Chapter 46: Why Are All Forensic Pathologists Great Beauties?

Chapter 46 of 100 chapters

Chapter 46: Why Are All Forensic Pathologists Great Beauties?

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Zhao Yu was still in a semi-conscious state when he heard Liu Changhu’s clamor. "You are really a piece of work! Such a major thing happened, and I’m the last to know! Do you still regard me as your superior? Although I’m not the acting leader, I’m still your superior! Why wasn’t I informed earlier? I’m no different from an audience now! What do you think you are doing? Listen up, if the culprit is not caught, none of you will have a good life!"

Having heard Liu Changhu’s annoying voice, Zhao Yu opened his eyes and realized he was weak all over and unable to move.

"Chief Wang, is Officer Zhao alright?" Li Beini’s worried voice rang in Zhao Yu’s left ear.

"Don’t worry, it’s not a big problem!" A gentle female voice came into his right ear, "It’s just a fast-acting anesthetic. With such a small dosage, I estimate that he will wake up in a few minutes!"

Just as Chief Wang ended her sentence, Zhao Yu opened his eyes and shook his head.

"Hey? You’ve woken up!?" Li Beini shouted happily, "You’ve really woken up!"

At that instance, Zhao Yu suddenly recalled what had happened, "Holy Sh*t! I was taken down by a little woman! That water gun was actually a powerful anesthetic gun!" Zhao Yu quickly got up from the ground and wanted to check on what had happened to Li Dan. Did she run away, or had she been caught?

However, the drug still lingered in his body, and his legs were unable to support himself. After getting up, he staggered and fell forward. Seeing the shaky Zhao Yu, Chief Wang rushed up to hold him. Who would have expected that Zhao Yu had used too much strength and fell onto the floor with Chief Wang, pressing her under his body. What was more shocking was that Zhao Yu’s hand was pressing on her chest!

"Uh-oh!" Li Beini witnessed the whole incident and was too shocked for words.

Chief Wang was the police force’s Forensic Identification Bureau’s top forensic pathologist, Wang Fei. Although her name sounded a little masculine, she was a true beauty! Just past the age of thirty, she was as fair as a flower, and as beautiful as the moon. This graceful woman was definitely one of the top beauties in the police station. With her great charm, and a soft voice that melted the heart of anybody listening, she was the fantasy of many male agents in the police station; however, due to the nature of her work as a forensic pathologist, many people did not dare get close to her! According to gossip, Wang Fei had gotten divorced a few years ago due to her frequent contact with dead people.

Zhao Yu had taken advantage of such a great beauty. It was a habit of his in the past to take advantage of women. When he felt their softness in his palms, he did not withdraw his hand, but instead took the opportunity to grab once more!

Usually, a woman would have slapped Zhao Yu across the face! But Chief Wang did not seem to mind. She spread out her arms and stared at Zhao Yu with interest. She seemed to be asking Zhao Yu, "Let’s see how long you’re gonna grab me for?"

"Hey! Senior! Ahem…" Li Beini could not stand it anymore. She forced a cough and pulled Zhao Yu up.

At that moment, Zhao Yu finally regained full consciousness. He looked around and realized he was still in the graveyard. After that fall, he and Wang Fei were covered in mud. Zhao Yu quickly bent over to help Wang Fei upm and apologized at the same time, "I’m sorry, Chief Wang, I knocked into you. I’m really sorry, I really didn’t do it on purpose!"

"Kekeke…" Wang Fei sized up with Zhao Yu and laughed, "I had heard of a rogue detective in Team A, but I didn’t expect it to be you. I’m impressed! Kekeke…" Wang Fei laughed amorously without any hint of awkwardness!

"Interesting! I like!" Zhao Yu thought. He had wanted to continue flirting with Chief Wang, but Liu Changhu had rushed over in rage, "Zhao Yu! Look what you’ve done!?" He pointed at Zhao Yu’s nose and howled, "How arrogant of you! You’d gotten such an important clue and you didn’t report it? You really think you are the Lone Ranger? You...what exactly were you thinking? See? Now what, the culprit has escaped? Hey…" Although Liu Changhu yelled at him, Zhao Yu did not pay him any attention. Instead, he put his arms on Li Beini’s shoulder and whispered softly, disregarding Liu Changhu!

Zhao Yu asked about the case development. Li Beini told him that when Team A agents confiscated Li Dan’s criminal information and the three hands, they realized the severity of the situation, and immediately reported it to Qu Ping and Liu Changhu. When the two found out, they were both furious and shocked. They never would have imagined that Zhao Yu would really uncover the truth behind the Lost Hand Case, thus they quickly found Zhao Yu’s location and rushed to the graveyard! When they got there, they first found the Shao Lulu, who had been knocked out with anesthetic, and then found the unconscious Zhao Yu. As for the culprit Li Dan, there was no sight of her!

"No way?" Zhao Yu recalled the moment before he was unconscious. He had already heard the sirens of the police cars. How could Li Dan have escaped if she had no transportation?

Seeing that Zhao Yu totally ignored his existence, Liu Changhu was furious.

"You guys, quickly inform the workers at the checkpoints of the road junctions around the area. We must not let the culprit escape!" Qu Ping’s voice was approaching Zhao Yu, "The culprit is very likely to have gotten a ride out of here. She wouldn’t have gone far in this short amount of time, we must catch her!"

"Yes!" the team members received the order and ran out of the graveyard.

After giving instructions, Qu Ping took big strides over toward Zhao Yu, stared fiercely at him and shouted, "Zhao Yu, you’re really too selfish!" Team Leader Qu looked sullen. "Because of a trivial thing like betting, you held up an important matter for the police! Why didn’t you tell me about such an important lead earlier? If you had told me, the situation wouldn’t be like this now! The culprit would have been brought to justice! But look at what’s happened now," Qu Ping scolded, "with the culprit’s ability, if she leaves Qinshan, it will be difficult to catch her in future!"

"Exactly!" Liu Changhu finally got a chance to rant, "Zhao Yu! You think you’re so great because you found out a little clue! Let me tell you, as long as the culprit is not caught, the case is not solved! I’m gonna report you to the superiors later. Just you wait for your punishment!"

"Captain Liu, isn’t this too much?" Li Beini could not stand it anymore, and stood beside Zhao Yu, "Officer Zhao had found the clues! Even if there’s no reward, there should not be any punishment."

"That’s right, Captain Liu!" Wang Fei suddenly chimed in, "I don’t think there’s a need for any punishment! If not for Zhao, that woman would have lost her right hand just now!" Although Wang Fei spoke with a soft voice, her words as the first in command of the Forensic Identification Bureau carried much weight. Liu Changhu had not expected her to speak for Zhao Yu, and felt embarrassed.

"Because of this case, Zhao Yu was even shot by the anesthetic gun" Li Beini said angrily, "How dangerous was that? You still want to make things difficult for him?"

"Li Beini, where are your manners?" Liu Changhu could not say anything to Wang Fei, but for an intern like Li Beini, it was different. He howled, "I haven’t even gotten to you yet! You helped Zhao Yu conceal evidence! You’re not getting away with it too! The two of you just wait and see!"

"Huh! You also know that it’s dangerous to be shot by an anesthetic gun, right?" Qu Ping said coldly, "This is the consequence of doing things your own way!"

"Exactly, he obviously doesn’t have the ability!" Liu Changhu added to express his bitterness. Liu Changhu had thought that Zhao Yu would fly into a rage after hearing all of this, and cursing; however, he was surprised to see that Zhao Yu was not angry. He looked as if he had been praised and started to smirk.