Chapter 74: A Female Corpse in the Reservoir

Chapter 74 of 100 chapters

Chapter 74: A Female Corpse in the Reservoir

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"Big sis!" Zhao Yu held the training notice in his hands and asked Peng Xin with wide eyes, "Tell me, honestly, is this from that bastard Liu Changhu? Does he wanna set me up again?"

"You wanna die!?" Peng Xin’s temper was bigger than Zhao Yu’s, and she immediately fired back like a machine gun, "This is the city-level training for key police officers! Every station only has three spots and everyone’s fighting for it! You actually think this is a burden? And what about Liu Changhu?

"Do you know how much effort I put in to get you that spot? It was initially supposed to go to Mao from Team A, but he can’t go anymore! The higher-ups wanted to give it to other departments and I went crazy! I told them if they didn’t give it to Team A, I’d quit as team leader. Only then did they agree, understand!?"

"You didn’t see how Liu Changhu’s face turned red like a tomato when I nominated you for the spot. He kept objecting and said that since you have just become a full-fledged officer, we couldn’t let a kid like you go!"

"Afterwards I got into an argument with him. I pointed out that two major cases were both solved by you, and if the vacancy was given to anybody else, there would be numerous objections! That’s how you got the training opportunity!"

"But all you can think about is other people wanting to set you up? Damn! How could you say that without feeling any guilt? You ungrateful little brat, if I had known how you really felt, I wouldn’t have wasted my effort!"

Not only did Zhao Yu understood Peng Xin’s point, but he also searched through his memory for relevant information and quickly found that the training for key police officers was a very good opportunity. Only those who went through the training were qualified to be considered for Outstanding Agent of The Year. Every year, agents in the Key Case Investigation Unit tried all sorts of methods to get this training opportunity. There were even some who pulled strings or tried giving gifts to get their way. Zhao Yu had just become a full-fledged officer, so logically he would not have gotten the training opportunity! But Peng Xin had insisted and fought for him. What could he say?

"Ahhh…" Zhao Yu quickly smiled and apologized, "Don’t be angry, big sis, I was just joking! How about this, let’s go for some Mongolian mutton hotpot with your husband and kids, and I’ll get the bill, how about it?"

"Oh, please, quit it!" Peng Xin glanced at Zhao Yu. "Do you know how many cases I have right now? Also, you wanna make it up to me with just one Mongolian hotpot? Do you know who Team B nominated? Lan Bo! His stepfather is the City Bureau’s Chief of Finance! If I had not fought for you, you wouldn’t have gotten that spot even if you solved another ten major cases!"

"Yes, yes, yes! I know, big sis. You are great!" Zhao Yu quickly nodded and agreed. "Big sis, you are doing so much for my benefit! Big sis, you are so righteous! I’ll always remember your kindness. If your husband divorces you in future, I’ll definitely find you a better one!"

"Damn you!" Peng Xin gave Zhao Yu a push although she was laughing. Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, the whole team also burst out in laughter.

"But come to think of it," Peng Xin sighed, "if not for your previous performance, the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case would not have been given to our team. This time we have to solve it no matter what; we can’t let Team A mock us!"

"Yes! Big sis is right!" another agent said. "It’s time we fight back!"


"Let’s do it!"

The morale of the Team A agents greatly increased, and they were full of confidence!

"Yu! You can rest assured and leave the case to us!" Peng Xin said before leaving, "This training is very important. The branches from each district are competing with one another, so you have to do your best and not disgrace Rongyang District! Otherwise I don’t know how I could face the others!"

"Don’t worry!" Zhao Yu held the training notice and saluted. "I guarantee that I’ll chase all the policewomen from the other branches all the way to the bedroom!" The agents burst into laughter again, with the exception of Li Beini, who looked somber and uptight.

After speaking to Peng Xin, Zhao Yu quickly went to Li Beini to get his cellphone. He was surprised to see that the phone looked very ordinary with only the logo "Huawei" on it and nothing else. Li Beini told him that these cellphones were specially designed for agents in the Key Case Investigation Unit. They were designed to be similar than the ones that everybody used so that the agents could disguise themselves better.

Despite their plain appearance, the ability of the cellphones was very powerful. Other than the usual location tracking and encryption functions, they had a lot of high-tech software which aided in case investigation and the transmission of data. They also had unlimited data, which allowed them to access the internet anytime, and a massive amount of storage. They were as good as a top grade computer. Zhao Yu had wanted to buy a new cellphone, but since he had gotten one for free and saved money, he was elated and very pleased.

Li Beini introduced the main functions of the phone to Zhao Yu by using the instruction manual.

Zhao Yu realized that Li Beini looked a little different. She had applied makeup and dressed nicely. As she explained to Zhao Yu, she kept stealing glances at him while fidgeting, looking very nervous. Zhao Yu was aware that something was off and was prepared to handle it.

After Li Beini finished introducing the phone and suddenly brought up a new film in the movie theater, Zhao Yu changed the topic and asked, "Beini, could you tell me more about the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case?" He pointed at the whiteboard, "I didn’t make it for the case analysis today, my lousy phone…"

"Senior…" Li Beini shook her head helplessly, "I think I wasted my breath just now, Go look at your phone. All of the case related information is in it!" Li Beini pouted and picked up a stack of documents before leaving her desk.

"Hey? Where’re you going? Knocking off already?" Zhao Yu was surprised.

"I’m going to the data room to submit data!" Li Beini turned and gave Zhao Yu a glare. "We’re both detectives, you could just tell me straight up that you don’t wanna go to the movies with me. There’s no need to make so many excuses!" With this, Li Beini strode out of the office.

"Eh? What movie? I don’t get what you’re talking about!" Zhao Yu feigned innocence.

Looking at Li Beini’s backside, Zhao Yu sighed. He really had no feelings for this young lady. Although she had a sense of loyalty and treated him quite well, she was not Zhao Yu’s cup of tea in terms of age, character, and looks. Zhao Yu only treated her like a little sister, and only felt family-like affection toward her.

Regarding affairs of the heart, Zhao Yu had always been straightforward and had a clear distinction between what he liked and disliked. He felt that it was better for him to make his feelings clear to Li Beini instead of being indecisive and creating trouble for both of them.

Zhao Yu’s learning ability was still alright. After Li Beini’s introduction, he figured out the functions of the new phone, and quickly found the Water Reservoir Floating Corpse Case information after a few swipes and taps. The first photo was of the swollen white corpse. What surprised Zhao Yu the most was it was actually a female corpse!!