Chapter 14: A Classic Old Tune

Chapter 14 of 100 chapters

Chapter 14: A Classic Old Tune

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Zhao Yu’s camel fiasco caused quite the commotion.

In the end, the thief, him and Li Beini, the bag owner Yao Jia, the owner of the camel, as well as the very proud camel itself, were all invited into the police station.

While they were giving their testimonies, the police station nearly exploded from complaints from all of the shop owners in the alley who had their shop wrecked. They were all complaining about the culprit, begging the police to repay their losses. The officers in the station were completely swamped.

Li Beini was worried that Zhao Yu would be forced to pay the reparation fee, and tried her best to resolve the situation.

But at that moment, Zhao Yu did not have any energy to focus on those things. As soon as he entered the station, he could not do anything except stare at Yao Jia.

When an officer came to ask questions, Zhao Yu completely ignored the officer and slapped down his investigator ID on the table. The officer was enraged, thinking it was just a Key Case Investigator abusing his authority!


Zhao Yu’s heart was pounding from finally seeing his gorgeous ex-lover.

"Has God finally taken mercy on me, and gave me a second chance?" The girl looked as beautiful as she was before. Her pure white skin and her stunning face were all exactly the same as when Zhao Yu had been with her.

Zhao Yu had to stop himself from rushing to Yao Jia and embracing her to confess his woes.

He wanted so badly to say, "Love! Do you know? I’ve missed you my entire life! Are you alright? How have you been? Do you still remember me…?"

But his remaining sense of reason stopped Zhao Yu from actually doing so. He knew he had already crossed over. The Yao Jia in front of him looked like his old lover, but was probably not the same person.

The Zhao Yu from before was not the same as the current Zhao Yu.

"She probably doesn’t even know me! The biggest difference in this world is probably that I am standing in front of you, yet you don’t recognize me!"

Zhao Yu stared without blinking as he watched Yao Jia give her testimony. Her name had not changed, she was still Yao Jia. But just like Zhao Yu, her life was very much different from the other world. She was now a nurse in the Downtown Hospital. A head nurse too!

The old Yao Jia would faint at the sight of blood. There was no way she could have become a nurse!

Zhao Yu’s stare already caught everyone’s attention. Even Yao Jia felt like his gaze was unnatural, as her face turned a bright shade of red. After her testimony, she daintily held the bag Zhao Yu worked to get back and coyly walked in front of him to thank him, "Thank you, truly! I didn’t think you were a policeman! If it wasn’t for you…then…" Yao Jia threw a glance at the camel outside, "I would have lost so much!"

"Ah…Hallelujah…" Zhao Yu felt drunk from hearing her very familiar voice, and started swaying like a madman.

Yao Jia clearly had no idea what to do, and could only thank him again, then turned to leave.

"Wait!" Zhao Yu stopped her, holding a sliver of hope, "Yao Jia, Jia Jia! Think carefully, do you remember me?"

"Huh? Do…do we know each other?" Yao Jia was shocked. She examined Zhao Yu up and down, but surely shook her head.

Zhao Yu sighed in his mind, but did not want to give up. He quickly called for Li Beini to come to his side, "Junior, hurry! Call my phone!"

"What?" Not only was Li Beini very confused, Yao Jia was also puzzled, not sure what Zhao Yu meant.

"I told you to do it, so just do it! Hurry up!" Ignoring the sad state of his generic brand phone, Zhao Yu put it in front of Yao Jia.

With Zhao Yu’s constant urging, Li Beini called his phone.

Soon Zhao Yu’s phone rang. Zhao Yu’s ringtone was unusual. The music was one of the ancient classic tunes from the 80s. It was the theme song of the kung-fu drama, "Lu Xiaofeng." The song’s name was "Leaving my sweet dreams."

"Thriving for life within difficulty, with a forceful smile!"

"Ah—Hero, please accompany me in my dreams!"

"Ah—Hero, please leave me my sweet dreams…"

When this old tune played in the lobby, the entire station went quiet. Everybody looked at Zhao Yu as if he were a maniac.

"How’s this, how’s this?" Zhao Yu looked expectantly at Yao Jia, "Do you remember something now?"

"This…" Yao Jia’s eyes were large as she yelled, irritated, "This…what kind of stupidity is this?!"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu exclaimed in his head.

Zhao Yu shook where he stood and nearly fell over. This song was old, but it was Yao Jia’s favorite. Zhao Yu remembered this, which was why it was his ring tone.

Yet the Yao Jia in front of him had no reactions, meaning that she and his ex-lover really were not the same person! Her interests and personality were definitely different from the old Yao Jia.

"Erm…" finally understanding the situation, Zhao Yu hurried and stood up. His expression was much more serious, and he looked like a normal person again. He was very polite as he spoke, "Miss Yao Jia, if you don’t mind, can we exchange contact info?"

"Oh…" Yao Jia showed reluctance, as she was clearly unwilling.

Zhao Yu saw her reluctance, and followed, "If I need to go to the hospital later and such, maybe I can contact you?"

"Oh, oh okay…" Yao Jia finally relented, and pulled out her phone in a hurry. "How about WeChat? This is my QR code, you can scan it!"

"Alright!" Zhao Yu hurriedly turned on his phone, but remembered he did not have any data, so there was no way for him to use WeChat. Zhao Yu’s reaction was very fast, though, as he turned on his camera and snapped a picture of the code, so he could add it later.

"Officer Zhao, honestly, thank you." Yao Jia generously shook Zhao Yu’s hand. "If you really stop by downtown for something, feel free to find me! But obviously I hope you don’t end up hospitalized! Haha…" Yao Jia turned around and left the station.

Zhao Yu watched her leave, feeling the lingering warmth in his hand tugging at his heartstrings.

In that moment, he made up his mind. No matter if the Yao Jia of this world was not the same as the other. No matter what her situation was, married, boyfriend, whatever, he would use any and every method to obtain her!

Everyone could see Zhao Yu’s obsession with Yao Jia. So did Li Beini, who was head over heels for Zhao Yu. Seeing his reaction, she crossed her hands angrily and raised her head up in disdain.