Chapter 66: A Different Tool

Chapter 66 of 100 chapters

Chapter 66: A Different Tool

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"I did think about your idea, but it’s really just too difficult to do!" Jiang Xiaoqing said to Zhao Yu as she cut the watermelon, "It’s much more difficult to retrieve an account number than to hack one! Hacking is done randomly. I can strike as long as I can find a target by using loopholes! But retrieving a number is totally different!"

Zhao Yu had proposed that Jiang Xiaoqing stop hacking peoples, and start helping people retrieve their lost account numbers. Not only would she be able to earn money, but the money she earned would more honest than from hacking!

"You only have to promote it in your social circle, " Zhao Yu urged, "and you won’t have to worry about having no transactions! Helping people find their lost account numbers sounds quite meaningful too!"

"Officer Zhao, what I’m telling you is about the technical aspects. " Jiang Xiaoqing placed the slices of watermelon in front of Zhao Yu, "My technical skills have not reached the level where I can help people get back their lost numbers, I won’t be able to do it!"

Zhao Yu took a sip of beer and smiled, "I said we are partners! If I did not have a secret weapon, then why would I suggest that you to stop scamming? Let me tell you, I checked with the Internet Security Team today, and they have a software specially designed for internet account numbers. With that software, any lost number could be retrieved easily!"

"Oh? Really?" Jiang Xiaoqing thought about it but quickly shook her head, "Officer Zhao, don’t tell me you are gonna get the Public Security Bureau’s software just for me. That’s a much bigger crime than hacking accounts!"

"Do I look that dumb?" Zhao Yu took a bite of the watermelon and drank some beer, I can provide you with the software’s main framework and algorithms. I believe a master hacker like you should be able to program it yourself?"

Hearing this, Jiang Xiaoqing’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head seriously. However, after thinking about it more carefully, she frowned and said, "Even if I had that software, I would still be unable to get into the system! If I can’t get into the system, powerful software would still be useless!"

"Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu smiled cunningly, "I’ve already figured it out. We are real partners this time! Don’t worry! After you’ve handled the software, we can start to work!"

"You really have a solution?" Jiang Xiaoqing scarcely believed it, but she was very interested in Zhao Yu’s suggestion. She said to herself, "If we can really retrieve the online gamers’ lost accounts, there would be a big market for this business! Also, it would take much less time than hacking accounts! We’ll be able to do a few requests in a short amount of time!"

"Don’t be greedy. Although we’re doing something good, it is still something that shouldn’t be exposed!" Zhao Yu’s face grew dark, "You just need to earn enough for your mother’s medical bills, alright? Your midterm exams are coming up, so you still need to focus on your studies, understand?"

"Yes, understood!" Jiang Xiaoqing nodded her head, but her expression quickly changes and she asked in surprise, "Hey? Something’s not right, what’s wrong with you today? Why have you become a good person? Found your conscience?"

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu threw the watermelon skin into the trash can, "Since when was I ever a bad guy? Let me tell you, young girl, no matter what, I’ve been your dad before so I’m just hoping that my daughter has a bright future!"

"Oh please…" Although Jiang Xiaoqing pouted, she was smiling brightly.

Jiang Dafeng heard noises from downstairs and quickly shouted, "Xiaoqing? Are you okay? Did that unscrupulous cop do anything to you? Come down quick! Oh, don’t forget to get money from him for the watermelon…"

It was 10:30 at night, and Zhao Yu had just washed up and was getting ready for bed. The Miracle System in his brain finally sent a completion message. But it said something that Zhao Yu had not expected to happen! The system told him that the completion rate for his current adventure was 93%, and that he had received three tools as a reward!

"Wow!?" Zhao Yu was shocked since he had not thought that his completion would have been so high. Thinking back on what had happened that day, there were only three events which could be considered an adventure. One, he had pretended to be Jiang Xiaoqing’s dad! Two, he had received a prize at the police station! And three, scamming the scammers!

"Oh…" Zhao Yu realized that if his conversation with Jiang Xiaoqing was also considered an adventure, then it would make a total of four! Had he really performed that well?

"Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu started to think that there must have been some methodology behind it. He felt that other than the incident with the con artists, which had been a little extreme, he had basically done good deeds throughout the whole day! Could it be that the completion rate was high when he did good deeds?

"Ah, holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu touched his chin and thought to himself, "Don’t tell me that the system is forcing me to be a good person!?" He was unsure if he could become a good man after having been a ruffian for so long.

After opening the tools, there was another unexpected surprise. The new tool was an invisible analyzer! Zhao Yu had initially thought that it was nothing special, but after hearing about it, he could not help but whistle in admiration.

The invisible analyzer was able to analyze the components of any object and give a detailed introduction of it.

Shrewd as he was, a thought immediately occurred to Zhao Yu’s mind. If he used the invisible analyzer on antiques, would he be an antique appraiser? However, the invisible analyzer could only be used once on one object. He had three, so he could only analyze three items. It seemed that he had to continue getting high completion rates if he were ever going to get rich.

Zhao Yu tallied up the tools he had received since his grand adventure had started. There was one invisible tracking device, one invisible telescope, one multifunction key, five invisible lie detectors, and three invisible analyzers. He also recalled the unique features of the tools so that he could put them to good use in the future.

Zhao Yu was destined to get the best night of sleep since he had left his old life and became entered this one. The case had ended, he had made some money, and Jiang Xiaoqing’s issue, which had given him much grief, was beginning to be solved. How could he not sleep well?

However, regardless of how well he had slept, Zhao Yu woke up very early the next morning. He had three reasons for waking up so early. The first reason was that he wanted to wake up early to get his fortune from the Miracle System so that he could get a good start to the day’s adventure; the second reason was that the Key Case Investigation Unit was holding a small scale commendation, and Zhao Yu was the star since he had caught two culprits. Zhao Yu was very much looking forward to the third reason. Since he had settled all of his other problems, he had to start thinking about his lifetime happiness. He was going to go to the hospital to chase his old flame, Yao Jia!