Chapter 4: Invisible item

Chapter 4 of 100 chapters

Chapter 4: Invisible item

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Could there really be such a coincidence in the world?

Zhao Yu tried to convince himself otherwise--he was probably thinking too much. There was no way. He had just finished listening to the briefing for the Taser Rape Criminal Case, and had he really seen the culprit himself?

Those kind of odds must be smaller than winning the lottery!

Zhao Yu held the wine glass in his hand, yet he could not drink properly at all. The man in the windbreaker was just too suspicious!

Baseball cap, lowered head, gloomy expression, and that suspicious feeling.

Zhao Yu thought about group leader Qu Ping’s case briefing. The Taser Rape Case victims were all females with questionable habits. It fit that gold digger perfectly.

Not only that, but the culprit’s face had been scratched, and the man in windbreaker was covering his face with his collar. Could it be?

Could it really be that the male in the windbreaker was the Taser Rapist?

Having come to that thought, Zhao Yu could no longer sit around. He figured even if he was wrong, he still had to take a look. He put down his wine goblet and quickly went in the direction where the male with the windbreaker had run off to.

The bar exit was a plain, small iron door, similar to the entrance. Zhao Yu rushed out and immediately emerged into a narrow, dark alley.

It was already 10:00 at night, and the alley was deathly quiet. Zhao Yu looked both ways. Using the moonlight, he quickly saw the shadow of someone fleeing past on his right.

"Huh?" Zhao Yu paused for a moment, even more suspicious now. He quickly ran in that direction.

Chasing and being chased were both Zhao Yu’s previous specialty. Not only was he fast, but he was also light on his feet, and there was no sound in his pursuit.

The shadow had disappeared to another small and dark alley. The alleyway headed straight towards the parking lot.

When Zhao Yu walked past a green trash can, he suddenly saw someone on the ground. It was the rich man who had just left with the gold digger.

But right now, he was lying face up, completely out cold.

‘Holy sh*t!’ Zhao Yu was stunned. By the way the man laid stiffly on the ground, Zhao Yu was eighty percent sure that the man had just been knocked out with a taser!

If the man was already tasered, then what about the woman?

Zhao Yu lowered his head and stared into the darkness. He could not see anything, but he heard shuffling from around a corner somewhere ahead.

‘Holy Mother of Jesus!’

Had he really hit the bullseye?

Zhao Yu couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. He looked to the side again and conveniently noticed a short rod, which he picked up.

He tiptoed towards the corner nervously, and poked his head out. He suddenly saw the man in the windbreaker from the bar on the ground messing with something.

Taking a closer look, Zhao Yu could see the gold digger was already knocked out on the ground, and the male in the windbreaker was hurriedly removing her clothing!

Zhao Yu’s eyes bulged. There was no question now. What was happening before him explained everything. The Taser Rapist that the police were trying so hard to catch was currently right in front of him!

"Alright, kiddo!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. "Meeting me here today, you should count yourself unlucky! It’s time to eliminate the enemy of the public!" Beating people up was Zhao Yu’s specialty. He moved forward in one swift step, and before the man in the windbreaker could react, Zhao Yu slammed the stick into the back of his head.

Zhao Yu was strong to begin with, but he was even more forceful using the rod. With a loud clacking sound, the stick had even broken in half!

The man in the windbreaker had not expected the ambush, and jumped up in surprise. He then glared at Zhao Yu with a look of immense evil, the taser in his hand rattling menacingly.

"No way?!" Zhao Yu thought. He was thunderstruck, and stared blankly at the man in the windbreaker. "How can it be that the man is unharmed? Was his skin made of iron or something?"

But the man in the windbreaker glared at Zhao Yu for two more seconds, then his eyes rolled backwards, his legs gave out, and he fell to the ground completely out cold!

Zhao Yu let out a long breath of relief, then quickly pulled out his phone.


An hour later, Zhao Yu was back in the police station office.

Right now, the office was in even more commotion than before. All the investigators were nervously waiting for comparison results.

Li Beini’s cute, large eyes were wide as she gave a thumbs up, "Senior, you’re amazing! To catch the criminal singlehandedly! So, when you said you wanted the day off, was it to hide your true intention? Tell us, did you already find the information about the criminal long ago?"

