Chapter 73: Emergency Mission

Chapter 73 of 100 chapters

Chapter 73: Emergency Mission

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"Nine for the leader, one for the worker, these are the rules of the streets!" Within a quiet part inside Yuxi Alley, Zhao Yu was currently passing on his knowledge of the so-called rules of the streets. "I’m the boss, and you guys are the workers. Under normal circumstances, I should take 90%, and you all 10%! But since this was our first time working together, there’s usually some leeway. So, to show my sincerity, I’ll give you guys 20%!

"There’s nearly 170,000 yuan, so 20% is about 30,000 yuan." Zhao Yu pulled out five stacks of cash, then seriously continued, "Here’s 50,000, since there are five of you, so it’ll be easy to split! Just consider the extra money for fun! So…any complaints?"

The blonde and his friends were stunned. They had originally thought that they were going to get beat up, but the devil police officer not only had not hit them, but had even given them money! It was like money fell from the sky! How could they complain?

"Too much, too much! Last time you gave us 10,000 yuan, and another 2,000 this morning," The blonde very thankful, "I think that you should take some back! This really is too much!"

"Yeah, yeah!" The other delinquents licked their lips, but agreed in unison, "How about just 30,000 yuan, that’s more than enough! We didn’t do much anyway!"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yu’s face darkened, "If I tell you guys to take it, just take it. I’ll tell you guys now, if you guys continue to follow me from now on, there will be more of these opportunities. I guarantee it’ll be better than you guys roaming the alley by yourselves!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" The blonde quickly spoke, "We’ve truly been blessed! From now on, we’ll follow you, boss. If you need anything, feel free to call us! We will follow you through any difficulty without hesitation!"

"Yeah! Bro, please believe us!" As the delinquents spoke, they were ready to kneel in respect.

Zhao Yu quickly stopped them and yelled, "Alright, don’t do something so frivolous. Only once you guys got the money can you guys actually talk loyalty. Follow me, and you won’t regret it!" He continued, "But back to business, that rich kid isn’t just some easy target. If he’s serious, he might even trace this back to you guys! Next week, I think you guys should go somewhere else, back to your hometown or do something else. Wait until everything has passed then come back!"

"Yes! Everyone, listen to the boss!" The delinquents all nodded in unison.

"Idiots," Zhao Yu slapped the blonde’s hair with a wad of cash, "I’m a police officer, from now on, no matter who it is, you can’t tell them that we know each other, got it? Calling me boss! Are you trying to get me killed?"

"Oh right, right!" The blonde asked curiously, "Then do we just call you, police officer, bro?!" Pah! The boy earned himself another slap in the face as everyone laughed around them. Then, under Zhao Yu’s command, the few of them split the money and went their own way.

On the way back, Zhao Yu continued to ponder about Yao Jia. For some reason, his desire to chase after his old lover was nowhere near as strong as before. It was not because of the rich kid, not was it because Yao Jia said she already had a boyfriend, but because he felt that the Yao Jia of this world and the one he knew before were simply too different!

The Yao Jia who had shared her life with Zhao Yu was the type who was confident and bold, and believed in herself. Once she set her eye on something, she never looked back, and never regretted anything. When Zhao Yu was with her, he had felt that his entire life was more exciting—he felt truly alive.

But the Yao Jia he had just seen, who was a lead nurse, was entirely different. It was easy to see that this Yao Jia liked quietness over liveliness, almost a like an elegant flower. Even though she was beautiful, gentle, and proper, which was rare, Zhao Yu did not quite like those princess-y type of girls.

He gradually started doubting his decision to chase Yao Jia. Could it be that his choice was wrong to begin with? The Yao Jia now was not like the Yao Jia he had fallen head over heels for, just like how the current Zhao Yu, who had been a gangster, was not like the original Zhao Yu who was a police officer?

With such complicated feelings, Zhao Yu put all the money in the bank, then returned to the police station. It was already after four in the afternoon. When he walked through the gate to Team A’s office, everything was the same as usual. But inside the office, investigators ran through the office, phones rang non-stop.

"Huh? What’s happening?" Zhao Yu took a glance at the white board and saw it filled with new information. Without a doubt, the Key Case Investigation Unit got a new case!

He took large strides towards the white board. In the middle was a gruesome photo of a corpse. The body was bloated and pale, almost unrecognizable as a human being. To the right were the words written in pen, "Qinshan Water Reservoir Floating Corpse."

"Oh…" Zhao Yu remembered that from before. Department Leader Wang Fei from the forensics department had said that a corpse had been found in the Qinshan Water Reservoir. It looked like after the forensics department had done their autopsy, they had decided it was a murder case and were investigating!

"Qinshan Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case! Interesting!" Zhao Yu carefully followed the evidence on the whiteboard, and considered it excitedly. "Hehehe…here comes more money-making opportunities! Culprit, it’s already too late to beg for mercy, meeting the god of detectives, Zhao, your capture has been guaranteed! Just get yourself ready to be put in cuffs and taken away, muwahaha…"

"Yu! You’re finally back…" Seeing Zhao Yu, the substitute Team A Leader, Peng Xin, quickly came with a huge stack of documents. "Are you against me as a substitute team leader? First day I’m on the job and you disappear? I’m not Liu Changhu, so if you get me angry, I’ll actually mark you absent!"

"I’m sorry, I’m sorry!" Zhao Yu knew Peng Xin was joking and quickly followed suit, "Today I went to see my second aunt in the hospital, also made like 100-something grand!"

"Don’t try to be cheeky!" Peng Xin obviously did not believe him. She pointed at an office desk in a distance, "New phones have arrived from the higher-ups, yours is with Li Beini. Be sure to learn how to use it, it’s no joke, okay? Make sure to figure out how to use your phone in the least amount of time. Here," she handed Zhao Yu a slip, "this is the confidentiality agreement, hurry up and sign it! From now on, there’s no more ‘no signal,’‘can’t get message’ or any crap like that! Using your phone is enforced by law now. If you break that, it won’t just be a punishment, it could even end up as a legal issue!"

"Oh…good, good!" Zhao Yu signed the confidentiality agreement without a care, then quickly pointed at the white board, "Sis, is this a new case? Qinshan Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case, the name’s pretty intense. How about it, do you need me to investigate somewhere?"

"Oh…that!" Peng Xin smacked her lips, then said with some hesitation, "Yu! The case…don’t worry about it for now, I have something more important for you to take care of!"