Chapter 2: Miracle System

Chapter 2 of 100 chapters

Chapter 2: Miracle System

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Zhao Yu’s words instantly made the entire office deathly silent.

The group of investigators who were ready to start working all froze in place, staring at Zhao Yu in disbelief.

In their eyes, the man must have been crazy. Captain Jing was the top brass of the Key Case Investigation Unit. The investigation plan had already been set in motion, yet Zhao Yu was suddenly asking for the day off? Not only that, but to say it so boldly, how foolish could he be?

Besides, even if it really was some kind of emergency, there was no need to bother Captain Jing about it; usually just letting a Group Leader know would suffice. To ask for work leave from the Captain himself as Zhao Yu had done was no different than taunting the Captain.

And of course, hearing Zhao Yu’s discurtious tone, Captain Jing’s expression darkened immediately.

"Oi…" Vice Captain Liu Changhu jumped at the opportunity. The man tilted his head and yelled, "Zhao Yu, are you crazy? Looks like your recent promotion to an official officer has gone to your head. Don’t you see everyone’s trying their best to catch the criminal?! To ask for the day off right now, how could you face yourself?"

With vice-captain Liu’s words, other investigation members also began taunting him, pointing fingers at Zhao Yu in dissatisfaction.

Captain Jing only shook his head in annoyance before turning and leaving the lobby.

"You see?" with the captain gone, Vice Captain Liu was even more conceited. Pointing a finger at Zhao Yu, he laughed coldly, "Zhao Yu, kiddo, you’re just being foolish now. Asking for a day off just because you are feeling under the weather? Where are you uncomfortable? Cramps? Do you need someone to buy you some pads?"

Vice Captain Liu’s words became increasingly crass. The lobby rang out in laughter with his words.

But suddenly, among the laughter, Zhao Yu unexpectedly picked up a glass full of coffee and threw it straight at Liu Changhu’s head!

Liu Changhu was caught off guard by the projectile, and quickly held up his hand to brace against it, but even though he blocked the glass cup, the boiling coffee spilled all over him.

The cup smashed into pieces as it fell onto the ground.

"Zhao Yu, have you gone mental?!" Liu Changhu’s rage flared. He was about to point at Zhao Yu and give him a lecture when Zhao Yu charged at him; like a beast, he roared and rammed straight into Liu Zhang-Hu with his shoulder, sending the vice-captain flying back.

Liu Zhang-Hu’s back crashed harshly into the whiteboard, sending the object rolling back a fair distance.

"F*ck off, stupid po-po!" Zhao Yu pointed right at Liu Changhu and cursed wildly, "Liu, I’ve already tolerated you for far too long! Who the hell do you think you are? Didn’t you say you like coffee? Had enough yet?"

Zhao Yu’s sudden outburst stunned all the investigators around him. No one expected it. The usually mild-mannered Zhao Yu, how did he become so violent?

"Zhao Yu, you, you maniac!" As the vice captain of the Key Case Investigation Unit, how could Liu Changhu tolerate such disrespect? His face was like a tomato as he got to his feet again, ready to fight with Zhao Yu.

Yet Zhao Yu was the strongest strongman around; he had little to fear as he stepped forward, prepared for the death brawl.

At this time, other investigators could no longer stand and watch, they all quickly stepped forward to stop the escalating situation. However, everyone only wanted to please the vice captain, trying to restrain Zhao Yu and letting the vice captain take a few swings at Zhao Yu to save the vice captain’s face.

Yet against their expectations, Zhao Yu’s strength was unbelievable. With just a swing of his arm, the investigators, who were all physically fit, were all sent flying to the side. Someone even slammed into a cubicle, sending a computer crashing into the ground, breaking the monitor.

Within moments, the office was filled with chaos. Even group leader Qu Ping stepped forward to try to diffuse the situation. Li Beini hurried towards Zhao Yu instead.

"You stupid po-pos!" Zhao Yu roared, pointing a finger at the crowd, "All the times you’ve abused me, I remember them all! I’m warning you now, if anyone still has the nerve to mess with me after today, don’t blame me if I don’t hold back!"

Zhao Yu’s violent words had Zhao Beini frozen in fear. All the investigators were in a state of confusion. No one could figure out why the previously gentle and meek Zhao Yu had become so wild.

