Chapter 17: Even If I Stand Alone, I will Not Fall

Chapter 17 of 100 chapters

Chapter 17: Even If I Stand Alone, I will Not Fall

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"Zhao Yu, what are you trying to say? Do you think we’re all slacking or something?" In the police station building B team office, Team Leader Qu Ping was currently standing there with her arms crossed, mildly angry. Many investigators on the B team surrounded the office, highly interested in seeing what the commotion was about.

"I didn’t mean it like that," Zhao Yu explained. "I just felt that since the culprit cut off Luo Meina’s hand, but didn’t leave any evidence, he must have planned this ahead of time! So he must’ve followed Luo Meina for a long time. I feel like we shouldn’t just focus on surveillance near the time the crime was committed, but also…"

"Alright, Alright," Qu Ping interrupted Zhao Yu immediately, not allowing him to speak. "Zhao Yu! I already know that you and vice captain Liu have that bet! You’re hurrying the case since you don’t want to lose! But…I hope you can understand, the police solving a case isn’t a joke, or justice, but a responsibility! Responsibility, do you understand? You see…" She pointed at the few workers in front of the computer and said, "These few co-workers have already stayed up two whole nights checking the surveillance cameras! They even pulled out the records from the past two months. Are you saying that there is still a need for you to remind them? Also…"

She pointed again at the photos posted all over the whiteboard, "Do you think that over the past few days we’ve been playing? Did you see anyone in the entire team go home? If they weren’t interviewing, they were looking for evidence. We’re using all of our time and effort to solve the case, and not with just our mouths!"

Zhao Yu looked carefully at the investigation whiteboard. It was packed with various information, photos of the victim, background information, and possible suspects. There were also potential relationships, and evidence circled in red. The amount of information was staggering. It was easy to tell with one glance that it had been assembled with a huge amount of effort. It was the first time that Zhao Yu had seen this, and it was news to him. No wonder the police were always on his tail before! These people were so careful. His own photos had probably been posted often on the whiteboards too.

Seeing Zhao Yu spacing out staring at the whiteboard, Qu Ping reflexively stood in front of the whiteboard, blocking it from his view as her expression darkened, "What? Don’t tell me you want information from me? Do you need…my help?"

"What?" Zhao Yu did not think that Qu Ping, as the team leader, would say something so selfish. What did that even mean? Could it be that not only Liu Changhu, but the entire Key Case Investigation group was waiting to laugh at him? Within that moment, Zhao Yu felt that all the investigators around him were smiling evilly at him. He clenched his fist and roared at Qu Ping, "Holy sh*t, you think you’re so great?" He pointed at the whiteboard behind Qu Ping, "You guys were so hardworking, so focused, so capable, yet still didn’t solve the case? God! If you dared to give all that information to me, I’d solve the case before you guys!"

Unexpectedly, his intimidation did not scare any of the investigators, but instead made them laugh. Even Qu Ping was unaffected, she uncrossed her arms and said, "Alright, Zhao Yu! All the information here, take them as you will! Later I’ll tell Liu to make a set of complete information for you, without a single word or photo left out. We’ll see how this great detective Zhao solves the case before us, okay?!"

Hearing Qu Ping’s words, the investigators on team B made even more expressions mocking Zhao Yu.

"Okay, Okay!" Zhao Yu did not care at all. What he truly needed was the newest information on the Lost Hand Case, so he agreed immediately.

When Zhao Yu went back to his office desk holding a whole crate full of investigation materials, the investigators on A team looked at him with bewildered eyes. No one knew what Zhao Yu was thinking. Zhao Yu pulled a whiteboard in front of his office desk, and imitated the other one, putting up stickers and information from his book.

"Hmph! What’s the big deal?" Zhao Yu thought. "Don’t pretend like you guys are the only professionals, I’m not bad either!" In his old life, when he needed to catch a traitor, Zhao Yu had sat in the snow for a whole month. Just sticking pictures on the whiteboard in front of him, how hard could that be?

But it had not even been an hour before Zhao Yu felt completely clueless. He finally understood that sorting through these complex bits of information was not something that everyone could do. Despite all the information in front of him, to transform them into evidence was not as easy as it seemed. There was a need for a sharp mind, and great analytical ability, things Zhao Yu lacked greatly.

Gradually, Zhao Yu felt like he could no longer add to the whiteboard, as if his brain had short-circuited. He sighed and raised his head to see Li Beini’s empty office desk. Where did the girl go? Maybe she could help him with this.

But today was the day to officially conclude the Taser Rape Case. As a member on the information team, Li Beini went with Captain Li to the city police station to report the case. They would be back the next day.

As if his day was not bad enough, just as Zhao Yu came to a screeching halt in his progress, the system in his mind started the finishing message. The system told him today’s adventure was finished; the completion was a pitiful nine percent! With a completion rate like that, obviously there were no rewards.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu checked his watch. The system had not even started five hours ago how come it was already over? Could it be, that the adventure the system had given him had been wasted?

Thinking back on his day, other than talking to Miss Huahua in the morning, he did not even leave the police building. Therefore, it was easy to tell that this time the adventure’s main point was Miss Huahua. If Zhao Yu had not chosen to end the conversation quickly with his dry humor, maybe something would have happened with Miss Huahua. But not getting close to Miss Huahua did not make Zhao Yu feel the least bit of regret. He was only a little frustrated. It seemed like the Miracle System did not intend on helping him solve the Lost Hand Case.

If it continued like this, what could he use to solve this case? To beat the stupid Liu Changhu? He could not rely on the system, and there was no progress on the case. Not to mention, the entire Investigation team was waiting to laugh at him. Even Li Beini was not around. Zhao Yu was completely alone.

But Zhao Yu wasn’t someone who would lower his head so easily, even if the situation was hard. The thought of giving up never crossed his mind.

"It’s just standing alone! Even if I stand alone, I will not fall. I will never give up until the very last second!" he thought triumphantly. "Hmph! Not to mention, there might be some random miracle that could happen! Wait…" Thinking this far, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something, focusing on an exciting possibility. "Oh right. How could I forget ‘it’?!"