Chapter 53: Better to Conquer One’s Heart than Body

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

Chapter 53: Better to Conquer One’s Heart than Body

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Hearing Zhao Yu’s mouthful of street language, not only the policemen, but the delinquents as well were shocked and silent.

"Bro…I…" The blonde’s face was already a distinct shade of purple, "I…I don’t know, you…what do you mean?"

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu spoke angrily, "What are you doing on the streets if you haven’t even heard of this before! Are you a newborn chick? Listen here, crimson lips means that if you slap someone, you have to give them red bills; white knife means that if you cut someone, you have to give them silver; golden finger…"

"I see!" Li Beini cut in beside him, "Golden finger means if you cut off someone’s finger, you have to give them gold!"

"Yep!" Zhao Yu gave Li Beini a thumb up, then turned to the blonde, "We’re in the police station so we shouldn’t do anything too bloody! So, I’ll pick the first for you--crimson lips! You asked me to give you two-thousand yuan, but I gave you ten-thousand, nearly four times the amount. So you have to eat four slaps from me, two back and forward! But I hit pretty hard, so just in case you can’t make it today, I’ll give you a discount. Only two slaps, and the money’s yours!"

"Ah?!" The blonde was completely stunned. He never would have imagined that the police officer in front of him was even more professional than thugs on the street. "Bro! Can I just take my two-thousand yuan?" The blonde begged, "One-thousand yuan is fine!"

"Were you born in the year of the dog? So cowardly!" Zhao Yu slammed the table, "I already gave you a chance, and you already nodded in agreement! To give up so easily, how are you going to live if this gets out? Kiddo, the street people all care about your appearance, your face, your reputation! The money’s here, you have to take it!"

"I…I…" The blonde was completely confused.

"Hey…" Suddenly the blonde’s friends started egging him on, "Are you stupid? Just two slaps for ten-thousand yuan! It’s worth it!"

"Just bear with it, it’ll be over in the blink of an eye!"

"Yeah! It’s just two slaps. It won’t kill you! Your dad slaps you one-hundred times a day! You can do it!"

"I…I…" The blonde looked up at his friends and angrily roared, "Go f*ck yourselves! Can’t you see? Today we messed with someone we shouldn’t have. If you guys want the money, go get it yourselves!" After he finished, the blonde hurriedly turned to Zhao Yu and bowed, "Bro, I lost. I don’t want the money! I was wrong! I was wrong! Good bye!"

As he finished, he turned to leave, but unexpectedly, Zhao Yu’s eyes bulged, and he jumped up and pulled the blonde back, then forcefully threw him onto the ground. Then he did something even more unbelievable!

Zhao Yu first kicked the blonde in the face. The blonde’s head loudly cracked gainst the ground. Then, like grabbing a baby chick, Zhao Yu lifted the blonde off of the floor, and delivered two deafening slaps across his face. Zhao Yu’s slaps were insanely forceful. The blonde’s face was covered in blood, even the gums of his mouth were bleeding and loose. The last slap, especially, was so forceful that the blonde spun around three times then fell harshly onto the floor.

The blonde’s friends who were watching from the sideline were all petrified. Their eyes showed fear as they stood shaking in place. Their bravado from earlier had vanished completely.

"Senior! Senior! Stop! Stop!" Li Beini was truly terrified, and yelled out trying to stop Zhao Yu. This was the police station, filled with surveillance cameras. She could only imagine the severe consequences that would come from hitting someone in the office!

Zhang Jingfeng had seen what Zhao Yu could do and hurriedly stopped Li Beini from taking another step forward.

The blonde was laying on the floor completely knocked out, with only enough strength to squirm in place. Zhao Yu looked down at him, his expression completely unchanged from before. "Holy sh*t, no guts at all. And you dare try to make a living on the streets? Consider this a lesson from me in case one day you find that you don’t know the rules of the world and die a dog’s death on the street!" As he finished, Zhao Yu grabbed the stack of cash and threw it at the blonde’s face! The bills scattered all over the room.

"I kept my promise, I’ve slapped you, so the money is your!" Zhao Yu yelled at the other officers, "The Complaints Department is on the third floor, the Chief’s office is the sixth floor. If there’s anyone that wants to report me, go now! If you don’t, take the money, and get out of my sight!"

The remaining delinquents looked at one another, but were all scared stiff. Seeing Zhao Yu’s extreme violence when fighting someone, Liu Changhu was incredibly intimidated. Originally, he had wanted to use that chance to set a trap for Zhao Yu and report him, but now he was glued to his seat, unable to move.

"Bro! Bro! It was our fault!" One of the delinquents finally worked up the courage to speak, "That guy fell down by himself! We saw it clearly! You weren’t involved at all! We’ll leave, we’ll leave now!" They cleaned up the money and carried the blonde away. They had even left many bills on the floor as they scurried away.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu muttered angrily, then stretched. As he stretched, his bones cracked loudly, sending fear into everyone’s heart.

At that moment, every investigator could not help but shiver. They had originally thought that Zhao Yu was merely a simple delinquent, but now they could tell that he was actually a demon. Many people were secretly glad that they had not truly angered him before.

Zhao Yu coldly glanced at the crowd, and saw the fear in everyone’s eyes. It was better to conquer one’s heart than destroy their body. If he were going to do something, he would do it right. He had taken a risk and raised his fists to someone in order to intimidate the crowd so that nobody would oppose him later. Thinking of people opposing him, Zhao Yu threw a glance at Liu Changhu.

At the moment, Liu Changhu’s expression was amazingly ugly. Seeing Zhao Yu stare at him, he could not even return eye contact.

Zhao Yu was all smiles as he walked in front of Liu Changhu, pulling out a photo and waving it in front of the other. As it turned out, Zhao Yu had gotten the photo of himself capturing Li Dan at the tomb.

"Liu, I’ve taken care of the other debts. Now it’s all up to you, Your Highness." He showed him the photo, "See, here. I solved the Lost Hand Case, and I also caught the culprit." Zhao Yu felt better and better as he taunted the other, even mimicking the other’s proud demeanor, "Zhao Yu, if you know what’s good for you you’d apologize to me, otherwise, I’ll make sure you’ll never be able to show your face at the police station again! Hahaha…Liu, how come you can’t even raise your head to look at me now?"

Hearing Zhao Yu’s taunts, Liu Changhu was going crazy with rage, but he had indeed made a bet with Zhao Yu. Since he had lost, he could not back out. He could only stomp his feet violently in frustration and leave the office.

"Hahaha…" Zhao Yu stuck his middle finger at Liu Changhu as he left the office, then shouted at the crowd, "Everyone listen up. Tonight, I’m inviting everyone to dinner at Hong Long restaurant. Everyone in Team A has to be there! Those who don’t show up are insulting me! If you don’t come, don’t ever make eye contact with me when you see me!"