Chapter 44: Where Will the Crime Take Place?

Chapter 44 of 100 chapters

Chapter 44: Where Will the Crime Take Place?

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"Senior, what a coincidence, I was about to call you!" Li Beini’s vivacious voice said through the phone. "Li Xinhua’s private life is a mess. I just saw her go into a hotel with four men!"

"Ah? What…" Zhao Yu had wanted to tell Li Beini about Li Dan, but as Li Beini suddenly told him that, he became lost for words.

Li Beini sneered and said, "I knew you were not thinking of anything good. I was joking! She was at the hotel for a conference! Kekeke…"

Zhao Yu cut Li Beini short and told her what he saw at Li Dan’s house all at once. After listening, Li Beini was completely dumbstruck! She was only a clerk intern, and although her investigation skills were quite good, she felt a little confused now that they had discovered who the culprit was.

"S...senior! What should we do next?" Li Beini asked, shivering.

"What should we do?" Zhao Yu was also barely a real policeman. Encountering such an earth shattering event had also made him lose the ability to think straight. He needed to take control over Li Dan’s place, and obtain evidence of her crime as well as the hands of the victims. At the same time, he needed to find Li Dan and Shao Lulu’s whereabouts!

Zhao Yu was aware that time was running out. It was impossible for just him and Li Beini to complete an emergency task like this. They needed to request support; however, Zhao Yu ws feuding with Liu Changhu and Qu Ping, so he did not want to hand over his hard earned results to them!

After much consideration, Zhao Yu finally had a plan. He immediately told Li Beini to contact the agents in Team A and get them search Li Dan’s place. As they were often surpassed by Team B, most of the agents on Team A hated Team B to the core. If they could solve the Lost Hand Case before Team B, it would be a good chance for them earn some pride and glory, so they would definitely put in their best effort.

As for locating Li Dan and Shao Lulu, Zhao Yu intended to get Zhang Jingfeng to help. With the help of his expertise in finding people, they would certainly catch the culprit!

Li Beini went along with Zhao Yu’s plan and sought for help immediately after hanging up. In order to help Li Beini convince the Team A agents, Zhao Yu had wanted to send her the photos he took at Li Dan’s place; however, his cellphone had no data so how could he possibly send them?

Luckily, Zhao Yu was a fast thinker, and drove to the KFC at the entrance of the alley. This KFC was the same place where Luo Meina had called for help after having her hand chopped off. Using the data from KFC, Zhao Yu sent the information to Li Beini. Zhao Yu wasted no time and called Zhang Jingfeng right after sending the photo. Zhang Jingfeng had not learned his lesson and tried to pull the same trick of delaying and extorting Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu did not get angry. He sent him Li Dan’s photo. With this, Zhang Jingfeng was convinced. The fella’s nickname was Mudfish. How could he realize the benefits his involvement entailed? If he was able to help Zhao Yu catch the culprit of the Lost Hand Case, he would definitely become a valued asset. This was the famous Lost Hand Case! If it was solved, he would not be sent to the traffic police team. After realizing that, Zhang Jingfeng was on fire! He quickly told Zhao Yu to wait a moment and he would get to it immediately! Zhao Yu knew that this time, "wait a moment" was genuine.

Zhao Yu only waited for five minutes and Zhang Jingfeng called him back. "Bro, we’ve got a challenge this time!" Zhang Jingfeng could be heard typing furiously on the keyboard, "This Li Dan is very careful. Her cellphone cannot be located. Not only is her phone switched off, but the SIM card may have been removed too!"

"As expected!" Zhao Yu shook his head. Li Dan was so meticulous. She certainly would have made such preparations in advance. Moreover, precisely because her cellphone could not be located, it was without a doubt that she was planning to exact her revenge on Shao Lulu soon!

"It’s okay. Check on Shao Lulu. Oh...never mind, she’s now called Shao Jiaying! She has just arrived from Australia, and is now in Qinshan City! Her airplane ticket is on the photo I sent you! "Zhao Yu all at once, "Just get her location! Quick!"

"I’m checking, bro!" Zhang Jingfeng replied straight away, "I’ve gotten her cellphone number, but she’s using an international SIM card, and the code format is different from our country’s. I...I need time!"

"How much time?" Zhao Yu urged.

"About ten minutes if I’m in the police station, but…"

"What? You’re not in the station?"

"Umm...I’m using the computer at the billiards center!"

"Damn...if you die, I’ll definitely buy a billiards table to be buried with you!" Zhao Yu cursed.

"I’ll hurry, I’ll hurry...give me fifteen minutes, just fifteen minutes, okay?" Zhang Jingfeng pleaded.

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "Fifteen minutes and Shao Lulu’s hand could be gone!" But under such circumstances, he had no choice but to wait patiently.

After hanging up, Zhao Yu quickly looked through the photos on his phone to check if he had overlooked anything. All of a sudden, he thought of something. He remembered that when he saw the three glass bottles with the hands under Li Dan’s bed, there was an empty space. There should have been a fourth bottle there! That space was obviously reserved for Shao Lulu! Since the bottle was not under the bed, could Li Dan have brought the bottle with her? Wouldn’t such a big bottle be inconvenient? Or did Li Dan put the bottle elsewhere as she did the previous times?

"Where could it be? The airport? Impossible! There were so many people at the airport. Li Dan would not strike there no matter how capable she was. Other places other than the airport?" A thought struck Zhao Yu, and he hastily took out the document with the photo of the gravestone!

"Right! Why did Shao Lulu come to Qinshan City? To repair her father’s grave! The plane was scheduled to arrive at three o’clock in the afternoon. If there was no delay, it was very likely that Shao Lulu headed directly to the graveyard after landing?"

Who would not be worried if their father’s grave had been ruined? So, if Shao Lulu headed directly to the graveyard after landing, where would Li Dan choose to strike?

"Holy Sh*t! Where else? The graveyard!? There’s no one there, and no security cameras. It’s the perfect place to strike!"