Chapter 16: The Four Gorgeous Neighbors

Chapter 16 of 100 chapters

Chapter 16: The Four Gorgeous Neighbors

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When he woke up the next morning, the first thing Zhao Yu did was pull out a cigarette. He did not want to smoke for the pleasure of smoking--he had an alternative reason. Ever since the Miracle System, Zhao Yu felt a lack of attraction towards smoking. If it were not for getting to play the lottery, he did not really want to smoke at all. He felt, like he had been influenced at least somewhat by the other Zhao Yu.

Today was the "Kan Li Hexagram." Water reigned as fire weakened. The exact words were, "Fire and water coexist. Yin and yang combine. Positive and negative both persist in harmony."

Zhao Yu memorized the words. It meant that the fire element had left the Bagua. This was the first time that had happened. What would he be doing today?

In his previous life, Zhao Yu had always loved pondering needlessly. Despite knowing that there would be a new adventure today, his mind was still focused on the Lost Hand Case. He truly did not want to surrender and let Liu Changhu and others see his embarrassment. He did not believe that there was no way Lost Hand Case could be unsolvable.

After a night of intense research, Zhao Yu realized that in order to solve this entire case, he must use the current case as the launchpad! Because the previous two cases had already been researched thoroughly by the police, there would be no point in doing the research all over again. He planned to ask Team Leader Qu Ping for some information when he got to work in order to see if she had any other news. After all, she was the person in charge of the Lost Hand Case.

He woke up too early, so there was still a long time before work. Zhao Yu had too much time on his hand, so he took out a can of beer and sipped it as he went out on the balcony. This was one of Zhao Yu’s small habits. When he needed to think, he liked to think over a beer.

The balcony on the third floor was about sixty or seventy square-meters. Zhao Yu sat on a chair, thinking intently as he sipped his beer. The warm sunlight poured in from the east. Zhao Yu felt highly satisfied as he enjoyed the warmth, basking his face in the sun’s golden glow.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from the the neighbor’s balcony. The two balconies were originally connected, but were now separated by an anti-theft net. Zhao Yu saw a tall, long haired woman appear on the neighboring balcony. She looked young, at most a little over twenty. She was currently holding the newest iPhone, the speaker under her ear as she listened to messages on WeChat. Shockingly, she only wearing thin, revealing white pajamas. The semi-transparent fabric showed off her beautiful figure. Zhao Yu could clearly see that she was not wearing any underwear.

Regarding the neighboring beauties, Jiang Dafeng really was not kidding. Zhao Yu had just moved in, and only saw them once. They had a room with four people, who were all thin, tall, and beautiful girls. Their figures could be compared to models.

Yet regarding their identity, Jiang Dafeng was off the mark. Zhao Yu could tell with one glance that the neighboring four beauties were definitely not college students. The four of them often went out at night, and most of the time did not return home. How could they be college students?

Due to Zhao Yu’s old job requirements, he often dealt with women like these! He did not need to hear it from them. Just from their posture and expression he could tell that these four beauties were definitely social butterflies in the night district! Despite their youth, the lack of heavy makeup, and brand names, Zhao Yu saw through their innocent appearance with a single glance. So when he saw the figure on the balcony, there was no change in his expression. The desperation he showed with that gold digger in the bar was long lost.

The white pajama beauty already had noticed Zhao Yu. As she listened to her WeChat messages she nodded confidently at Zhao Yu, completely nonchalant about her revealing clothing.

Zhao Yu also politely raised his beer can, then drank a huge gulp with a rise of his head. His motion attracted the beauty’s attention. She put down her phone immediately and asked with some curiosity, "Drinking beer this early in the morning? Um…You’re the newcomer, right? The fatty actually rented the room out?"

Zhao Yu politely nodded, but did not want to talk. Leaning back again, he downed the rest of his beer.

With that, the woman was more interested. She examined Zhao Yu and asked, "What do you do?"

"Investigator! Key Case Investigation Unit!" Zhao Yu’s answer was very brisk. He was not sure why, but he felt a little excited mentioning his job, even a little proud.

"Oh? I couldn’t tell, but you’re a police officer!" The woman’s expression instantly changed. Despite Zhao Yu’s morning stubble, his broad frame and handsome appearance were still very enticing.

"You…" The beauty gaped slightly before remembering to introduce herself, "Hello, I’m Huahua. Mr. Policeman, if I end up in some kind of trouble, will you come and help?"

"Huahua?" Zhao Yu sighed inside, why was her name so boring? "Girl, don’t tell me you’re first name is Bai? Also…has your house never had pets?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. Seeing the woman waiting for his response, Zhao Yu replied without a pause, "Nope!"

Miss Huahua was very surprised by his response. Every man that had met her was desperate to please her, groveling in front of her. Yet the man in front her did not even bat an eye.

"Why?" She asked in a hurry.

"Because…I’m an investigator on the Key Case Investigation Unit!" Zhao Yu stood up slowly with a smirk, and spoke with pauses, "All those I meet, are. Dead. People!!"

Huahua stared hard for a while digesting his words, then forced an awkward smile. Seeing Zhao Yu return to his own room, she crossed her arms and muttered," Insane!"

The truth was, Zhao Yu used dry humor and ended the conversation early not because he did not care to make friends, but because he was worried he could not actively be someone’s friend. He knew social butterflies like Miss Huahua much too well--if you got caught with them, there would only be tragedy. He had seen too many living examples of such. No matter what man, if they fell for that kind of woman, it was like an addiction with no return. In the best case scenario, families were broken. The worst case scenario was complete financial destruction.

When he saw those sorts of situations before, his seniors all sincerely warned him, "Remember, one shouldn’t harm their own neighbors, do not date h*es, especially since she’s under your command. Do not touch!"

Zhao Yu was mindful of his senior’s words, and had no desire to get close to Huahua. But he knew clearly in his mind that today his adventure words were "fire and water mixes, and Ying Yang coexists." Perhaps if he had chatted more with Miss Huahua, he might have been able to date a babe. But if that had happened, the person who fell in the trap definitely would not be Miss Huahua, but Zhao Yu himself!

Of course Zhao Yu had never sworn celibacy. Regarding sex, Zhao Yu certainly was not deprived. If Huahua really was a pure college student, then he definitely would not have let go of such a good chance! Not only that, but Zhao Yu had also just met his old lover. Remembering their everlasting promise from back in their youth, he wanted to return to Yao Jia and fix his old mistake. How could he look at anyone else? Zhao Yu had already decided that once he solved the Lost Hand Case, he would use all his energy to pursue Yao Jia, and find true happiness!