Chapter 18: Misfortune Is Here!

Chapter 18 of 100 chapters

Chapter 18: Misfortune Is Here!

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In actuality, despite the peaceful appearance of the Key Case Investigation Unit, hidden underneath was a highly fierce competition.

The rule within the unit was that other than huge cases requiring the two teams to work together, the normal cases were given to individual groups to be taken care of.

Since the Key Case Investigation Unit was split into Team A and B, there was naturally a fair amount of competition. The team with the higher case solving rate not only looked better, but also had a significantly higher annual bonus.

Thus, in order to surpass the other group, the investigators put all their effort in every case. The two team leaders were also highly competitive, not holding back one bit.

Over the last few years the teams had been fairly even, and shared the reward equally for years. But ever since Team Leader Qu Ping had been promoted as the leader of Team B, the situation changed completely. Using her own rich experience and excellent leadership, Qu Ping solved many difficult cases, and within a year, left Team A in the dust.

Last year, Team B investigators were given a whole 5000 yuan bonus over Team A. The people of Team B were ecstatic!

Ever since the start of this year, Team B was even more fierce, already having a huge lead against the other team, leaving Team A even further behind.

Under such pressure, Team A Leader, Mao Wei, obviously carried the biggest burden of all. Yet, despite all of his hard work, he could do nothing about the situation. In the end, not only did he lose to Qu Ping, but during a fierce chase he accidentally fell from a building and ended up in the hospital.

After Mao Wei’s injury, the leadership of Team A was temporarily given to the Vice Captain Liu Changhu. But he could care less about the salary of Team A, and naturally did not bother competing for case solving rates. Every time there was an important case, he pushed it towards Qu Ping.

Team A was even more pitiful than before. All of them were so defeated and ashamed, seeing no way to come back.

Due to Qu Ping’s exceptional performance, the higher-ups also looked favorably to her. Every time there was a large-scale case requiring two teams to cooperate, she was always the leader. Even the people of Team A listened to her instructions.

Since then, Qu Ping’s pride was at its peak, being very satisfied with her achievements. But unexpectedly, during the Taser Rape Case, Zhao Yu had randomly popped in.

Not sure where the guy’s luck came from, but she had not even started when Zhao Yu had already caught the culprit! It was especially shameful because Zhao Yu was part of Team A!

Despite the case being a cooperation, the reward was split, having a member of Team A like Zhao Yu steal all the thunder was something Qu Ping could not accept. She was so irritated that she did not eat simply thinking about it.

Yet, the Lost Hand Case came the following day. Qu Ping obviously could not let go of such a good opportunity in order to redeem herself. She perked up almost immediately, and worked like a machine endlessly and efficiently on the case.

Qu Ping was no stranger to this Lost Hand Case. It was because of this case that she was transferred from a county bureau’s first station to the Key Case Investigation Unit. But this was the first case since her promotion that she could not solve, and had bothered her since.

Now that the culprit appeared again, it excited her greatly, and she swore she would catch the culprit this time. Not only for the victims, but also for her own pride!

Over the past few days, she had worked tirelessly with her team, garnering a huge amount of new evidence, and even making some progress in the investigation. But against the mysterious culprit, it was still like looking for a needle in a haystack.

For some odd reason, facing the jam-packed white board pasted with information, Qu Ping had a feeling that the key to solving the case was right on the board. As long as she could figure out the first step and find that key piece of evidence, the identity of the mysterious culprit would appear.

Yet, right when the team was painfully grueling over the key evidence, Zhao Yu once again appeared to barge into the case, bringing more misfortune with him.

Although she had finally gotten rid of the guy by sacrificing her giant crate of information, Zhao Yu floated back to her yet again for some reason.

Zhao Yu walked around the office with his hands behind his back as if investigating something. As he shuffled through the team B office, he completely ignored all the hostile eyes around him.

"Zhao Yu?!" Qu Ping’s tone was a bit more than annoyed, "What are you doing back here? To sabotage us? Didn’t I already give you all the evidence you wanted?"

After the long competition, the members of Team A and B almost felt a little like enemies. Despite only being separated by a wall, the two groups rarely visited each other. Seeing Zhao Yu come with clear ill intent, Team B prepared for the worst, guarding against him as if guarding against a thief. Just in case he stole or broke something!

"Nothing, hehe…Nothing!" Zhao Yu giggled a little at Qu ping, "You do you, I’m just here to tell that one guy something. Just now he said he was sending me the BMW surveillance camera things, I don’t need it anymore! I already got too much evidence, can’t use it all, hehe…that’s it, go do your work now…I’m going! No need to send me off!" After that, Zhao Yu strutted out slowly.

For some reason, seeing Zhao Yu’s receding figure, the members of Team B felt as if an immense weight had been lifted off of their shoulders. Even Qu Ping let out a sigh of relief.

Returning to his own desk and sitting down, Zhao Yu giggled non-stop, almost like a monkey. The investigators of Team A saw and shook their head, thinking Zhao Yu went even crazier.

In reality, little did they know that Zhao Yu had not merely walked into Team B’s office for fun, but had planted a bug!

This was the Key Case Investigation Unit Office. Naturally there were many measures against bugging, but Zhao Yu’s bug was the cream of the crop, completely invisible. How could it be detected?

When Zhao Yu was in Team B’s office, he controlled the Invisibility Eavesdropper within his mind, easily placing it on the whiteboard.

The entire process from set-up to implanting was completely invisible. Other than Zhao Yu himself, no one could see it!

After the implanting process, a button suddenly appeared in Zhao Yu’s mind which could be controlled with his mind. Once turned on, Team B investigators’ conversations could be heard very clearly.

"Hehehe…" Zhao Yu smiled sneakily. Team Leader Qu had never expected this, right? This is called ‘there’s always someone better’, I’ll slip past your every guard!

Originally Zhao Yu truly had not expected that his first time using the system items would be on his own people, but this time they forced his hands. It was their fault for looking down on him!

"Hehehe…" Hearing talking coming from Team B’s office, Zhao Yu was very excited. He was planning more misdeeds. Once Qu Ping saw a possible suspect, or locked on the culprit, then he would be one step ahead of them. He’s going to catch the culprit and take all the glory!!