Chapter 64: The Scammers Got Scammed!

Chapter 64 of 100 chapters

Chapter 64: The Scammers Got Scammed!

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"Reporting to headquarters!" Zhao Yu held his broken phone and toyed with the three scammers. "The three suspects have been caught, please send help! the process the three suspects retaliated with violence and assaulted the police officer. They were malicious and caused serious injuries to the senior officer and myself. Yes, yes, you can send an ambulance as well!"

Zhao Yu’s words were too dramatic and the scammers did not believe him; however, when they saw Zhao Yu’s police badge and the uniform Qu Ping had taken out of the car, they could no longer doubt the pairs’ identity.

"Officer!" The fat man, who seemed to be the leader of the con artists, said to Zhao Yu with a gloomy face, "you were the one attacking us! We saw it! We did not assault any police officers!"


Without allowing any explanation, Zhao Yu hit the back of the fat man’s head, and the guy grimaced in pain. "Stop your nonsense!" Zhao Yu shouted, "You have already caused internal injuries to our senior officer and myself. Let me tell you, our senior officer has diabetes in addition to hypertension and heart disease, and can faint at anytime! You better save your breath, and wait until we get to the hospital and have an MRI done first! You have the nerve to assault the police...assault the police...assault the police…" With every "assault the police," Zhao Yu gave him a slap. Although he did not use much strength, the fat man’s face still turned red!

"Big brother, you can’t be this unreasonable, right?" the man said gritting his teeth. "We really did not assault anyone! It was you who attacked us innocent and good citizens!"


Zhao Yu did not slap him again, but instead kicked the fat man to the ground, followed by a series of ten or more kicks, before the guy pleaded for his life, and Zhao Yu stopped again. Seeing Zhao Yu’s ferocity, the skinny man and the man in sports attire lowered their heads and did not dare to look.

"I think all of you are incurably stubborn!" Zhao Yu squatted down and said to the fat man, "Let me analyze the current situation for you! Listen up, our senior officer and myself were after a murderer who has escaped, and the three of you appeared here and obstructed us from arresting the criminal. After that, you even assaulted and injured both of us…" Zhao Yu stroked the back of the fat man’s head, and the man shuddered with fear. "Why don’t you tell me what happened since you understand the law so well. Let’s not talk about the possibility that you are a murderer’s accomplice right now. Firstly, are you able to bear the consequences for obstructing public service and assaulting police officers? Of course, you can find a lawyer to help you appeal, and you may not need to go to jail if you succeed, but if our senior officer has a heart attack now, then...tsk won’t be as simple as assaulting a police officer!"

After hearing Zhao Yu, the three con artists were all dumbfounded. They finally understood how to finesse someone! The three con artists were just rogues with insignificant backgrounds, and were different from influential local mafias. They had no true ability once faced with someone more unreasonable than themselves.

The fat man with the swollen face finally changed his tone and pleaded with Zhao Yu, "Big brother, big brother...we are in the wrong! Please be merciful and let us off this time! We won’t do it again!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu turned his head and took a glance at Qu Ping, who was already speechless.

Qu Ping had thought that Zhao Yu would agree to let the matter rest; however, she did not expect Zhao Yu to raise his hand and gave the fat man another slap! This slap was much harder than the previous ones, and the guy almost fainted! "Eh!?" Qu Ping was shocked and tried to stop him, but Zhao Yu did not bother.

He took the fat man and the man in sports attire, one in each hand, and dragged them to the front of the Subaru before he shouted, "Finished!? Finished with your sh*t?" Zhao Yu pointed at the bumper. "See this? You’ve damaged our senior officer’s car. It’s a new car! How shall we settle this?"

"Ah!?" The man in sports attire’s eyes bulged and he explained hastily, "Big brother,’s not damaged? Look, there’s not even a scratch?" Although he had lied about being hit by the car, the paint had not come off at all, and there was not even a scratch!

"Damn you!" Zhao Yu raised his leg and kicked the man in sports attire. He grabbed the fat man’s hair with his right hand, and pressed his head onto the bumper. "Something wrong with your eyes? You can’t see such a big scratch? Are you refusing to pay?"

"No, no, no…" The fat man trembled and cried out, "Big brother, big brother, I’ll pay, I’ll pay!!"

Zhao Yu finally let go of his head. As for Qu Ping, she was already at a loss for words! She still had not figured out how Zhao Yu had managed to scam the scammers!

The wheels turned and the white Subaru was on the highway once again. Zhao Yu handed Qu Ping two-thousand yuan from the con artists. Give a man a taste of his own medicine. Two-thousand yuan was exactly the amount that the con artists had asked for. Not only had the scammers not gotten any money, but they had lost two thousand yuan instead! However, Qu Ping would never take that kind of money. She shook her head furiously and refused to take it.

"Alright!" Zhao Yu had known that she would never take the money, so he put it into his pocket. "Since you don’t want it, let’s have drinks together some day. Ask your mister along!"

Qu Ping nodded her head initially, but shook her head shortly after, unable to speak a word. Her mind was spinning. On one hand, she was adamant to stop Zhao Yu’s atrocious behavior, but on the other hand she had no choice but to acknowledge, in silence, the result of Zhao Yu’s using violence to curb violence!

"Team leader Qu," Zhao Yu seemed to guess what was on Qu Ping’s mind and said to her, "to be honest, tit for tat is fair play. Actually, there is always a reason behind violence. Don’t worry! I know how far to go and when to stop!"

After arriving at Shunfeng Street, Zhao Yu went to the bank and deposited the check into his bank account. With the money he had gotten from Shao Jiaying, and the money he had gotten from the con artists, Zhao Yu’s total assets had exceeded one hundred thousand. He had not expected himself to gain so much wealth over a few days. Other than attributing it to good luck, Zhao Yu could not help but think of the Miracle System. Could those monetary gains be linked to the Miracle System? When he was looking at the records in his notebook, he made a surprising discovery!