Chapter 20: The Unfortunate Bros

Chapter 20 of 100 chapters

Chapter 20: The Unfortunate Bros

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Apparently. after an entire afternoon of investigation, Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan had finally figured out why the cameras couldn not see the BMW’s driver. After the forensic department’s repeated investigation, they saw that on the inside of the BMW’s windshield, there were signs that something had been stuck on it with glue.

Testing showed that the residue of glue had been left by some sort of glass stickers. The professionals in the forensics department suspected that on the day of the crime, the culprit probably had done something to the windshield. He may have used some sort of one-way mirror. After taping it to the windshield, one could only see from inside, but no one could look in from the outside.

Although some expensive car films could have similar effects, there was no way for it to be as opaque as it was on the BMW on that day, to the point where the driver’s silhouette could not even be discerned.

So, the culprit must have used some sort of special tape. In the end, after endless work from the forensics department, they finally found the brand of the film. Unexpectedly, this sort of one-way film was used by magicians for magic tricks! They were used during grand illusions to increase the effects. This sort of material was very special. Currently it was not produced within China, and could only be imported from another country.

"If you ask me…" Liang Huan saw there were not many people in the room and lit a cigarette, lowering his head and taking two deep puffs, "This Lost Hand Case is pretty much solved! The senior told us that the more effort the culprit put into making this a perfect crime, the more evidence is left behind. This time is definitely life that."

"Why?" Zhao Yu was curious.

"If the sticker material is that special, once we look up the source, no matter if it was bought online or in-person, we can find the target right away!" Liang Huan blew out a smoke ring. "Zhao…If you ask me…your whiteboard is full of shenanigans. It’s useless!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu thought carefully. It seemed that a perfect crime was not that easy to achieve. The more there was to consider, the more mistakes you could make. If the culprit was caught because of the glass film, he would have many regrets. If it was like this then Qu Ping must have already grabbed ahold of this evidence. "Alright, I’ll monitor them, and move right away once the target appears."

At this time, Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan cleaned up the office, and pulled out some documents. They put on their jackets, ready to leave!

"What? Is it time to leave?" Zhao Yu looked at his watch, there was still about an hour before it was time to leave work.

Liang Huan smiled, "If it wasn’t for Team Leader Qu’s orders, we would’ve already gone home!"

"Zhao," Zhang Jingfeng patted Zhao Yu on the shoulder, "don’t work too hard. Even if we work as hard as we want, in the end the reward for solving the case just goes to Team Leader Qu and Team B! Just rest up, come on, how about we go play some pool?"

Zhao Yu examined the two in front of him, and felt rather conflicted. It looked like every police officer was also different. At least the two in front of him were not that serious about their job. No wonder the higher-ups transferred them to the long term Cold Case Investigation Group!

"It’s fine…I…I have something to do, you guys go!" Zhao Yu was currently busy with the case at hand. How would he have energy to go play pool?

"Alright," Zhang Jingfeng tilted his head, "we’ll go play then! Once we get transferred to the traffic department, we probably won’t get to play that much!" The two gathered their belongings and got ready to leave.

"Wait," Zhao Yu suddenly remembered something and asked in a hurry. "Right, you guys were looking at that murder case, how goes it? The one from 10 years ago? Did you guys find his wife?"

Liang Huan sighed heavily. "Don’t even mention it!" Being reminded of the Uptown Murder case, Liang Huan quickly lit another cigarette. "Nothing but dead ends! We did find the victim’s wife, but Zhang almost got murdered by her current husband!"

"What do you mean?" Zhao Yu was interested.

But right at that moment, a female investigator walked by. When she saw the three of them she immediately started yelling, "Liang Huan! What kind of attitude is this? Put out the cigarette!"

"Okay, Okay…" Liang Huan immediately threw away his cigarette, then muttered to himself, "Fierce woman..."

"This is the worst thing about cold cases!" Zhang Jingfeng continued the conversation. "Think about it, the victim’s wife finally returned to normal, made a new family, and even had kids. Then we come in and rub salt in the wound. Who would like that?"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu shook his head, "So you’re telling me, you guys got kicked out before you even got to investigate?"

"Not really," Liang Huan took over the conversation, "This was work after all! We’re working for the people! With some persuasion, we managed to get some information. But the wife told us the same thing as before, the victim was a terrible person with a lot of enemies. People often broke their windows, and their door would be vandalized with paint. Other than that, nothing new!"

"Actually, according to the neighbor’s testimony, the victim had a huge temper, and often hit his wife when he was angry," Zhang Jingfeng continued. "If you ask me, his wife couldn’t wait for him to die!"

"Then…another lover? Possibly?" Zhao Yu asked. He really wanted to know if his guess was right or not.

"Definitely not!" Liang Huan answered definitively. "We already read through the huge amount of evidence, and even found some witnesses. The victim’s wife was abused by the victim. Forget a lover! Every day, she was almost afraid to leave the house! Her and the current husband also met two years ago! Before that, she was single."

"Hitmen are even more out of the question!" Zhang Jingfeng answered. "The two were insanely poor, with nothing but debt. They wouldn’t even be able to shell out five bucks!"

"This is the same as before. Just like a huge loop, we’re back to the start again," Liang Huan said. "Other than getting hostility, we didn’t learn anything! In the end, we are still going to end up directing traffic on the street!"

"Bro!" Zhang Jingfeng spoke emotionally to Zhao Yu. "Remember, no matter what method, don’t ever end up on this team! This is basically a hole. There’s only in, no out. You take care of yourself, we can go now!"

Zhang Jingfeng waved his hand, Liang Huan followed, and the pair of unfortunate guys left side by side. Watching their backs walk further and further away, Zhao Yu felt some sort of sadness for them. After a few years, would he end up like them too?

"No way!" The stubborn Zhao Yu woke himself up again. No matter what, he would definitely not lose the chase for the Lost Hand Case.