Chapter 75: Reliving the Past

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

Chapter 75: Reliving the Past

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The situation surrounding the case was not complicated at all. A few days ago, someone had found a severely decomposed corpse. Using forensic testing, the police had found that the victim was a young female, and had been dead for nearly three months. Due to rope marks on the body, she had likely been murdered, and the Key Case Investigation Unit had been put on the case. In order to solve these sort of cases, finding the victim’s identity was the main priority. Only when the identity was confirmed, could the police continue their investigation.

After a few days of comparing the body with recent missing persons reports, the police had finally confirmed the victim’s identity. The girl’s name was Pang Anni, and she was an active bartender at various large parties. Even though these sorts of cases were usually not that difficult to solve, her lifestyle involved a hard to reach crowd, thus increasing the difficulty of the case.

The case was given solely to Team A. Whether it was because the Team A investigators were always mocked, or because of the newly appointed substitute team leader, Peng Xin, they still had something to prove. Everyone was hoping to be able to be able to raise their head high up to their rival, Team B.

The entire team was focused on solving the Water Reservoir Corpse Case, but Zhao Yu could not help at all. The next morning, he had to report to the Qinshan Police Academy to participate in the annual police training. Ever since he had solved the Lost Hand Case, Zhao Yu had gained a lot of interest in solving crimes. He had originally wanted to make use of the Miracle System and help Team A solve the case, but the police training was equally as important, so he could only step away during that time.

Zhao Yu still read through the information regarding the case carefully. Somewhere in the back of his mind he had a bit of hope. He even sent a WeChat message to Yang Hong, and asked if she had known Pang Anni. He felt that Yang Hong and Pang Anni’s jobs were very similar. If they knew each other, maybe he would be able to find some evidence!

In the Taser Rape Case, Yang Hong was the victim. In the Lost Hand Case, Yang Hong had provided important evidence for Zhao Yu. Now, if it turned out that she knew anything related to the Floating Corpse Case, then Zhao Yu would really have to set up a shrine and worship her! But Zhao Yu’s scenario did not play out as he had imagined. Yang Hong quickly responded and said that she did not know such a person, but that she could ask around for him, and asked Zhao Yu to wait.

Zhao Yu heard a lot of commotion in the background of Yang Hong’s voice message, and asked, "Where are you?" But, he did not get a message back even after a while. He felt somewhat dejected, and had no interest in guessing exactly where Yang Hong was, or what she was doing.

He started looking through his messages. Because the old Zhao Yu had a rather introverted personality, he did not have many friends on WeChat, and his contact list was extremely short. Thus, Yao Jia’s name was even more prominent. Zhao Yu could not help but look at her profile. Ever since he had chased down the thief on the camel, Zhao Yu had had Yao Jia as a friend on WeChat. But for the longest time, Zhao Yu was not sure what to say to her, and thus the two had never really talked before.

At this moment, he opened Yao Jia’s photo gallery, and started to admire each of her photos. The Yao Jia in the photo was as beautiful and stunning as before, exactly the same as the Yao Jia in Zhao Yu’s memory.

Looking at the photos brought Zhao Yu back to his youth. At the time, the two were barely twenty-years old, wild and feisty!


On top of the Xinhua Bridge, Zhao Yu was riding a motorcycle with Yao Jia sitting behind him. The motorcycle came to a screeching halt in front of a phone vendor.

Yao Jia took off her helmet, and roared at the vendor, "Hey! Are you blind? Don’t you know whose territory this is? You didn’t even report to my God-bro (Zhao Yu’s nickname at the time), how dare you? Do you want to die?"

"Sis!" The vendor had a difficult expression, "The bridge is a public area, it’s not against the law for me to set up my stall here!"

"What did you say? Public bathroom?" Yao Jia touched her ear.

"Public area!" The vendor corrected her.

"How come I heard public bathroom?" Yao Jia perked her lips, "Hehe, stinky, so stinky! How come when I hear the word bathroom, all I smell is something stinky? God-bro, do you smell it?"

Zhao Yu nodded from the front of the motorcycle.

"Since it’s a public bathroom, don’t mind me…" Yao Jia smiled sneakily, then threw a plastic bag that had been prepared specifically for this. The plastic bag had sh*t inside, and when the bag split open, the sh*t went everywhere, stinking up the entire place!

"Ah!" The vender yelled out and fell backwards.

Zhao Yu smirked coldly and pushed down on the gas. The motorcycle zoomed away quickly. Yao Jia threw a mocking gaze back at the vendor, and flipped him off.

Once the motorcycle stopped at a garden, Yao Jia punched Zhao Yu’s back, yelling, "No fun! NO fun!"

"You already threw the sh*t at them, but still no fun?" Zhao Yu lit a cigarette, smirking as he asked.

"I didn’t throw it on him! No fun, just no fun!" Yao Jia curled her lips, "I wanted to see sh*t everywhere! God-bro, how about you go to the tree over there, and we’ll throw it at him again!"

"Pei!" Zhao Yu spit and stomped his foot, roaring at Yao Jia, "Good! Your idea is amazing! I’m going to go get ready…"

As he came back to reality, his memory started to get a little blurry. Zhao Yu’s feelings could not keep up with his current situation; he was still immersed in the happy times he had spent with Yao Jia.

In the end, the Miracle System interrupted his memory. The system told him that his adventure completion rate was only 63%, lower than the previous few times.

Zhao Yu considered it carefully. He felt that his low completion rate confirmed his previous suspicion that he would get a high completion rate only if he did something good.

Thinking back on the events of the day, even though Zhao Yu had skillfully completed many adventures, he had done some morally questionable things! In order to win Yao Jia’s heart, he had cooperated with delinquents and tried to insinuate a damsel in distress situation. Then, when it failed, he had tried to frame a rich kid. In the end, he had worked with the delinquents, and had taken a ton of money! All of his acts could only be described as disgusting. If the adventure completion was truly related to whether he did good acts or bad ones, then the fact that he had even achieved a completion rate of 63% could be considered a miracle, right?

The hexagram explanation had not contained the "mountain" hexagram that represented luck, but Zhao Yu had still obtained a huge amount of money. So, one could tell that the hexagram explanation was not foolproof! The way he completed the adventure also made a huge difference!

Within a few days, Zhao Yu’s bank account suddenly had an extra 200,000 yuan! At that rate, getting rich was almost a certainty! Thus, Zhao Yu could not care less if he was a good guy or bad guy. As long as he got rich, a low adventure completion rate did not matter much!

Even though his completion rate was only 63%, he still managed to obtain an item. One could tell that 60% was probably the dividing line between getting an item or not getting one. As long as he was past 60%, he would be rewarded.

Zhao Yu opened it, and gave it a glance. The item he had received was called the invisible signal jammer. It could jam cell phone signals, and lasted for one hour!

"Good! Even though it’s not that practical, it’s still a reward. Maybe it’ll be of some use in the future!" Ah, Zhao Yu could not help but think, that the five day police training would be starting. What kind of adventures would he experience during his training?