Chapter 63: Can Be What Again?

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

Chapter 63: Can Be What Again?

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Even though Zhao Yu was very familiar with what the con artist was trying to do, compensation scamming, he had never done it himself. In the eyes of people from the streets, compensation scamming was considered low-level extortion and was looked down upon. Even some minor delinquents did not care for it. Usually those who did compensation scamming had a group of people, but nobody who really had their back. They tended to jump between places, and take whatever they could get, but did not dare stay in an area for too long. Those people were clearly skillful, however. Using Qu Ping as an example, the scammer had made it seem very realistic that he had been hit. No matter who saw it, they would have believed that the car had really hit him!

But the guy was trying too hard. His body been hit very violently, but he was completely unharmed. The wound on his back had nothing to do with Qu Ping’s car, but had been caused by self-harm, by letting his own group hit him! Those people would do anything for money. The degree they would go to was almost perverted.

Although the current Zhao Yu was a police officer, he had been a gangster in his old life. Seeing that type of thing, he could not help but feel like he was back on the streets. Not to mention, it was Qu Ping who was being extorted. Zhao Yu flipped through Qu Ping’s car, trying to find a metal lock or a stick or something, but Qu Ping’s car was empty. He could only clench his fist and walk out of the car.

It was 12:10 in the afternoon and the location was very remote. Other than an occasional cars passing by, there were not any people watching. Zhao Yu looked around and quickly found that on the other side of the street there was a motorcycle parked in the bicycle lane. On the motorcycle was a fat man and a skinny man, carefully watching the con artist. Needless to say, those two were definitely the con artist’s partners.

"Can you ask for just a little less?" After some conversation, Qu Ping had already give up and started negotiating, "What exactly is wrong with you? We should be honest with each other. If you cross the line, I’ll take you back to the police station!

"Sis, I’ll be as shameless as I need to, you can do whatever you want!" At the moment, the man in the sports outfit had already showed his true colors and spoke fearlessly, "But I’ll tell you right now, I really do have heart problems. If you take me to the police station, I might have a heart attack and die in front of your door…" As the man in the sports outfit savagely threatened Qu Ping, he raised his head and suddenly saw a man get out of the car, walking aggressively towards him.

The con artist had not realized that there was a man in the car. He could not help but think, "If there was someone else in the car, why didn’t he get out earlier?" Unfortunately, the poor con artist did not have time to realize what was happening. From the moment Zhao Yu was in front of him, his fate had been already set in stone!

Zhao Yu said nothing and pushed Qu Ping away with his left hand, and with his right hand, slapped the con artist clean across the face.


The sound of the slap was crisp and loud, resounding through the entire street.

"Ah?!" The man in the sports outfit yelled out in shock, "You…how can you hit people?!"


The second slap followed immediately. Even though the man in the sports outfit tried to block it with his hand, he still staggered to the side, blood flowed down the side of his mouth.

"Aiya?!" The man in the sports outfit was confused by the attack. As he tried to fight back, Zhao Yu snatched him by the collar!


The third slap was even more solid, sending the man in the sports outfit dow on the ground. Four or five teeth came out of his mouth!

"Zhao Yu?! You?!" Even as one of the Team Leaders in the Key Case Investigation Unit, Qu Ping was intimidated by Zhao Yu’s brutal behavior! She hurried forward and grabbed Zhao Yu, trying to restrain him.

The con artist’s two partners saw the situation turn south, and quickly roared as they ran over.

Zhao Yu signaled at Qu Ping and asked calmly, "Team Leader Qu, did you bring handcuffs today?"

Qu Ping was surprised and responded quickly," No! Today I didn’t take the police car!"

"What about this?" Zhao Yu made a finger gun, asking if she had brought her gun.

Qu Ping shook her head even harder, and noted that the trip had not been for an investigation, "Why would I bring a gun?"

Zhao Yu sighed and shook his head in disappointment, then exclaimed, "Fine, then stand to the side!"

As he spoke, the two partners, one fat and one thin, had already rushed in front of Zhao Yu. The fat one who lead the charge as he roared, "Stop! Do you want to die…"

The fat man had just started talking when Zhao Yu snatched his collar, and aimed his other hand straight for his crotch. Then, with a bit of force, he lifted the heavy man straight into the air. Using the momentum from the lift, Zhao Yu turned and threw the fat man to the side. There were some iron fences by the street, and with a loud slam, the fat man’s back hit the fence. Immediately, the fat man fell face first into the ground, causing dust to fly up when he landed.

"Ah?!" The remaining skinny man had wanted to raise his hand and hit Zhao Yu, but seeing how violent Zhao Yu was, he did not dare to move.

He did not move, but Zhao Yu did not care. With two hands, he grabbed at the man’s chest, then flipped him straight into the air, and hurled him at the trashcans in the street. The trashcans could not take such force, and fell on their sides like bowling pins. The skinny man rolled over a few times from the force, then laid still at Zhao Yu’s feet! Within a few short seconds, all three of the con artists had been taken out. Each of them laid on the ground moaning and squirming in pain.

Zhao Yu looked down, and saw that despite losing a few teeth, the man in the sports outfit had tried to stand up again. Zhao Yu walked forward and lifted the man up by his shirt, and with a smooth swinging motion, he threw the con artist into a phone pole. Squealing like an injured animal, the man in the sports outfit laid on the ground, completely still.

"Ah?!" This time, Qu Ping was truly scared. She stepped forward to stop Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu simply waved back at her, then pretended to act properly as he saluted at her, "Reporting in, three criminals had been restrained. I am here to report to the higher-up, please capture them and close the case!"

"Oh…" Qu Ping’s brain was in a state of chaos, and she even started using English, "What?!"

"Don’t you see that they’re all murder suspects?!" Zhao Yu feigned sternness as he yelled, then grouped the three con artists together, locking their arms behind their back. "Now, listen to me. You guys have been arrested for murder and running from the scene of the crime!" Zhao Yu pulled out his police badge and yelled at the three, "You guys have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be…can be…" Zhao Yu raised his head and asked Qu Ping, "Can be what again?"

Qu Ping was still stunned, unable to respond.

"Whatever!" Zhao Yu slapped the back of the fat man’s head, "Oh, right, I’ll add more to your crimes. Lying to police officers, how could you do that? At least have some legal knowledge. Lying to police officers is at least three years in jail! Muwahaha, come with us quietly to the police station now!"