Chapter 57: Feel Free to Touch

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

Chapter 57: Feel Free to Touch

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"I will cross through the flash of blades and sword, to bring honor to my team!

"Wholeheartedly for my family, I am willing to die for thee!

"Let my blood flow free…"

Inside the karaoke room of Hong Long Restaurant, Zhao Yu was yelling out the classic tune from "Young and Dangerous." He sung the song, "The Flash of the Blades and Swords," very freely emotionally and freely, using it to pour out his ambivalence over the Lost Hand Case.

Both Li Dan and Shan Jiaying, he would no longer think about them! The case was closed, the culprit had been captured, and Li Dan’s mother was going to be taken care of. The Lost Hand Case was over in his book! All that remained was celebration!

With the one-hundred thousand yuan he had received from Shan Jiaying, Zhao Yu could be considered somewhat rich. Being the generous man he was, he not only ordered Hong Long restaurant’s best food and drink, but he also invited everyone to KTV afterwards to enjoy their night to the fullest! Other than the hospitalized Mao Wei, and the substitute leader Liu Changhu, everyone from Team A came.

What a joke! Zhao Yu had threatened everyone that if they did not come, they could never look him in the eye again! One of the investigator’s mother-in-law was having surgery that night, but he still escaped from the hospital to come to the party. His wife had called him over a hundred times, but he did not dare to pick up!

"Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu, quick, quick!" Seeing Zhao Yu lost in song, Liang Huan raised his cell phone and yelled, "Mao’s looking for you! Come and look!"

The "Mao" Liang Huan spoke of was Team A’s leader, Mao Wei. Mao Wei was currently hospitalized and could not show up to the party in person, so Liang Huan had used video call so that he could join them over the phone.

When Zhao Yu took the phone, everyone crowded around the camera!

"Zhao!" Through the phone came Mao Wei’s excited voice, "Guess what? Once I heard that you stole two big cases from Team B, guess what? My leg stopped hurting! My body feels much better, and my appetite has been great!"

"Hahaha…" Everyone laughed along. In the process of chasing a criminal, Mao Wei had fallen and broke his thigh, requiring almost half a year to make a full recovery.

Although they seemed close, Zhao Yu did not know Team Leader Mao very well. Zhao Yu had not been at the police station for very long before Mao had been hospitalized. Irregardless, Mao Wei was still the boss of Team A.

Hearing his praise, Zhao Yu quickly raised his thumb, "Boss, if I steal a few more cases from them, will you jump straight up out of your hospital bed?"

"Hahaha…" The entire group laughed again.

"Hey!" At that time, Zhang Jingfeng saw the good atmosphere and spoke, "Bro, sis, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s raise a cup! For Zhao, who gave our team A a moment of glory, and for Mao, wishing him a speedy recovery! How about it?!"

"Wait, wait!" Suddenly, a female investigator named Peng Xin yelled into the camera, "Mao? Do you have alcohol where you are? How about this, I’ll split this cup with you!" As she finished, she raised the cup in her hand, but spilled the entire cup on the floor. She feigned sadness as she yelled, "Mao! I hope you have lots of alcohol going across the River Styx! This cup was for you! Good luck!"

"Wahaha…" The group roared with laughter. Peng Xin was an old member of Team A. She was over forty, so everyone called her big sis. Unexpectedly, she was just as funny as the younger team members.

"Tiger woman!" Over the phone, Mao Wei laughed as he roared into the camera, "Once I recover, I’ll go to your husband and ask him to take care of you earlier rather than later! That way you can’t bother us any more, hahaha…"

"Sure, sure!" Peng Xin laughed, "I can’t wait to get away from him! Mao, wait, once we split up, I’ll go and be your mistress!"

"Hah…" The atmosphere reached a new level of joy from Peng Xin and Mao Wei. With Zhang Jingfeng yelling "cheers!" everyone raised their glass and drank it in one go.

Other than the members of Team A, Zhao Yu had also invited two other people. One was Team Leader Jing, and the other was Department Leader Wang Fei. Team Leader Jing had said he had family issues to take care of, so he had not come. The old man rarely partied with the youngsters, so it was understandable.

But, unexpectedly, Wang Fei graciously accepted the invitation, and came to celebrate with Zhao Yu. Even though she had arrived a little late due to work, but for a department leader to show up at all gave Zhao Yu massive credit and pride.

