Chapter 61: Great! Amazing! Thank you!

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

Chapter 61: Great! Amazing! Thank you!

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This had to be something from the Miracle System!

Sitting in Qu Ping’s car, Zhao Yu’s mind continued to ponder his situation. Ever since the Miracle System, everything that he would have attributed to coincidence were no longer coincidences! First his nerve-wracking experience pretending to be Jiang Xiaoqing’s father, then Qu Ping’s sudden appearance! Both had to be related to the system!

Not only was it the weekend, but it was also Zhao Yu’s resting day. He did not have to go to work, so when Zhao Yu got in Qu Ping’s car, he could only assume that it was some sort of emergency case, and Qu Ping was taking him along to investigate!

"Tsk, tsk…" Zhao Yu kept smacking his lips, thinking to himself, "The Lost Hand Case was just solved, there couldn’t be another huge case, right? How can I live like this?!"

But as the white Subaru crossed the road, Zhao Yu suddenly realized that something was wrong. Why was Qu Ping driving her own car? Police officers drove police cars when doing an investigation, right? He had heard that Team Leader Qu’s Subaru was only a week old. It did not even have a license plate! If this was related to some sort of police business, why would she drive her own car?

"Also if this is an investigation, why would she get me when she has so many agents on team B?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. "Also…" Zhao Yu looked at Team Leader Qu carefully, and saw that she was wearing a new police uniform, looking quite attractive. Not to mention, some light makeup, and there was even...lipstick?! "Huh?! What’s with today?! Are pigs flying today?"

Zhao Yu’s eyes widened as he stared at Qu Ping, still in disbelief. Usually Team Leader Qu Ping did not care about her appearance, and always looked a bit rough. He had not thought that she would look that good once she had cleaned herself up!

"What? Something on my face?" Qu Ping felt the Zhao Yu’s stare, and asked without turning to him.

"No!" Zhao Yu pondered seriously, and felt it was better to focus on the main topic.He asked, "We…where are we going, sis?"

"Master detective!" Qu Ping shook her head, and spoke very seriously, "Can you please check your phone more often? I have already sent it to you over message!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu pulled out his phone, and there really was a message. Qu Ping had sent information to him, telling him that they were going to the City Council for a commendation ceremony, which asked them to report at the City Council building before 10 o’clock.

"What? Commendation?!" Zhao Yu grinned, the word "commendation" felt so foreign to him. In his previous life, he had never even gotten a merit certificate in elementary school. Once he started living on the street, any chance of some award was even further away!

"I tracked your location and saw you were sitting at home, and guessed that you hadn’t seen the message," Team Leader Qu Ping spoke in a neutral tone, "so, I decided to come by, but ran into you on the street! You seemed so relaxed, where were you going?"

"Oh…I wanted to eat sheep paomo!" Zhao Yu spoke honestly, "I didn’t see the message at all! This stupid phone’s awful. I’ll get a new one later!"

"No need!" Qu Ping spoke, "A new set of phones made for the Special Police Force has just arrived from the higher-ups. We’ll get it soon! Messages are encrypted, and even data is free! If you still can’t get messages, then that’s your problem!"

"Oh? It’s free?" Zhao Yu complimented her, "Thank God for Team Leader Qu’s information, otherwise I would’ve wasted money! Oh, right, what does it mean to accept a commendation? Why am I getting one? Are they going to give me a huge diploma, and give me a huge award flower?"

When he was accepting his commendation at the Qinshan Police Security Bureau, Zhao Yu felt a little dizzy. He had never had that sort of experience in either of his lifetimes. Branch leaders, city council leaders, and even some provincial level leaders were all present. There was a sea of people and reporters everywhere. Cameras flashed from all angles, and the bright lights never stopped. The cameras stunned Zhao Yu and made him feel dizzy.

Apparently, the reason why this commendation ceremony was so grand was because it was during the anniversary of the formation of the Qinshan Police Station. Other than giving out awards for excellent police officers and police stations, the higher-ups had also decided to give key units and personnel in the Taser Rape Case and Lost Hand Case commendations as well.

After Rongyang district’s Station Leader Zhou accepted his award as the branch representative, Qu Ping and Zhao Yu stepped up together. For leading the two cases, Qu Ping obtained many honorary awards, like certificates. But for Zhao Yu it was different. The higher-ups stated that investigator who was directly responsible for capturing the culprit should be rewarded with more than just honorary awards, and receive some material awards. Thus, not only was Zhao Yu given a sash, and two honorary certificates from a provincial level leader, but he also received two very real checks!

Zhao Yu opened them, and his eyes widened. "Wow! Holy sh*t, this much?!" He had not expected that whatsoever. One was for 20,000 yuan, and the other was for 8,000. Added together it was was 28,000 yuan!

Zhao Yu had heard of that before, but he had not expected it to be real! Catching the culprit had really earned him money? It was no wonder every time a new culprit appeared, all of the investigators got more energetic.

Catching criminals also had a large risk attached to it, which was why the Qinshan Police Team had that sort of reward system. But solving a large case was usually a team effort. After the case, the reward money was also evenly split between the entire team. But Zhao Yu’s situation was a little special. Both the Taser Rape Case and Lost Hand Case had been solved single handedly by him, so the reward money obviously only went to him.

Holding the check in his hand, Zhao Yu felt even dizzier, like he was floating. Maybe if he extended his arms, he could fly.

He had grabbed the award, walked off stage, and after Station Leader Zhou spoke to him, he could not remember a thing. He only remembered three words, "Great! Amazing! Thank you!" Actually, Station Leader Zhou had not been praising him, but scolding him quietly. "How can you show up to an event like this not wearing your uniform? Your hair is messy like some kind of delinquent too, are you trying to make us lose face?" But Zhao Yu was still laughing like an idiot, and even excitedly shook the station leader’s hand, "Great! Amazing! Thank you!"

On their way back, Zhao Yu was sitting in Team Leader Qu Ping’s Subaru. He caressed the check in his hand, and felt like he was still floating. He could not imagine that solving two cases back to back had earned him an award, and so much money as well! That kind of life was not bad at all! Especially when he had gone up to accept the reward, he had even feel a small amount of pride and satisfaction!

Being a police officer was actually pretty interesting! Not only could you make money and look good, but you could also catch bad guys. It was much better than his old life!

"Alright! If it’s like this, then I’ll just keep doing it! To those who have already committed a crime, and to those who are about to, you’d better be careful!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. By that point, he could not help but start humming a tune.

"Zhao Yu," Qu Ping turned towards the proud Zhao Yu and sighed, "before I had really underestimated you!"