised her head to see the large camel, and Zhao Yu awkwardly riding the camel. The image was out of the world!

The camel ran along the sidewalk. Despite the narrow sidewalk, the camel was surprisingly flexible. It did not decrease in speed at all. Before long, the camel had caught up with the thief.

At first, the thief thought he was safe! But when he turned around, he saw a gigantic mass coming towards him. His eyes bulged out in shock and he started to speed up again.

The camel was just about to catch the bag thief when the thief turned a corner, and fled into an alley.

Zhao Yu pulled on the leash, and the camel turned into the alley in pursuit.

The alley was filled with small shop stands selling pots and pans, snacks, and advertising fortune telling.

The thief was quick on his feet, and easily ran past the small shops. But the large camel could not run through with such ease. Instead, it merely ran into everything in its path, sending stuff flying everywhere!

Within seconds, pots and glass stumbled onto the floor, chairs and tables broke, even the blind fortune teller was flipped into a wall.

The alley was complete chaos and confusion.

Despite this, the camel’s speed did not decrease at all. Finally at the end of the alley, it caught up with the thief. The bag thief was completely exhausted. He panted louder than the camel!

Just as they caught up with the thief, Zhao Yu noticed a huge problem. Crap! He forgot to ask how to stop the camel!

"How…How do I stop?! Stop! Stop!"

Zhao Yu tried many classic braking methods in quick succession, but the camel did not respond at all, and continued barreling forward at lightning speed. Within moments, it had passed the thief and continued forward a few meters.


The bag thief looked up and saw the man riding the camel had not even tried to stop him. He quickly turned around and ran the other way, but was simply too exhausted and could only muster a saunter.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu felt his heart stop. In a moment of helplessness, he pulled fiercely on the leash and made a huge loop at the end of the alley and managed to turn around.

"No way?!" The bag thief wanted to die, but could only clench his teeth and tried to speed up again. This time, Zhao Yu did not give him a chance. When the camel caught up with the thief again, he jumped off in one smooth motion.

Making a magnificent leap through the air, Zhao Yu landed on the thief.

After the chase, the thief had already lost all hope. By the time Zhao Yu got up, he was already raising his hands in defeat.

But Zhao Yu was still angrily ignoring the thief’s declaration of defeat. He punched the thief directly in the face, giving him a black eye, watching as his nose bled profusely.

"Holy sh*t! You dare to run from me!?" Zhao Yu gave the thief a resounding slap across the face, before slumping onto the ground, feeling as if his entire body was about to come apart. The camel was also quite intelligent, having felt the weight vanish from its back, it stopped automatically, and kept looking at Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu gave it a thumbs up, "Thanks, bro!"