Zhao Yu truly had not expected her to come. Other than the short exchange at the cemetery, they had not had any contact before that. But unexpectedly, after searching through his memory, it turned out that while Zhao Yu had been an intern, he used to assist in the forensics department, and had had some exchanges with Wang Fei. Even though he had not spent much time there, Wang Fei liked Zhao Yu quite a bit.

Zhao Yu was a forthright man. Seeing that Wang Fei had respected him by showing up, he would obviously return the favor. He was extra courteous to Department Leader Wang during the feast. but because Wang Fei had driven to the restaurant by herself, she was not planning on drinking, and only had some soda.

After the party ended, Wang Fei offered to take Li Beini and Zhao Yu home since it was on the way for her. Li Beini’s house was close to the restaurant, and left before long. Afterwards, there were only Zhao Yu and Wang Fei in the car.

"Well, how are you? Did you drink too much?" Wang Fei saw that Zhao Yu reeked of alcohol, and his eyes were unfocused. The voice of the female department leader was soft like silk, and sweet like honey. Zhao Yu almost could not control himself.

"If I haven’t touched you, then it shouldn’t be that much!" Zhao Yu smiled sneakily, Wang Fei’s shape was good, while she was sitting in the car it only emphasized her beauty, simply charming.

"Hehehe…" Wang Fei laughed, "Pretty honest! Then I’ll be honest too! Actually, taking you home isn’t on the route back to my house at all!"

"Ah?" Zhao Yu’s eyeballs rolled back. He felt as though Wang Fei had some hidden meaning in her words. "Not along the way. Is she purposely sending me home? Could it be…the woman is lonely and wants something from me?" Zhao Yu thought.

"Hah!" Seeing Zhao Yu’s hesitation, Wang Fei smiled, "Must be thinking something naughty! I’ll be honest, today a body came from Qinshan Water Reservoir. In order to attend your feast, I only finished half of the autopsy. I’m going back to finish up!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu swallowed his spit. It turned out that Wang Fei was only taking him home on her way to the police station. Also, she had finished half of an autopsy but could still eat so well? That was the definition of professional!

"Hm…You’re already department leader, why are you still trying so hard?" Zhao Yu changed the topic.

"What are you saying? Department Leader or not," Wang Fei smiled teasingly, "the corpse is horribly rotten, and the new forensic doctor doesn’t have enough experience, so I have to help."


"What?" Wang Fei once again smiled seductively, "Still want to touch me? Do you feel uncomfortable? My hands have touched countless dead people!"

"What are you saying!" Zhao Yu smiled, "It’s not as if your hands killed them? Besides, if I could die by the hand of a beauty such as yourself, I would have no complaints!"

"Hah?" Wang Fei smirked, but complimented him, "Being a perverted officer, you’re pretty good at compliments, aren’t you?"

"It’s the truth, it’s the truth!"

The two met each other’s gazes and they smiled, then fell back into a period of awkward silence.

A few minutes later, Zhao Yu pointed at the BMW sign on the steering wheel, and tried to start small talk, "Department Leader Wang’s pretty rich, isn’t this an X7?"

"Hehe." Wang Fei focused on her driving, "Did you want to say that this is the same type of car as Luo Meina’s?"

Wang Fei had hit the target precisely. Zhao Yu had actually been thinking that. He had been so focused on the Lost Hand Case, and instinctively connected the car to Luo Meina’s BMW. The two cars were the same type, and even the colors were the same!

"I couldn’t tell. Not only is Department Leader Wang good at examining dead people, but she can also examine the living pretty well too!" Zhao Yu complemented her, "Actually, I just wanted to know, how can I get to be as rich as you?"

"Easy!" Wang Fei said simply, "Find a rich husband, and make him your ex-husband!"

"Oh….Hah!" Zhao Yu realized the meaning behind her words. As the two joked, the car had already stopped in front the door of Da Feng Ge Fruit Co.

Seeing the charming Wang Fei in front of him, Zhao Yu licked his lips, "Uh…Department Leader Wang! I don’t have anyone at my house, do you want to come in and sit for a bit? If you need to improve your corpse examination skills, I can pretend to be a corpse. Feel free to touch!"