Chapter 70: Despicable Turn

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

Chapter 70: Despicable Turn

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"How could you do this?" Yao Jia pointed at the money the blonde was holding, and then at the rich kid, "Are you crazy? Are all of you crazy? You…why do you have to give them money? It’s not my fault! Camel! Oh, yes, your things were damaged by the camel, so get it from the camel. Why did you come and look for me?"

"..." The blonde was speechless. Yao Jia’s words sounded very familiar to him.

"Camel!?" The rich kid’s eyes lit up, and he made a promise to Yao Jia, "No problem, forget about one camel, I will buy you a whole zoo!"

"Oh my goodness, I’m gonna faint…what the hell is going on?" Zhao Yu knew that if he did not speak up, the situation would get even messier! He quickly squeezed through the crowd and rushed forward; however, he came to a halt after just two steps. He wondered how he would even start to clean up this mess! He was there to chase a girl! But with the sudden appearance of the rich kid, how would he even get to chase her? Also, how would he settle the issue of the blonde and the money? What a mess…

"No! No way!" Yao Jia shouted firmly at the blonde, "I’m warning you, return this money. I have nothing to do with this at all! Find the police if you want compensation!"

"Hey! It’s okay!" Hao Jiajun consoled her, "What’s a little bit of money? I can compensate for the whole alley, let alone the damaged items."

"Hey! Can you just keep quiet?" Yao Jia shouted angrily, "Quick, take back your money! You can’t give it to them!"

Hearing this, the blonde grasped the money tightly, unwilling to part with it. But his chief did not say anything and he was stuck in the middle of the situation. Just as the blonde raised his head, he quickly spotted Zhao Yu. He quickly signalled for his instructions on what to do with the money.

Zhao Yu knew that he could not stand back and do nothing anymore. He quickly winked his eyes and pouted his lips at the blonde.

"What? What do you mean?" The blonde could not understand Zhao Yu at all and blurted out anxiously. The people around him turned and looked at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu stuck out his tongue and thought to himself, "Is this what they mean by ‘dumb teammate’?"

"Eh?" Yao Jia’s eyes lit up when she saw Zhao Yu, and she pointed at him, "Hey? Isn’t that...that the something officer? Eh? What a…coincidence!"

Zhao Yu had been totally exposed. The crowd unanimously shifted to one side and gave him the spotlight.

"Holy sh*t…" Zhao Yu gritted his teeth. His face was pale white.

"Hey!" Yao Jia looked as though she had found her saviour and pointed out Zhao Yu to the blonde, "This police officer was the one who rode the camel! Look for him if you have any issues!"

"Ah!?" The blonde finally realized that he might have let the cat out of the bag. He shuddered at the thought of being slapped by Zhao Yu again. If he spoiled his chief’s plan, he would certainly be punished!

The rich kid turned and looked at Zhao Yu, feeling very upset, "Have I chosen the wrong day? Where did all these people come from?"

"Mmm…mmm…" Zhao Yu looked at Yao Jia, turned and looked at the rich man, and then at the blonde. After a long string of "mmm," he finally said something useful, "Hello everyone! I’m here to visit...the doctor!!"

The blonde dropped a few stacks of the bills onto the floor, and the other punks quickly knelt to pick them up. Yao Jia stared wide-eyed and did not know how to continue.

"Hmm…well…" Zhao Yu scratched his head, still holding onto the bouquet of flowers! This bouquet was obviously nothing compared to the 999 roses on the floor. "Miss Yao Jia…hello! Actually…well actually…" While Zhao Yu was stammering, his brain was thinking hard. Finally, his eyes landed on Hao Jiajun, and he thought of a childish idea!

But given the situation, Zhao Yu did not care if it was childish; anything was better than being exposed! With this thought, he rushed toward the blonde and hit him on the head with the bouquet. As the petals scattered, Zhao Yu shouted, "Huh! You little ruffians! Still wanna trick me? You think that I can’t tell that you’re all in this together!?"

"W-what?" The blonde was stunned and stared innocently at Zhao Yu through his swollen eyes, "What do you mean?"

"What do I mean? Do you wanna get beat up!?" Zhao Yu hit him again with the flowers and whispered in his ear, "Take the money and run!"

"Huh! Don’t think I can’t tell!" Zhao Yu turned and pointed at the rich kid, "All of you are in this together to cheat Miss Yao Jia! Rich kid? Cut the act!"

"Ah!? What!?" Yao Jia was shocked.

"Hey, who are you? What are you talking about?" Hao Jiajun was puzzled.

"Who am I?" Zhao Yu took out his police badge and shouted, "I am a police officer!"

The blonde finally reacted after hearing Zhao Yu shout, and signalled at the other punks before running off with the money.

"Don’t run, stop…" Zhao Yu pretended to give chase until the punks disappeared.

"Ah? What?" Hao Jiajun was truly puzzled and knitted his brows, "Didn’t they ask you for compensation?"

"Wahaha…" Zhao Yu laughed out loud, "You still wanna continue acting! Do you think we’re all fools? Those punks were hired by you to put on a show, who are you trying to kid?" Zhao Yu turned to Yao Jia, "Miss Yao Jia, please do not be fooled, those punks will return the money to him after this, so naturally he doesn’t need to go after them!"

"Oh…" Yao Jia realized what was going on and looked at Hao Jiajun with an entirely different expression.

"Eh? That’s not true?" Hao Jiajun started to understand the situation a little bit more, but he still could not figure out how he had suddenly become a swindler.