Chapter 15: Like a Ghost

Chapter 15 of 100 chapters

Chapter 15: Like a Ghost

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That afternoon around 4 o’clock, the completion message suddenly started in Zhao Yu’s brain, telling him that today’s adventure was over. The completion rate was seventy-two percent, obtaining him another invisibility device.

Upon opening the item and obtaining it, he saw it was another invisible tracking device, the same as last time!

"What’s this? Why couldn’t it have been something newer, more fun or exciting?"

Despite feeling somewhat disappointed, Zhao Yu finally had the time to ponder about the Miracle System. Up until now, he had used it three times. Despite not fully knowing the rules, he still learned certain things about it.

He pulled out his little notepad and started analyzing the information he recorded.

First, the Miracle System could only be activated once a day, with the ending time unknown. Zhao Yu estimated the ending time had something to do with the completion rate--the faster he finished the adventure, the faster it ended.

Secondly, the adventure was random, and was not really according to his wish. Like today, he had hoped the Miracle System would help him crack the Lost Hand Case, but today’s adventure was mainly meeting Yao Jia, and riding the camel to catch the thief!

Another point is, the difficult words spoken when the Miracle System engages, may have some kind of meaning. Like the third time, it had something to do with destiny, and red string of fate, which appears to be very much related to Yao Jia; and the word about going up and down, seems to refer to him riding on the camel.

Could it be that the complex words’ meaning was alluding to the adventure he would have later?

The words’ theme also seemed to have some sort of meaning. He remembered vaguely the words Gen Dui Gua, and Kan Gen Gua. Kan, Gen, Dui were all words used in the five-element Bagua. Zhao Yu looked them up online, and saw that it was in fact a match.

Kan represented water, Gen represented mountain. "Backfacing water." Zhao Yu vaguely felt that if he could understand the theme and the complex passage, maybe then when he used the Miracle System, then he could drastically increase his success rate.

It looked like he would have to do some more research to completely grasp the System. Once he did, he would be able to use it to his benefit, and do whatever he wanted!

Throwing the System aside, Zhao Yu had to shift all his focus towards the Lost Hand Case. Looking at it now, even if he had the Miracle System, it might not help him solve this case at all.

Not only that, it might even do things like today, adding some random adventure and wasting his time.

"If it’s like this…" Zhao Yu began to think.

After much consideration, he made a brilliant decision. From now on, he would use his own power, and expend all his energy to solve the Lost Hand Case by himself!

He did end up betting after all. Losing and paying 1800 yuan was not a big deal. The important part was losing face. Just so he did not let scum like Liu Changhu get the last laugh, he would have to work hard.

Although he was mostly an amateur at crime solving, having crossed over with no formal knowledge, but in his old gang he had caught many spies. He had some confidence in his ability to catch criminals!

So that night Zhao Yu printed out more of the important records on the Lost Hand Case and brought them all home for research.

His current home was excellent, but it did not have Wi-Fi. The stupid Jiang Dafeng would rather use his own phone data than use in Wi-Fi apparently.

Actually, the reason why he did that was to prevent his daughter Xiaoqing from playing on her phone, which would interfere with her study.

Yet little did he know, his daughter was actually a master hacker. Jiang Xiaoqing had already gotten the password for the neighbor’s Wi-Fi. There was no interference with her games.

Zhao Yu was also very sneaky, and got the hacked password from Jiang Xiaoqing the day he moved in. The internet the two used was from the beauties next door.

Zhao Yu laid all the information on the table, and started researching yet again, wanting to clean up all the information pertaining to the case.

Last year April 22nd, in Qinshan City’s fitness gym’s underground tunnel was where the first incident had taken place.

The woman’s name was Gao Tian, an office worker for a foreign company. She usually lived in the capital, but had come back to Qinshan to watch a music concert.

According to Gao Tian herself, once the concert was over, she was following the crowd through the underground tunnel but was knocked out by someone. When she came to, her right hand was gone.

After the culprit chopped her right hand off, they even gave her first aid to prevent her from bleeding to death.

The strange thing about this case was that after the culprit committed the crime, there was absolutely no evidence. Even with all the surveillance cameras in the fitness gym, there was not a trace of evidence.

The victim had been knocked out despite the fact that the area had been full of people. In addition, there was a lack of light, not to mention, it was late at night and everyone was tired, thus there was no good witness that could help.

At the time, the police mobilized full force to solve the case, yet within five days on April 26th, another Lost Hand Case struck.

The victim this time was Yuan Lili, who Zhao Yu and Li Beini interviewed. Yet Yuan Lili’s circumstances were even more mysterious. She was laying in her own bed when her hand was chopped off!

That day nothing happened, and Yuan Lili had simply finished washing up and went to sleep. Yet when she woke up, her right hand was gone, the shock and terror were expected.

At the time, Yuan Lili was not living in the current high-end district as she was now, but where she had lived also had quite a few surveillance cameras. The weird thing was, no matter how the police searched through the footage, there were no suspicious personnel. They even pulled up the video from seven days before the case and looked through them carefully to no avail.

According to the records, Yuan Lili’s door did have signs or forced entry, but by using forensics methods they realized that the door had indeed not been forced open, but that the culprit had her house key.

Yuan Lili was home alone that day. A few days before, she and her husband had a fight, and she kicked him out of the house. At the time, the police naturally focused on her husband.

But those few days her husband had been out on a business trip. Yuan Lili and her husband had a rocky relationship. After this struggle, it was not a surprise when they divorced.

After Yuan Lili, the Lost Hand Case stopped for a whole year.

Yet the third case suddenly happened again one year later. The date was still April 22nd.

The third case victim was Luo Meina, a classic housewife, her husband, a classic uneducated rich man. That night she attended a party, but on the way back home in her car she was knocked out. When she woke up in the morning, her right hand was gone.

At the time she was laying in her own BMW. The car was stopped in an alley on Jiu He street. The shocked Luo Meina ran out of the car and asked for help from a KFC nearby, and was found that way.

Similar to the two before, other than the BMW being in the surveillance camera, there was not a single sign of the culprit themselves.

According to the field research, the culprit probably laid in wait inside of Luo Meina’s car, then knocked her out once she entered.

Then the culprit drove the car into the alley on Jiu He street, and chopped off Luo Meina’s hand, then put her back in the car.

And then disappeared.

"Holy sh*t…"

Seeing the data that he organized, Zhao Yu could not help but remember Li Beini’s words. This culprit was like a ghost, but he did not think it would be this bad!

"Could it be…this case, is really unsolvable?"