Chapter 49: How did you find me?

Chapter 49 of 100 chapters

Chapter 49: How did you find me?

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"Miracle System engaged. Dui Zhen hexagram! Reverse of thunder, split from within, cannot distinguish between the five elements. Financial situation may fluctuate, and there may be surprises in the future."

After a series of violent coughs, Zhao Yu engaged the Miracle System successfully that morning. "Dui Zhen Hexagram?" he wondered.

Zhao Yu recalled his old predications, and realized that there had never been the Thunder hexagram. What did thunder represent? Even though "Reverse" hexagrams had appeared multiple times before, Zhao Yu still could not guess its significance. As for the difficult hexagram explanations, he was even more clueless. Zhao Yu could only write it down carefully, hoping that he would understand it one day.

The reason why he woke up so early was not because he wanted to get to work on time, but because Li Beini had given him a phone call early in the morning. Li Beini had said that Li Dan who was caught yesterday, refused to say anything during interrogation, and asked only to see the police officer who had caught her. The police in question was obviously his Highness, Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu could not help but be a bit curious. Why would Li Dan cause a ruckus wanting to see him? What did she want to do?

It was probably still a good idea to meet her because despite knowing most of the story behind the Lost Hand Case, Zhao Yu still had a lot of questions. So after the Miracle System, Zhao Yu went to the police interrogation room bright and early.

The interrogation room was dim and silent, but the lightbulb was overwhelmingly bright. This setup was to affect the criminal’s mentality, driving them to confess faster.

This was not the first time that Zhao Yu had been in an interrogation room, but he had always been sitting on the other side of the table! Now that he was in the reverse position, he felt a little new to the table.

Li Dan was sitting on the interrogation chair, her arms bounded. Her head was down, with her long hair messily draped over her shoulders. She almost looked like a ghost from a horror story. Hearing some noise, she raised her head, finally revealing her appearance.

Zhao Yu took a careful look. Li Dan was not very tall. Her chin was sharp, and her skin was smooth with certain shine to it. Even though she was thirty-six-years old, she looked more like a student. It was hard to believe that such an average looking woman had cut off the hands of three people

"I heard you were looking for me? What about it? Couldn’t believe I caught you?" Zhao Yu did not know how to interrogate someone properly, and started the conversation with a tone that investigators usually avoided. Hearing this, the investigators in the interrogation room all knitted their brows.

"It was you?!" Li Dan’s seemed as if it had not come from her throat, but straight from her chest, giving it a hostile tone.

"It was me, what about it?!" Zhao Yu also spoke arrogantly, trying to intimidate the other with his imposing manner. He slammed the table, "I’ll tell you now, confess everything or suffer! Admit to your crime while you still have time, don’t spit on our kindness and force our hands!"

"Since you caught me, then you definitely know why I did it." Li Dan was a bit agitated as she asked, "Tell me, quick, who was it?"

"Huh? What?" Zhao Yu was surprised, "What do you mean who was it?"

"Who was it that put the razor in the piano?" Li Dan’s eyes were wide, "Who was it that set-up the trap for me?!"

Zhao Yu looked at Li Dan’s right hand, and saw that on her right hand, there was a small piece missing from her middle finger, causing a small deformation. But it was very hard to tell unless you looked carefully. "Wait, let me think for a moment!’ Zhao Yu knitted his brows and thought about the situation, then asked, "Could it be that you didn’t know who put the razor in the piano? Then…then why did you go and chop off so many people’s hands? Are you crazy?"

"Hmph!" Li Dan spoke savagely, "If they hadn’t used up my practice time then nothing would’ve happened to me! As long as they entered the final competition, they all have responsibility! You tell me, Gao Tian, Yuan Lili, Luo Meina, which one was it?"

"Hey!" Zhao Yu was puzzled, "What do you mean? There were so many people in the final competition. Why do you say the culprit is among the three of them?"

"I’ve already chopped off the hands of the three of them!" Li Dan clenched her teeth as she spoke, "I don’t think my plan had any gaps! Only if one of the three admitted to putting the razor in the piano would you guys be able to connect the crime to me! Quick! Tell me, which one of them was it?" Li Dan was exceptionally agitated, and kept struggling in vain against her restraints on the interrogation chair.

Could…could it be?

"Hey? Aren’t you being a little too confident?" Zhao Yu shook his head, "You think that other than the victims admitting to attacking you, we wouldn’t have any other way to find you? Aren’t you looking down on…" Suddenly, Zhao Yu realized that Li Dan’s words held some truth. If it had not been for his Miracle System, he really would not have found Li Dan. Not only that, but Li Dan had even kept incriminating evidence, the hands of the chopped off people, in her own house. Was that not the epitome of confidence? Regarding the first two cases, the police force were unable to solve it for an entire year! Who could have imagined that the source of the Lost Hand Case was a piano competition eighteen years prior?

"Fine! You don’t have to tell me!" Li Dan laughed ferociously, "I’ve already gotten my revenge! The person who harmed me was one of the three! I already have the hands and the evidence in my house. I’m fully ready to take them down with me! Hmph, now, I’ll let her taste it too, the feeling of losing your hand!"

"No! You’re wrong!" Zhao Yu shook his head and sighed, "None of the three admitted to hurting you. You were wrong! I used other methods to find your information!"

"What?" Li Dan was stunned, "What method? Thats impossible!"

"I already found out that the three victims all attended a piano competition eighteen years ago, then I found a witness who told me about you. Then, I found your house, and caught you!"

"Who? Impossible!" Li Dan was still in disbelief, "Not many people knew what happened!"

"Not many doesn’t mean there were none!" Zhao Yu responded, "But since it’s been eighteen years, they were difficult to find!"

"But still!" Li Dan retorted, "Even if you found me, how could you know where I lived?!"

"When your mother went to the hospital for chemotherapy, she used your actual address!"

"What?" Li Dan was shocked, "My mom was the one who completed the registration. I thought that she used the address on her social ID! Damn it!"

"That’s why we say there are no perfect crimes!" Zhao Yu said proudly.

"That’s still wrong!" Li Dan continued to retort, "Even if everything you said was true, I didn’t include what tomb I would hide in at the information in my house. How did you find me?"

"Your anesthesia was expired." Zhao Yu lied without blinking, "Even though I was fainting, I saw you turn back over and crawl into the tomb, so I knew!"

"Impossible! Impossible…" Li Dan continued to mutter "impossible" with a face of agitation, but her body slumped down in disappointment.