Chapter 54: Points Difference

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

Chapter 54: Points Difference

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In Team A’s office, Zhao Yu stuck the photo of himself and Li Dan taken in the grave onto the middle of the whiteboard. By displaying the photo, it indicated that the Lost Hand Case had officially been solved.

Looking at the whiteboard full of information on the case, Zhao Yu felt quite a sense of achievement. From the start of the Lost Hand Case up until the end, he had put in great effort. Although he had gotten help from the Miracle System, his perseverance played a crucial role. Reflecting on the ups and downs during the investigation process, Zhao Yu actually felt a little addicted.

Zhao Yu seemed to have thought of something, and stared blankly at the whiteboard. He had not even realized Li Beini’s presence as she handed him the money that he had dropped.

"Senior, still reminiscing?" Li Beini held the few hundred yuan in her hands and laughed, "To be honest, I had doubts about you! It’s really a miracle!" After Li Beini expressed her amazement, Zhao Yu was still unresponsive. He was gazing at an area of the whiteboard, and he seemed to be thinking hard about something.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?" Li Beini was curious as to what Zhao Yu was so absorbed in.

"Beini!" Zhang Jingfeng looked left and right before saying to Li Beini, "I think Bro Zhao has been possessed by the investigation. Come, let’s talk about serious stuff. I heard that you’re drafting the final report of the Lost Hand Case, yeah? Don’t forget to include my vital contribution, if not for me…"

"Huh!?" Before Zhang Jingfeng could finish, Zhao Yu suddenly exclaimed, giving Zhang Jingfeng and Li Beini, as well as the other agents a shock.

"What is it, senior?" Li Beini frowned.

"H...Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu pointed at the whiteboard and said in an agitated tone, "Point...points difference! Why hadn’t I thought of this?"

"What? What points difference? Are you really possessed?" Li Beini looked at the whiteboard and did not notice anything.

"The pregnant woman, do you still remember what the pregnant woman in tenth place said?" Zhao Yu unfolded his arms and became more agitated, "She said that because the judges of the competition were too professional, the points difference between the competitors during the finals was especially big, and the difference could be three to four hundred points for some?"

"Pregnant woman? Three to four hundred points?" After pondering for a long time, Li Beini realized that Zhao Yu was still talking about the Grand Piano Competition.

"Look!" Zhao Yu pointed at some information on the whiteboard, "In sixth place, Gao Tian, she had 1,020 points, but the seventh place only had 700 points. What does this mean?"

Seeing Zhao Yu so agitated, the other Team A agents came over and crowded around out of curiosity.

"What does it mean?" with a finger beside her lips, Li Beini tried to think hard but was lost.

"It means the competitors after sixth place were all trash, they were not real competition and therefore were not worthy for Li Dan to take revenge on them!" Zhao Yu pointed at the information, "Li Dan’s plan only started from sixth place, Gao Tian! Gao Tian, Yuan Lili, Luo Meina, and then Shao Lulu. From the sixth place to the third place, only these four people were Li Dan’s targets! Look…" Zhao Yu pointed at the top portion of the information, "First place, Lu Tao, had over 1,900 points. He fully deserved to be the champion with such an extraordinary score. With such potential, there was no reason for him to harm Li Dan! In second place, Li Xinhua, had over 1,600 points. Although champion was out of her reach, she was well above third place! Therefore, Li Xinhua also did not need to harm Li Dan. Even if she had lost to Li Dan during the finals, she could’ve secured third place!"

"You’re saying…" Li Beini wanted to say something but was uncertain.

"And Shao Lulu? Only 1,400 points, " Zhao Yu said excitedly, "The points difference from third to sixth place was not very significant, so one of them is most likely to be the one who harmed Li Dan! Only these four people would have benefitted from Li Dan’s withdrawal from the competition!

"Also, there were only these four people on the information Li Dan prepared for her plan, which meant that Li Dan knew from the start that the one who planted the blade was one of these four people!"

"Senior, " Li Beini was puzzled, "don’t tell me you want to…"

"Yes, and I’ve already found it!" Zhao Yu swung his arm excitedly and searched in his pants pocket. He quickly found the business card that Shao Jiaying had given him.

"Sis, " he said to Li Beini hastily, "help me make a reservation for a premier room at the Red Dragon Hotel, and send a message to our Team A buddies. See you guys at the hotel this evening at six! I gotta rush or else I won’t be able to catch up with her!"

"Senior, " Li Beini was puzzled, "you…"

"The case has not been completely solved, " Zhao Yu said seriously, "Be it me or Li Dan, we have an unfulfilled mission!" After saying this, Zhao Yu turned and left the office, leaving all his colleagues bewildered.

"I think, " Zhang Jingfeng swallowed his saliva and said, "Brother Zhao is starting to speak more and more like Sherlock Holmes!"

Half an hour later, Shao Jiaying, dressed in luxurious fur clothing, hurried into a cafe near the police station. The Lost Hand Case caused her fear, thus she had her bodyguards follow closely by her side. Because of her lavish clothes, she naturally attracted much attention upon entering the cafe.

Zhao Yu had long been waiting at the window seats. He quickly raised his hand when he saw Shao Jiaying.

"I’m so sorry!" Shao Jiaying sat across Zhao Yu, slightly panting, "I didn’t expect to receive your call so soon! What’s the important thing that you mentioned, Officer Zhao?"

Zhao Yu looked coldly at the men in black suit and coughed lightly.

Shao Jiaying, being a veteran in the business world, was good at observing one’s behavior. She understood that Zhao Yu wanted to talk to her in private, but she could not help but frown and looked discontent upon seeing Zhao Yu’s somber face.

Zhao Yu leaned forward slightly and showed Shao Jiaying a picture on his phone. The picture was the list of final participants at the Grand Piano Competition.

After seeing the name list, Shao Jiaying felt more puzzled. Only then did she wave her hand and dismiss her bodyguards. "Officer Zhao, " Shao Jiaying stopped smiling, "What...what do you mean by this?"

"Miss Shao, look carefully!" Zhao Yu pointed at the picture, "Gao Tian: 1,020 points; Yuan Lili: 1,058 points; Luo Meina: 1,336 points; Shao Lulu: 1,426…"

"Officer Zhao!" Shao Jiaying cut Zhao Yu off and returned the phone to him, "What exactly do you want? Why are you reading this to me?"

"Although I don’t know what your preliminary results were, " Zhao Yu said calmly, "Li Dan’s mother mentioned that Li Dan was in third place in the preliminary round, and not too far from the top two! Li Dan withdrew from the finals, so only the four of you could have benefited from hurting her!"

"Officer can’t possibly think that!" Shao Jiaying understood what Zhao Yu was implying and immediately stood up.

"I’m not finished. " Zhao Yu waved his hand and continued, "Just now Li Dan told me that she had already chopped off Gao Tian’s, Yuan Lili’s, and Luo Meina’s hands! If one of those three people really knew what had happened, Li Dan would have been caught and she wouldn’t have thought to go after you!"

"Officer Zhao," Shao Jiaying started to fidget and said with a sullen face, "what do you mean by this? Do you think that I put Li Dan in that state? Please think carefully, it was Li Dan who wanted to chop my hand, I’m the victim!"

"Shao Lulu!" Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and shouted, "You caused Li be in what state?"

Hearing this, Shao Jiaying suddenly froze, as though she had been struck in the head!