Chapter 55: The Same Pain

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

Chapter 55: The Same Pain

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As the victim of the case, when Shan Jiaying woke up at the hospital, obviously there would be police debriefing her, but due to the immense backstory, the police officer obviously could not tell her entire story. Just like at the Grand Piano Competition, Li Dan’s name had not been mentioned to her.

But when Zhao Yu mentioned Li Dan’s name, Shan Jiaying was not surprised or even hesitant, as if she recognized that name. Not only did she know Li Dan, but she even knew ahead of time that the person who attacked her was Li Dan! Additionally, Zhao Yu had not even mentioned what had happened, but Shan Jiaying knew exactly what had happened to Li Dan, making her even more suspicious. As it turned out, Zhao Yu had already set up the trap, waiting for Shan Jiaying to walk into it.

Shan Jiaying also realized she had made a mistake, and sat there squirming, and picking at her arm.

"Miss Shan." Zhao Yu did not break his calm demeanor, "Last year on April 22nd, Gao Tian was the first victim of Li Dan’s plan for revenge. Then five days later on the 26th, Yuan Lili suffered the same fate in her own house. This year on April 22nd, Luo Meina also suffered the same fate. Then on the 26th, yesterday, you almost followed in their footsteps!

"April 22nd to April 26th. Do you have any idea why these dates are significant?" Zhao Yu stared at Shan Jiaying and continued, "These five dates are the same as the start and end of that year’s piano competition. Li Dan picked those dates to commit the crime. There might be some sort of significance to it!"

"Zhao…Officer Zhao!" Shan Jiaying’s words no longer had the power they had before. Her lips quivered as she spoke, "I…we all attended that Piano Competition, but what does that mean? I…"

Shan Jiaying looked as if she was trying to argue, but was once again cut off by Zhao Yu. "I’ve already looked up your guys’ information. Out of the top six contestants, only your family was poor!" Zhao Yu spoke coldly, "The others weren’t from rural areas, their families were all in decent financial condition, the parents were usually either white collar workers or businessmen. In other words, the others had no reason to attack someone over a piano competition!

"Even though the piano competition could jump start their life, they were already finalists, they were already satisfied! But for you, whose family was poor, it was completely different!" Zhao Yu showed no mercy as he spoke, "I’ve looked up your records. You had competed in the Ninth Annual Piano Competition, but you were not one of the finalists! The tenth piano competition was your last chance! In order for you to be able to enter the competition, your father even faked your school and social identification!

"Originally, you managed to enter the finals, but your score was very precarious!" Zhao Yu continued loudly, "With one misstep, you would have been pushed out of the top six. Once you were out of top six, all of your hard work would disappear! The competition had an unspoken rule that only the top six would be accepted by famous schools! Thus, out of the four people, only you were in a dangerous situation! As it turned out, your bet succeeded. Li Dan’s withdrawal from the competition was highly beneficial for you. You managed to get third place which completely changed your life!" Zhao Yu continued, "But what about Li Dan? Her entire life was ruined by a small piece of razor!"

"You! You!" Shan Jiaying’s faced turned bright red at Zhao Yu’s words. She trembled as she spoke, "Don’t speak so haphazardly. Everything needs evidence! You’re a police officer, how could you throw around accusations like this?!"

Zhao Yu sighed. He bent his body a little, then spoke calmly again, "Miss Shan, I think you misunderstood me! I didn’t tell you this to get justice for Li Dan! Things happen, however unfortunate they may be. It’s already been eighteen years. Not to mention there’s a lack of evidence. Why would I work so hard? Actually, I came to find you only to help Li Dan take care of something on her mind!"

Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, Shan Jiaying was a little surprised.

Zhao Yu paused for a few moments to organize his words, then continued, "I’ve already talked with the prosecutor. Li Dan will be accused of planned assault. Due to the extreme situation, do you know what her sentence will be?"

Shan Jiaying paused. She had never thought about that.

"She would be lucky to get life in prison!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "If she’s not lucky, she’ll get the death sentence!"

"Oh…" Even though it was a simple "oh" from Shan Jiaying, her expression revealed her surprise. She never thought Li Dan would receive such a heavy sentence.

"Li Dan’s whole life is over!" Zhao Yu could not help but sigh. "I think you would know better than I would. But if it hadn’t been for that small piece of razor, what would Li Dan’s life be like? Pianist? Grand Musician? Piano Teacher? Or, maybe like you, a successful businesswoman? But in reality, her father died from depression, and her mother has cancer. It’s a complete mess. Once her mother leaves this world, there might not even be anyone to maintain her tomb…"

"No more, Officer Zhao. No more!" Shan Jiaying interrupted Zhao Yu agitatedly. Her face was bright red and she was trembling, barely holding back her tears.

After a long while, she finally lowered her head in shame and spoke, "Eighteen years! A whole eighteen years! I…" A shiny tear silently slipped from her long eyelashes. Shan Jiaying was choking back her tears, "Every time I thought of Li Dan, I couldn’t sleep, and my blood ran cold! If you say what happened caused Li Dan a life of pain, then I’m living with an inescapable shadow!" Shan Jiaying’s tears continued to fall until she was weeping.

Zhao Yu did not have a handkerchief, and could only slip two pieces of paper napkin to her.

But Shan Jiaying had already fallen into a series of painful memories. How could she accept the napkin? She continued through her crying, "Officer Zhao, you’re right! Putting the razor trap for Li Dan was related to me! But you were wrong. Eighteen years ago, I was only a child. Other than practicing piano as hard as I could, how could I have had such dark thoughts?! Not to mention setting up the razor would have been impossible for me!"

"Huh?" Suddenly, Zhao Yu was shocked. He had thought that Shan Jiaying attacking Li Dan was for sure, but hearing what she said, it did not seem so anymore. Could it be…there was some other backstory?