He was not sure why, but Zhao Yu felt nothing for cute girls like Li Beini. Maybe it was her lackluster figure, or that she looked too young, or maybe too average?

Seeing her talking nonstop, Zhao Yu was somewhat annoyed and spoke up, "Can you go make some coffee for me?"

"Sure! Sure!" Li Beini could not have been happier as she ran towards the break room.

At this time, Liu Changhu spoke to no one in particular, "Hmph, don’t be too happy too early! We’re still not sure whether we caught the criminal or not! If it was a mistake, someone’s in big trouble!"

The words were clearly directed at Zhao Yu, but right now, Zhao Yu was exhausted, and simply ignored him.

But right as Liu Changhu finished, group leader Qu Ping excitedly ran into the lobby and exclaimed, "Comrades! The results are out: blood and urine both match, as does the taser type. We can assuredly say that this person is the culprit of the Taser Rape Case! Case closed!"

Hearing this, the office broke out in clapping, some happy, some excited, and some jealous, but everyone’s eyes all turned towards Zhao Yu.

Just an hour ago, Zhao Yu had fought with the vice captain over asking for the day off. No one could have expected that only an hour later, the person who solved the case so quickly was also Zhao Yu!

Everyone was definitely confused. Everyone wondered what kind of method Zhao Yu had used to catch the culprit.

"Yay! That’s great, officer Zhao!" Li Beini placed the coffee in front of Zhao Yu, complimenting him excitedly, "Congratulations! Once you get your reward money, don’t forget to invite us out for some food!"

"Reward money?" Zhao Yu thought back, indeed, the investigation unit had a rule. Usually the officer who caught the criminal would be awarded prize money based on the situation. Not only that, but it would also be recorded in their records, greatly helping them with promotions or exams later on.

‘There’s money to be made catching criminals? Good! Good!’ The side of Zhao Yu’s mouth tilted up, and he threw a glance at Vice Captain Liu. Liu Changhu was unhappy to begin with. Seeing Zhao Yu taunt him, he crossed his arms, no longer speaking.

"The culprit’s taser was modified by himself. The voltage goes up to 30,000 volts which can instantly knock a person out!" Group leader Qu Pin continued, "The culprit’s name is unknown. We only know that he is a high school student, but he could’ve stopped going to school. Due to the injury, the culprit is currently in the emergency room while under surveillance, and currently cannot be questioned. Little Zhao, your attack was a little too strong!"

"What? Too strong? You’ve already said it! A 30,000 volt taser. How could I not?" Zhao Yu spoke confidently, "If I didn’t knock him out, I could’ve been the one in trouble!"

"The doctor said because of that one hit, he probably will take two to three days to regain consciousness!" Qu Ping smiled, having no intention of blaming Zhao Yu. She turned to Liu Changhu and requested, "Vice captain, tonight we need someone on duty at the hospital, can you arrange it?"

Liu Changhu nodded, but his eyes lit up and he hurriedly turned to Zhao Yu. "Alright then, little Zhao, since you caught the guy. Tonight, how about you work a little more and guard the culprit too?"

"Ahhh," Zhao Yu simply ignored him, stretching instead, then spoke lazily, "I’m tired, you guys can do whatever! I already caught the culprit for you guys. I’m going to go and take a good nap now. Ah-ha."

"You!" Liu Changhu’s face twisted in anger. "Zhao Yu, this is a police station, we have our rules, what kind of attitude is that? What? You caught a criminal, and now you’re the king of the world? Hmph! If you ask me, you probably just got lucky, so what’s there to be proud of? Oh right, just before, who was it that said they didn’t care about being a police officer? Who-"

Liu Changhu was talking excitedly, but faltered when he saw Zhao Yu grab his glass cup, still filled with coffee. He flinched, then reflexively backed way, ducking behind the side of a cubicle.

Zhao Yu picked up the glass cup quickly, but raised it to his mouth and took a gulp, having no intent of throwing it.

With this, Liu Changhu felt even more awkward hiding behind the desk.

Zhao Yu had wanted to tease Liu more, but as the coffee entered his stomach, a clear, crisp voice suddenly spoke, "Today’s Adventure was completed. Completion rate: seventy-five percent. Congratulations, obtained one invisible item, please accept!"