Chapter 67: Who Should be Your Successor?

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

Chapter 67: Who Should be Your Successor?

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"Water and Mountain hexagram. Water of the abyss, Mountain of stillness, Water before Mountain." Hearing the difficult hexagram explanations, Zhao Yu did not understand anything except that his adventure that day had nothing to do with money. But because of the element of mystery, he was actually excited. Not knowing what to expect gave him a much higher expectation of what was to come.

At exactly eight that morning, Rongyang Branch’s award ceremony began. It was mostly to inspire other officers, so obviously it was not nearly as grand as the city office ceremony, and only the branch office personnel were supposed to attend; however, Bureau Chief Zhou Andong, Vice Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, who oversaw the Key Case Investigation Unit, leaders from various departments, and all the investigators from the Key Case Investigation Unit were attending this ceremony.

During the meeting, Bureau Chief Zhou first gave praise to Rongyang Branch from city officials. Then, he gave special praise to the members of the Key Case Investigation Unit for their exceptional performance, noting that the teamwork in the unit was crucial in solving two major cases back-to-back.

He praised Team Leader Qu Ping of Team B for her significant contribution to both cases, noting that had it not been for her strong leadership, the two cases would never have been able to be solved that quickly. But regarding the ace of the case, Zhao Yu, Bureau Chief Zhou merely mentioned him as a side note, saying that Zhao Yu and Qu Ping had been together when they received their awards. He did not mention what honor or award the two had received.

Obviously, Zhao Yu was unhappy. "What is this?" Zhao Yu thought. "Even though everyone contributed, I’m the one caught the criminal! Is that not worth mentioning at an award ceremony?"

As Zhao Yu sat there with his eyebrows knit, he suddenly saw Liu Changhu on the opposite side. The man was smiling menacingly at him, but when he saw Zhao Yu look at him, Liu Changhu stopped immediately.

"Something’s weird," Zhao Yu said to himself. Taking note of the situation before him, Zhao Yu instinctively realized something.

As expected, after Bureau Chief Zhou’s praises, he changed the topic and said to the group, "Everybody, listen up! I want to use this chance to make an announcement. I’d like to mention some changes in the personnel. Captain Jin Zhenbang has been in some discomfort lately, thus, the higher-ups have decided that Mr. Liu Changhu should take over as the Key Case Investigation Unit’s captain for now. Because Mr. Mao Wei is still recovering from his injuries, his job will be temporarily be taken over by Mrs. Peng Xin. Due to Team Leader Qu Ping’s excellent performance, in addition to continuing as Team B Team leader, she will also take over as the Vice-Captain."

Hearing the three changes, the investigators could not help but make a small commotion. The reason was mostly because everyone felt that Captain Jin’s resignation was all too sudden.

Discomfort? The elderly man was very healthy, how could he be in discomfort? Also, discomfort was not really a warrant for resignation, right?

"Comrades!" Seeing the discussions going on, Bureau Chief Zhou quickly silenced the group with a hand gesture. "As I’ve already said before, these changes are all temporary, they’re unofficial! Captain Jin is only taking a temporary leave, if he can recover quickly, he may be back on the job soon!"

"Right, Right!" Vice Bureau Chief Luo Xiaoxiao was an experienced leader. She quickly took off from where the Bureau Chief’s had stopped. "Everyone can probably see that Changhu, Pengxin, and Qu Ping can all be called the aces of our team in terms of experience and ability. I believe that these three will do well in their new role! Hopefully everyone can still cooperate well, and win our branch office even more honor!" As she finished, she started to clap, and lead everyone else into it as well.

Afterwards, as the temporary captain, Liu Changhu took his own job oath, and obviously said frivolous things like that he would work hard, be loyal to the job, etc. What was originally an award ceremony had ended up like some sort of oath ceremony instead. It was very boring for Zhao Yu. Weather it was being ignored by the bureau chief, or the change in personnel, Zhao Yu did not care.

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "You guys do what you want, I’ve already gotten the award money. Praise or not, encouragement or not, I’ll just still crack my own cases, catch myself some culprits, and earn myself some more money!"

As soon as the leaders left the area, the Key Case Investigation Unit investigators exploded in a series of commotion. People were already asking each other, "What happened to Captain Jin? Did he get sick? Is that why we haven’t seen him in a few days?" But even with everyone asking, no one truly had an answer, no one knew what had happened to Captain Jin Zhenbang.

People of Team B all surrounded Qu Ping, and pushed her to treat everyone for dinner as they congratulated her promotion to vice captain.

The people of team A surrounded Peng Xin instead, and demanded to know how much she had bribed the officials. Peng Xin looked confused, and explained repeatedly that she had not known anything! She had not given anybody any gifts, or even said hello to anyone!

Among the many investigators, there were also many who were worried about Zhao Yu. Zhang Jingfeng was one of them. He patted Zhao Yu on the shoulder and asked in a small voice, "Bro, your sworn enemy is the captain now, you have to be careful. That guy is very vengeful! The day I saw him at the finance department when he went to pay your 1800 yuan, he looked so scary, like he was going to kill someone!"

"Yeah, yeah!" Li Beini was equally worried. "Now that Liu is the captain, he’ll definitely try to do something to you! Senior, how about you take a few days off and try to avoid him?"

"Hehehe…" Zhao Yu laughed. "Don’t worry, I have my ways. If he doesn’t bother me, I won’t bother him, but if he dares to try something with me, just watch how I’ll take care him!"

Zhao Yu could not care less about Liu Changhu. Compared to his own happiness, Liu Changhu was not worth a dime. At the moment, his highest priority was to figure out how to date Yao Jia!

At the Qinshan City General Hospital, in the bone oncology ward, Captain Jin Zhenbang was sitting straight up in the hospital bed. Beside the hospital bed, the captain of the city economics investigation department, Liao Jingxian.

Liao Jingxian held his teacup, enjoying his cup of oolong tea as he inquired, "How is it, Jin? Can’t let go of your investigation team?"

"I’ve been doing this all my life!" Captain Jin sighed, "I’d be lying if I said I could give it all up!"

"Alright, don’t get so emotional! You should let it go, and let the youngsters figure it out!" Captain Liao tried to comfort him, "Don’t be stubborn, I’ve always wanted to ask you, who do you think should be your successor? Is it Liu Changhu or Qu Ping? Or maybe Mao Wei?"

Hearing the question, Jin Zhenbang’s expression turned exceptionally stern. He lowered his head and contemplated for a long time before he seriously said, "I say, there is only one person who’s appropriate, and that is Zhao Yu!’