"Zhao Yu!" Liu Changhu’s lips were shaking in anger. "You, I see you don’t want to work here anymore!"

"Who the hell cares?!" Zhao Yu’s eyes bulged as he shouted back in disdain, "This is the Key Case Investigation Unit? Blah! Me being a po-po, I can’t even face the shame!"

Finishing his outburst, Zhao Yu pushed up his sleeves, even whistling a little as he made his way out of the office. As he exited, he purposely slammed the security door harder than he needed to, making the entire office shake for a while.

Only after he had been gone for some time did someone dare to speak out weakly, "Did Zhao Yu go wrong in the head? What police officer calls themselves po-po?"

"Yeah! He was so gentle before, how did he turn out like this? Almost like some kind of thug!"

"Zhao…Zhao Yu…" Vice Captain Liu was shaking in anger. He grinded his teeth as he yelled, "You! Just you wait!"

Sending the police station into a state of chaos gave Zhao Yu great satisfaction, but the confusion in his mind did not cease.

He was not sure how he crossed into such a regular world? Not only that, what happened to the Zhao Yu that had his body stolen? In this kind of situation, did it count as possession, or reincarnation?

The new memories told him that the Zhao Yu of this world had the same birthday as himself, was born in the countryside, had aged parents, and a poor living situation.

The two had the same starting point, but as they grew, they walked two completely different paths in life.

One chose to fight and die in the streets, becoming a street thug; the other excelled in school and entered the Public Security University of China, becoming a proud member of the society, and then a policeman.

This sort of crossover was beyond ironic. Before, he was always tailed by the police, but his role had reversed completely. Now he was a police officer himself.

"Don’t tell me. I will have to chase down other thugs with a gun now?" Thinking far ahead, Zhao Yu couldn’t help but contemplate his own future. Now that he had crossed over, what was he supposed to do? Should he leave the police and go back to his thug life? Or keep his job, and have a stable income?

Thinking back and forth, Zhao Yu quickly came to a brilliant decision, "Screw it all, first things first, to celebrate the successful crossover, let’s enjoy life for the moment!"

Before his execution, he had to sit in jail for two whole years. It had been a long time since he had lived freely. He was not exactly hungry right now, but there were other bodily needs he craved.

And so, Zhao Yu waved down a cab, planning on having some fun in the red-light district. First, take care of his own bodily needs; other problems he could worry about later.

The car engine started up with a hum, Zhao Yu saw a pack of smoke besides the driver, and took one without even asking, dangling it in his mouth.

The driver was fairly gracious too, even handing Zhao Yu his lighter.

Zhao Yu clicked the lighter on and lit his own cigarette. But only inhaling once, he started coughing violently as if he was choking.

Zhao Yu felt like he was going to cough his own lungs out, the feeling was unbelievably unpleasant.

"Jesus Christ!" The man cursed to himself. Could it be that the Zhao Yu of this world had not even smoked before?

Unexpectedly, he barely finished his thoughts when he felt a rumbling in his mind, followed by a clear, androgynous voice speaking out suddenly, "Miracle System successfully engaged, randomizing."

"What the hell was that?" Zhao Yu turned to the cab driver, but the driver’s blank expression told him that he had no idea what Zhao Yu was talking about.

Zhao Yu suddenly realized, only he could hear the voice just now.

"Gen Dui Hexagram" The voice in his mind was loud and clear, "‘Gen’ for mountain, and ‘dui’ for lake. Lake in the mountain, not hard to find. You are blessed. Good luck with come. Take it easy."

The words were spoken quickly, and stopped within a few seconds, returning to silence.

Zhao Yu gaped, he didn’t remember a single word of what was said. "What the hell was that?"

Why were there voices in his head?

‘Am I going crazy? Wait!’ Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered the first few words, "Miracle System!"

"Miracle System?! Oh!" Zhao Yu finally remembered the familiar routine, in all the crossover dramas he had watched, there were always some magical system that appeared. Using this system, promotions, and escaping crimes were all easily achievable!

‘Aha…Holy Sh*t!’

He had obtained the Miracle System?

"But…This Miracle System…what does it do?"