Chapter 43: Could I make it?

Chapter 43 of 100 chapters

Chapter 43: Could I make it?

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"Police Officer! What’s up?" The elderly woman saw Zhao Yu’s reaction and was excited and nervous. She asked as she stood by the door, "Are these the things you needed? My daughter is a good person. You have to protect her well!"

Zhao Yu was still in a state of shock and confusion as he ignored the woman’s inquiry. Not only did he carefully read the document with the photo of the grave, but he also made sure to read through all the information regarding Shao Lulu!

As with the last few cases, Li Dan had already done extensive research and planning for her next act! The place with the collapsed grave was the key to her current plan!

As it turned out, the person in the grave on the document was Shao Lulu’s father! Her father had passed away many years ago due to a sudden illness. Returning to his roots, his body was buried in his family’s ancestral graves. Had Li Dao dared to alter the grave?

Earlier, she dug a hole in the grave, then forged an official document and sent it to Shao Lulu. The document said that Shao Lulu’s father’s grave had unexpectedly collapsed for no apparent reason. It asked for family members to promptly return to take care of it.

Shao Lulu’s mother remarried early, and Shao Lulu’s father had taken care of her Shao Lulu ever since. All those years of learning piano, she had always been accompanied by her father. The relationship between the two was also very strong. Hearing that her father’s grave had been disturbed, Shao Lulu would obviously come rushing back, no matter how busy she way in order to take care of it.

Li Dan had planned everything ahead of time. Even though Shao Lulu still had relatives in Qinshan, their relationships had never been good. Li Dan knew that Shao Lulu would definitely not ask those relatives to help her. Also, the anniversary of Shao Lulu’s father’s passing would be in a few days. No matter what, she would come back to pay her respects. Since there were issues with her father’s grave site, she would obviously attend to it herself, and would also arrive early.

Li Dan’s information was incredibly thorough. Shao Lulu was still single, with no boyfriend. If she came back to Qinshan to take care of the grave, then her business in Australia was definitely being taken care of by someone else, so she would most likely return to Qinshan alone, which gave Li Dan the perfect chance to put her plan in motion. Yuan Lili had been attacked on Aprril 26th of last year. It was currently April 26th, so if Li Dan was going to attack Shao Lulu, would it be today?

Thinking this far, Zhao Yu could not help but inhale heavily. Was it possible that Li Dan had already attacked Shao Lulu? Had Li Dan already cut off her right hand? Zhao Yu wanted to immediately call Li Beini and tell her everything, but when he pulled out his phone, he realized that he did not even know where Li Dan planned on attacking Shao Lulu! If they could not find the location of both Li Dan and Shao Lulu, then there was no way for them to stop Li Dan!

Zhao Yu could only keep on reading. Quickly, he found a copy of a plane ticket among the vast amount of information. On the bottom part of the ticket, Li Dan noted the time "April 26th, 3 o’clock." This was probably the time Shao Lulu would arrive in Qinshan Airport. But it was already 4:15 now, so Shao Lulu had already been in Qinshan for more than an hour! Within that hour, a lot of things could happen! Shao Lulu was in great danger!

Zhao Yu continued to read. Other than seeing a picture of something similar to a water gun, there was not any other useful information. "No! We can’t drag it out anymore! We have to find Shao Lulu immediately!" Zhao Yu cried in his head!

Thinking this far, Zhao Yu quickly pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of all of Li Dan’s documents. Although he was pressed for time, he figured that was probably more information on the white papers in front of him, so Zhao Yu made sure not to miss a thing as he took pictures. The bedframe was huge. He could not take a picture of everything all at once, and only managed to take the pictures of the papers piece by piece. Due to the angle, Zhao Yu had to kneel on the bedframe to take the picture.

Unexpectedly, when he knelt down, a wooden board suddenly sprung up between the two pieces of white paper. Zhao Yu touched it with his hand, and realized that there was a huge box under the bed.

Zhao Yu was already in a hurry, he did not even think about it much when he went to pull at the edge of the box. The aged wood made a squeaking sound, and the entire board was flipped open forcefully.

Zhao Yu only took a single glance before he hurriedly shut the box again! Not only did he shut the box, but he also pressed the bedframe forcefully onto it.

"Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed several times to himself before he felt his heart finally slow down. Although he had only taken one glance, Zhao Yu had seen it clearly. Under the board were three large glass containers with some sort of mysterious liquid in them. Inside every container was a pale hand!

"My God!" Zhao Yu bit the inside of his mouth. No matter how much he thought, he could never imagine that Li Dan would leave such incriminating evidence in her own house! "Three human hands!" Just leaving them under the bed where she slept, she did not even feel a little bit uncomfortable?

Suddenly, Zhao Yu remembered his original hypothesis. The reason why the culprit kept the chopped off hands with them might be similar to the gangsters on the streets--they could look at them at anytime, and relive the hatred in their hearts!

The reason why Zhao Yu closed the box so quickly, was not due to fear, but he was worried that Li Dan’s mother would see it. If the elderly woman saw them, then the problem would escalate!

Thankfully, Zhao Yu was used to these sorts of situations. He forced down his own nervousness and agitation, and feigned calmness as he turned to Li Dan’s mother, "Old lady, you’re right, exactly!" As Zhao Yu spoke, he quickly put the bed cover back to place, then covered up all the information, "I found some very important information. It will help the police greatly! You have to keep it safe, otherwise your daughter will really be in danger!"

"Aiya!" The elderly woman did not suspect Zhao Yu one bit, and was scared out of her wits, "Then…then…what should I do? Will someone bad come here?"

"Don’t worry, I will tell the police right now!" Zhao Yu quickly left the room, putting the lock back in place, then warned the elderly woman at the same time, "Old lady, in a few minutes, there will be a many police officers coming here to get the information! Don’t worry! Just make sure to guard the house properly. If you don’t see police coming, don’t go anywhere!"

"Oh…oh…" The elderly woman was still in shock, but Zhao Yu had already pushed open the gate and ran out in a flash.

"Shao Lulu! Shao Lulu!" As Zhao Yu rushed to his police car, he wondered if he could save Shao Lulu in time. She could not end up as the fourth victim of the Lost Hand Case, right?