Chapter 69: Damsel in Distress…?

Chapter 69 of 100 chapters

Chapter 69: Damsel in Distress…?

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People started muttering among themselves. The nurses were all throwing jealous glances at Yao Jia: 999 roses and a rich kid head over heels for her? In their eyes, it was like Yao Jia had just won the lottery. But Yao Jia’s face showed nothing but confusion, and even a bit of disgust.

"Hao Jiajun, don’t be like that," Yao Jia was still holding the pill plate. "I don’t even know you, and you don’t know me, also I…"

"My dad is Hao Gang, President of the Rongtian Corporation. You’ve heard of him,I’m sure." Hao Jiajun’s introduction had caused everyone to be shocked. Rongtian Corporation was a leading enterprise in Qinshan. Everyone knew of them. They were even famous all around the country. The son of the president of the Rongtian Corporation was the cream of the crop even among rich spoiled kids. In the crowd’s eye, Yao Jia must have used her luck from the past few lives in order to have been courted by that kid!

"I’m talking about personality, we haven’t even talked before…" Yao Jia bit at her lip. She had no experience facing that sort of sudden intrusion, and was at a loss for what to do.

Zhao Yu, who was watching from the sidelines, already knew what was going on. He was thinking to himself, "Holy sh*t what a coincidence! Thank God I came today, otherwise, my dream girl would have been stolen by this idiot! Stealing my woman, how dare...hmm…but…oh…" Zhao Yu suddenly remembered that there was still a group of delinquents behind him! The reason why Zhao Yu had gone to find the blonde and his friends was so that they could pretend to bother Yao Jia, and then Zhao Yu would swoop in and save the damsel in distress! But from out of nowhere, that annoying rich kid had popped up, and suddenly Zhao Yu’s plans were ruined. Since an enemy had appeared, did Zhao Yu still need the blonde and his friends’ help?

Zhao Yu suddenly turned and shook his head at the blonde, signaling that the plan had changed, and that they should stay put. But the blonde was only focused on finishing the mission given to him by the devil police officer. In his agitation, he had thought Zhao Yu had signaled for them to move on with their plan. With a roar from the blonde, all of the delinquents rushed out from the stairs.

"Ah?!" Zhao Yu was stunned, and his forehead wrinkled. He kept making faces at the blonde trying to tell him to stay put, but the blonde was too focused on what he thought he was supposed to do, and did not even look at his boss as he rushed out!

Startled by the yelling, Yao Jia and the crowd all stared in confusion. Everyone stopped their discussion, making the delinquents’ shouting more prominent.

"Wahaha…" The blonde was the first to rush forward, no one dared to block him and they all moved to the side to make room for him. The blonde yelled out, "Tell me, Jia…wait, no, Yao Jia?! Who’s Yao Jia? Tell me!" The nurses and doctors looked at each other, the crowd was even more confused, even the spoiled Hao Jiajun was bewildered.

"That…that’s me…" Yao Jia answered weakly, then pointed at the blonde’s eye and asked gently, "Do…do you need some help…with that?"

The blonde’s eye was still swollen from when he had been slapped by Zhao Yu. He had to raise his chin and squint through his swollen eyelid to even look at people, appearing quite pitiful. Yao Jia’s was asking if he needed to have his eye taken care of.

"Huh? Shu-shut up!" The blonde recited his own lines to himself, then slapped his thigh and yelled, "You, that day, did you lose a bag? And then there was a camel, I mean, someone rode the camel and took your bag back?"

"Yeah…" Yao Jia took a second before nodding, a bit confused.

"Did you know? Because of your bag, how much we’ve suffered?" The blonde shouted, "We were all people who owned small stands in Yuxi Alley, and all of our goods were destroyed by that camel!"

"Oh…" Yao Jia’s eyes widened and she spoke in shock, "Did your eye get kicked by the camel? Why didn’t you say so earlier, come here, come. I’ll help you put some medicine on it!"

"Huh?!" The blonde had not expected Yao Jia’s strange reaction, and looked almost a little intimidated.

Zhao Yu started slapping himself in frustration. The entire situation was nothing but awkward for him.

"No!" The blonde finally reacted and yelled, "I…we’re here to make you pay for our losses! Our losses were caused by your bag, so you should pay for our losses!"



"Pay for us!" The delinquents continued in unison according to their lines, but also sounds a bit defeated. They knew in their heart that they were only acting, and that Zhao Yu would soon rush over and beat them all up.

"Pay? Pay for what?" Yao Jia was even more confused. She had not even finished taking care of the spoiled rich kid, and now suddenly there were people trying to extort money from her. What was going on?

"I thought it was something big, here, here…" Unexpectedly, the rich kid, Hao Jiajun spoke up. Without any hesitation, he took out his leather bag, then pulled out a few stacks of fresh bills!

"One, two, three, four, five," he counted and pulled out the bills. Because he had too many stacks to fit in his hand, he started handing them to the blonde directly. "Ten!" Hao Jiajun pulled out ten stacks and laughed as he continued, "100 thousand yuan, is that enough?"

"My…God…" The blonde held the ten stacks of bills in his hand as he stood there in a state of shock! Within that moment, his worldview, moral view, and outlook on life were all completely shattered. The delinquents beside him was even more thunderstruck, each of them could only stare, unable to speak.

"Aiyo, my God…" Zhao Yu was pulling at his hair in the crowd as he cursed at the idiot blonde and his friends. The damsel in distress situation had been destroyed! Not only had he not rescued the damsel, but they practically handed her to the rich kid! "Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!!"

But as the fiasco played out, the blonde, holding a huge wad of cash in his arms, started looking, craning his neck into the crowd, looking for something! He was, of course, looking for Zhao Yu, hoping to ask what he should do? Continue playing along or take the money and run? "My God…this is a whole 100-thousand yuan?!" he thought.

"Hm? What…not enough?" Hao Jiajun saw that the blonde was distracted, and raised his hands, "Okay, okay, just take it all!" As he finished speaking, he held his leather bag upside down. Another few wads of cash fell into the blonde’s arm, even a few ended up on the ground.

"This was my allowance money that I brought with me," Hao Jiajun clapped his hands. "If it’s not enough, tell me how much and give me your phone number; I’ll transfer the money to you guys!"

Suddenly the blonde felt his knees go weak, and his body lost its strength. The boy almost wanted to faint right then and there…