Chapter 62: Using Violence to Curb Violence

Chapter 62 of 100 chapters

Chapter 62: Using Violence to Curb Violence

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Due to the warm temperature, Qu Ping took off her police uniform once she got in the car, revealing a thin red sweater which made her look very ladylike. "Ever since the Taser Rape Case, you seem like a different person!" Qu Ping spoke openly about what her instincts were telling her. As a police officer, she was highly sensitive to such matters, "You weren’t like this in the past! I’m really suspicious of your identity!"

"Keke…" Faced with Team Leader Qu’s suspicion, Zhao Yu replied randomly without much thought. He pretended to be fearful and said, "I’ve finally been figured out by you! Team Leader Qu is indeed a top detective! Let me tell you the truth, I’m a person who looks exactly like Zhao Yu, but the original Zhao Yu was killed by me. His body is hidden in...mmm...inside my fridge!"

Qu Ping could not help but frown, and felt very annoyed.

"Oh, how about…" Zhao Yu pushed her further, "I tell you another fact? I time-traveled here! I was a murderer on death row. After I was executed, I time-traveled to Zhao Yu’s body! I took over his body and controlled his spirit...wahaha, what do you think, does that sound more logical?"

Qu Ping had already been angered by Zhao Yu’s words. She held on tightly to the steering wheel and was breathing heavily. "Zhao Yu, can’t you be a little more serious?" Qu Ping suppressed her anger, "I saw your method solving the Lost Hand Case, and I admit you do have certain potential in some areas, but you can’t always do things your own way!

"I heard what happened yesterday, " Qu Ping tried to talk like a big sister, "I have no idea what you were thinking? You actually beat people up in the police station! That was really stupid!"

"Why? They filed a complaint against me?" Zhao Yu asked with disdain.

"If they actually complain, you’ll be in big trouble!" Qu Ping said angrily, "Zhao Yu, listen to my advice, stop doing things your own way! As a policeman, you should be enforcing the laws. How could you use violence to curb violence? You should really control your temper…"


Qu Ping had been distracted by lecturing Zhao Yu, when a man suddenly appeared in front of the car! Startled, Qu Ping stepped hard on the brakes, but the man still hit the bumper of the car and was violently tossed away from the car!

"Ah!?" Qu Ping’s face turned white. She had never hit someone before!. She hastily opened the door and got out of the car! Outside of the car, she saw a middle aged man in sports attire lying in the corner of the crosswalk.

"Oh dear, are you okay?" Qu Ping was terrified and rushed toward the man.

"Arghh," The man turned his head over and groaned, "do you know how to drive? You almost killed me! Arrghh…"

"Don’t worry, I’ll call an ambulance now! Just hang in there!" Qu Ping hastily took out her phone and wanted to call 120, but the man waved his hand and said, "Big sis, hold on, let me see if I can stand up!" He held onto the curb of the road and stood up shakily; however, just as Qu Ping went to support him, he fell and sat on the curb.

"Arrgh…" He massaged his lower back and bared his teeth at Qu Ping, "Big sis, I can tell that you are a decent person. Since I have some urgent matters to attend to today, I’ll just say that I was simply unlucky today! You can give me some money, and I’ll go see a doctor myself!"

Qu Ping was a police officer, and while she had been distracted while driving, so that she was uncertain if she had really hit the man, it seemed more likely that the man was faking his injuries, and that he was likely a con artist!

"How can we do that?" Qu Ping said, "You have to go to the hospital for a checkup. Don’t worry, I’m a police officer so I won’t run away! If that’s not possible, there’s a special examination room in our unit’s forensic department. We can also go there!"

The man was startled the moment he heard that Qu Ping was a police officer; however, after thinking for a bit, he said without any fear, "Big sis, take a look if you don’t believe me…" The man lifted up his shirt and his lower back really was red and swollen!

Qu Ping had no idea what to do! Since her car was new, it did not have a dashboard camera. Also, it really did seem that she had hit him!

"I don’t care whether you are a police or not, " the man said with a sullen face, "it’s a fact that you hit me! A police officer, just like anyone else, has to take responsibility after hitting someone, right? I’m doing this for your own good. You can pay me some money and I’ll go to a doctor myself! Or you can call for an ambulance and drag me to the hospital. But let me warn you first, your car does not have a license plate yet, so your insurance is invalid. If I go to the hospital, you should know how much it will cost you!"

Qu Ping looked up at the surrounding area. It was Qinshan City’s new district and the road infrastructure was still incomplete. Although there was a surveillance camera installed at the junction, there was no guarantee that it was already in use. Also, the man had indeed landed on her car, so even with the surveillance footage, she may not be able to prove that he was trying to scam her! However, Qu Ping was no fool. The man sounded professional, and it was obvious he was trying to scam her, but Qu Ping had no way out!

"Big sis, I only need two-thousand yuan, and you won’t have to take any responsibility!" The man’s face was not in any pain, but looked sombre, "If we go to the hospital, the MRI alone will be an exorbitant amount of money! What if I also have hypertension and heart disease?"

"Well…" Qu Ping clenched her fist in anger. Although she knew that he was a detestable experienced scammer, she felt helpless.

At that moment, Zhao Yu, who was in the passenger seat, was very relaxed. He had helped Qu Ping turn off the car engine before switching on the radio. He continued lying in the seat and watched the show happening in front of him with interest. Zhao Yu was well aware of that kind of trade. From the moment the man had been hit, he already knew that they had met a scammer! New car, no license plate, no dashboard camera, no surveillance camera around, and a wide road. It was the perfect place for a scammer to strike! Also, it was around noon. What was a person in sports attire doing in the wilderness? Going jogging in the graveyard?

Zhao Yu had thought that Qu Ping, being a team leader of the Key Case Investigation Unit, would be able to settle scammers like the man; however, Qu Ping had been forced to comply with the scammer, and even reached for her wallet to make money out.

Zhao Yu sighed and thought to himself, "My dear Team Leader Qu, I can't heed your advice anymore. Today I'm gonna show you how to use violence to curb violence!"