Chapter 22: Be My Dad

Chapter 22 of 100 chapters

Chapter 22: Be My Dad

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Zhao Yu realized that all of the hands were missing! It was the same for all three victims--their chopped off hands had been missing at the scene of the crime, and were still missing. Without a doubt, the hands must have been taken away by the culprit!

But why did the culprit take them?

According to Zhao Yu’s understanding, the culprit might have thought kept the hands as trophies! He would keep his trophies, and in future, every time he looked at the victims’ hands, the hatred inside him would lessen.

This behavior was very similar to some of the feuds that Zhao Yu had experienced, so he felt that these Lost Hand Cases was some form of revenge. The culprit's targets might have been chosen purposely, not randomly.

Zhao Yu deduced that the victims might have previously offended the culprit, whether intentionally or unintentionally, so the culprit chopped off their hands to take revenge on them!

But…what kind of hatred could have caused the culprit to decide to chop off their hands? Also, why was it the right hand and not the left hand?

Like previous investigations, after thinking about it from this perspective, Zhao Yu soon arrived at a dead end.

The investigations had shown that the victims did not have any black marks or offended anyone. According to their colleagues, neighbors, and relatives, they had good reputations and were not the kind of people who caused trouble. Moreover, the three did not know one another, and their paths had never crossed. Why would they have anything to do with that sick and cruel crime?

The truth...what was it exactly? Who was the one who chopped off their hands?

While thinking, Zhao Yu seemed to have fallen into a repetitive maze, unable to get out. Gradually, his head got heavier. He could not even hear the sound from the listening device clearly, let alone think about the case.

Fortunately, Zhao Yu did not forget an important thing, which was to activate the miracle system in his brain.

Since it was past midnight, it was a brand new day, so he should be able to do another calculation! Taking out a cigarette and lighting it, a loud cough suddenly came from Team A’s office.

At dawn, Zhao Yu was awakened by the alarm from his own mobile phone.

"Ah, Hero, please chase the dream with me…"

Zhao Yu was startled and suddenly sat up straight! It was only then that he realized he had not gone home last night and had fallen asleep on the table.

"Oh yeah…" he suddenly recalled last night before sleeping. He seemed to have activated the miracle system and did a calculation. What were the words? Was it "Gen Li Gua" or was it "Gen Xun Gua?"

He could not stop scratching his head. He did not even remember the title, let alone the words! He had been so tired that night that as as soon as he had closed his eyes, he fell asleep.

"Ah, Hero, please chase the dream with me..." The mobile phone was still vibrating on the table.

Zhao Yu unlocked his phone and was surprised to see that the call was from Jiang Xiaoqing, the daughter of his landlord Jiang Dafeng.

He looked at his watch. It was past seven, so she should have been in school by this time. "Why is she calling me?" he thought.

Zhao Yu did not want to answer, but the phone was ringing non-stop. He was afraid that Jiang Xiaoqing might have something important to tell him, so he pressed the answer key.

"Phew, you finally picked up the phone!" Jiang Xiaoqing sounded relieved, "Well...where are you? It seems like you did not come back last night? I left you a message on WeChat, did you see it?"

"I had to work overtime! What’s up?" Zhao Yu answered curtly.

"…" Jiang Xiaoqing sounded awkward and seemed to have something difficult to say.

"Speak quick! I have cases to settle!" Zhao Yu got impatient. He hurriedly switched on the listening device to check if Qu Ping and her team had any new developments.

"How about this...I can’t speak clearly over the phone, I’ll be reaching your unit soon, could you come out for a while?" Jiang Xiaoqing sounded anxious and spoke very fast.

"Oh please, I’m really settling serious stuff!" Zhao Yu became more impatient, "If there’s anything, can’t we talk tomorrow?"

"It would be useless tomorrow!…" Jiang Xiaoqing seemed to have mustered up her strength before saying loudly, "Didn’t you say that we are partners? Now that I am in trouble, you should help me out. We agreed on that right?"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu started to worry. He was worried that someone might have discovered the stolen number incident and said hastily, "Alright, alright...I’m scared of you! I’ll go out now, will that do?"

After ending the call, Zhao Yu did not rush out of the office. He switched on the listening device and checked on Team B’s situation, but there was only silence.

He was unsure if there had been a change in the situation. He ran to the corridor in a hurry, leaned on Team B’s window, and looked inside. Upon looking inside, he felt relieved.

He saw Team B’s members were all like him, sleeping on their office tables! Only team leader Qu Ping was still standing in front of the whiteboard, thinking deeply about the case.

It was good that they had not solved it yet! Zhao Yu felt completely at ease. It was only then that he tidied his hair and clothes, and walked toward the main gate of the police station.

When he arrived, Jiang Xiaoqing was already waiting there, dressed in her school uniform. In the breeze, the young lady’s thin physique was even more obvious. With tight lips and dodgy eyes, she looked very nervous.

Zhao Yu saw and pulled her hastily into the alley at the side, "Speak, why are you looking for me?"

While talking, Zhao Yu saw a bottle of unopened cola at the side pocket of the young lady’s school bag and took it without any hesitation. He opened the bottle and started drinking.

The young lady was still thinking about her own problem and did not bother about the cola. She opened her mouth a few times and finally mustered enough courage to speak to Zhao Yu.

"Could my dad for today, okay!?"

"Aeerruucckkk!" Zhao Yu spit out the cola. He did it so quickly, that some came out from his nose. "Horkkhorkk...horkkhorkk…" Zhao Yu looked terrible, coughing and using his sleeve to wipe his face.

"There’s a parents meeting this morning, and all parents have to participate. I can only find you!" Jiang Xiaoqing said hastily, "If my dad goes, I’ll be dead!!"

"Stop!" Zhao Yu was perplexed, "You...I...your dad? Am I that old? Can’t I be your brother?"

"You can only be my dad!" Jiang Xiaoqing said seriously, "I’ve already intercepted my dad’s mobile phone information and copied it to your phone. My teacher won’t be able to tell!"

"Holy Sh*t…" Zhao Yu was about to kneel down, "Big Missy, should I give you a job at the police station! You’re so professional?"

"Please!" Jiang Xiaoqing begged, "The parents meeting starts at eight o’clock, I’ll pay for the cab fare okay?"

"Enough!" Zhao Yu shouted with a stern face, "If your real dad knows about it, I’ll be chased out of the house, do you know that? Why don’t you hire a person! It’s impossible for me to go. Let me be frank, I really have an important case to investigate today! Get going, quick! Quick! If not, you won’t be able to make it in time for the bus!

Zhao Yu had lost his appetite for the cola. He closed the cap and gave it back to her.