Chapter 68: Someone Is Thinking of Me?

Chapter 68 of 100 chapters

Chapter 68: Someone Is Thinking of Me?

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"Are you sure? Jin, you don’t tell jokes!" Captain Liao was shocked, "I’ve heard of Zhao Yu, and I also met him at yesterday’s commendation. Although he nabbed two criminals and got a reward, I’ve heard that his character is not good, and even the people at the city bureau are talking about this gangster detective now! You actually think so highly of him?"

"Liao," Captain Jin looked very serious, "although there’s some problem with the kid’s conduct, he has the drive and fortitude that no one else has. I seem to see our younger selves in him! Do you remember what they used to call us at the local police station?"

"Beast! Hahaha, you nostalgic old man!" Captain Liao laughed, "That’s right, police like us had to act like beasts in order to intimidate the criminals, we had to be more ferocious than them! But times are different now, criminals these days are no longer all brawn and no brains. Catching criminals does not only depend on having courage, I would think an agent like Qu Ping would be more reliable?"

"Qu Ping and those guys have the ability but lack boldness and determination! You shall see!" Captain Jin was firm with his opinion, "Zhao Yu will surprise both of us!"

"I beg to differ. " Captain Liao smiled, "But you know Liu Changhu’s character and background better than me. I think Zhao Yu will be forced away by him before you are discharged!"

"A real man knows when to take a piece of humble pie and when to hold his head high," Captain Jin spoke with dignity, "suffering a little grievance will aid in better development!"

"I’m just afraid that your chosen successor will refuse to eat any humble pie!" Captain Liao said, "If he acts rashly and does outrageous things, there won’t be any chance to!"

"That’s true!" Captain Jin nodded his head and pondered, "But...come to think of it, Liao, I heard that you are gonna be promoted to deputy station chief soon, please help me look after these people under me! Especially Zhao Yu, if he has any signs of going astray, do remember to guide him back on the right path!"

"Don’t worry!" Captain Liao agreed, "Although you always act all high and mighty in front of your agents, I know you are worried about them! As for that Zhao Yu, I can’t guarantee anything, but I’ll do my best. But I really wanna see what kind of surprises he will give me in future!"

"Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!!" Zhao Yu sneezed consecutively three times and could not help but think, "Is someone thinking of me or do I really have a cold?" Dismissing that thought, he raised his phone up high and aimed the camera at a man whose face had been badly beaten up, "Stand still, look at the camera, open your eyes!"

The man’s eyes had been beaten up and swollen by Zhao Yu. How was he still able to open them? He leaned against the wall in fear and begged softly, "Big brother, we are wrong! We are really wrong! Please let us go!" The man was the blonde guy who had extorted money from Zhao Yu at the police station. Beside the blonde were his four accomplices who had also been cruelly bashed to the ground by Zhao Yu and were groaning in pain!

They were in a deserted corner in Yuxi Alley and the blonde guy had a signboard in front of him with the words, "STOP HERE FOR ECSTASY" on it. A bag of jelly beans was taped below the signboard.

Click! Click! After Zhao Yu took the pictures, he waved his hand and ordered, "Alright, next one, yes...give him the signboard!" The blonde guy did not dare to disobey and hastily passed the signboard and jelly beans to the next little punk. Zhao Yu took a photo for them one after another.

"Alright, task completed!" Zhao Yu shook his phone and said to the punks, "Just wait for an arrest warrant, after it’s approved I’ll invite you for tea at the police station!"

"Big brother!" The blonde grabbed the bottom of Zhao Yu’s trousers and cried, "I really know that I’m in the wrong! Your money, 10,000 yuan! See, I’ve gathered the amount for you!"

The young punk at the side limped and passed a paper bag to Zhao Yu, "Yes, Big Brother, please count, 10,000 yuan exactly! We have already gathered the remaining amount! I beg you, please take it!"

"Damn you!" Zhao Yu stared hard and raised his hand, wanting to smack him. The young punk was freaked out and quickly cowered. All of the punks looked in despair as Zhao Yu opened his wallet and dug out another stack of bills!

"There! This is 2,000 yuan!" Zhao Yu placed the money in front of the blonde guy, "Listen, take this first, I’ll give you more if it’s not enough!"

"Oh my goodness gracious!" the blonde knelt in front of Zhao Yu and begged him, "Big brother! Do you want me dead!? I surrender, please don’t slap me anymore. My face hurts even if your hand doesn’t! It’s gonna cost me my life! I’m begging you!"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu shouted, "Don’t worry! I’m not slapping you this time. This is your commission! I need you to help me do something now, if it’s done properly, I’ll delete the photos immediately and guarantee that I will not disturb you again! What do you think?"

"I...I…" The blonde mustered up courage and looked up, "re-really? Big brother, what do you want us to do for you?"

"Wahahaha…" Zhao Yu laughed at the punks and said, "Pack up and come with me to the city hospital!"

An hour later, Zhao Yu held a bouquet of flowers and arrived in good spirits at Qinshan City Hospital’s orthopaedic ward. The young punks from Yuxi Alley followed him from far behind, and were ready to receive instructions from their new chief.

Zhao Yu went straight to the nurses station to find out if the head nurse, Yao Jia, was around. Unexpectedly, he saw a group of doctors, nurses, and even patients crowding at the nurses station discussing something. After he managed to squeeze into the crowd, he saw that the ground was impressively decorated with fresh flowers! They were fiery red roses that looked extremely magnificent!

"Jiajia, these 999 roses are for you, hope you like them!" In front of the roses was a handsome young man in name brand suit looking at Yao Jia, smitten with love. On the other side of the roses was Yao Jia in her nurse uniform, holding a medicine tray. However, Yao Jia was frowning and looked very troubled.

"Hao Jiajun! You-you can’t do this!" Yao Jia felt embarrassed, "This is a patient ward, and you are affecting our work! There are many patients waiting for us!" We don’t really know each other that well, right?"

"Miss Jiajia!" The man called Hao Jiajun was head over heels in love, "That is not important, I’ve been captivated by you since the first time I saw you! You are the perfect goddess in my heart! Believe me, this isn’t me being impulsive. I swear that I will spend my entire life caring for you! So, Miss Yao Jia, will you be my girlfriend!?"